How to clean Computer Chair wheels? (In 3 Best Steps)

After a long time, finally, you have decided to clean up your room or your entire house and you accomplish it successfully. With great tiredness, you move your computer chair to rest for a while and find trails of dust and debris dragging. This is a very frustrating one and people often forget to clean their computer chair wheels.

How to clean Computer Chair wheels

They can easily accommodate dust and debris due to their intricate shape. Let us get to know how to clean computer chair wheels so that you can have a perfectly cleaned household.

How to clean computer chair wheels?

Even though the shape of wheels is intricate, it is quite easy to remove them and clean them thoroughly. Here are the steps you must follow to clean the computer chair wheels perfectly.

# Prepare your Floor

Cleaning the dust out of your computer wheels will dirt the floor. Therefore, you should cover your floor with a plastic sheet or old newspapers prior to the cleaning process. Lay a long plastic sheet sufficient to cover the wheels of your chair.

# Removing the Wheels

  • Place your chair on the plastic sheet.
  • Flip it to the side so that it will be easier for you to work with the wheels.
  • Now remove the wheels one by one. Generally, the wheels can be removed with a forced pull. In certain models, it might be necessary to use a screwdriver to unscrew the wheels.
  • Sometimes, you might not be able to remove the wheels separately. In this situation, you can remove the base entirely from the chair for ease of cleaning.

# Cleaning the wheels

  • After removing the wheels, you can remove the larger debris stuck in the wheels with your hands.
  • Also, you can use certain tools like tweezers to remove threads and hairs stuck on the inside of the wheels. If you don’t have tweezers, you can use scissors, nail cutters, or bottle cutters for the deed.
  • After removing the major debris, some minor dust particles can be removed using a cleaning slime. Take some cleaning slime and rub it over the wheels. The dust particles will get stuck to the slime and removed from the wheels.
  • If you don’t have slime, you can use duct tape to stick the dust particles and remove them. 
  • The intricate shapes may hold dust which cannot be removed using slimes or tapes. Therefore, make use of a vacuum cleaner and remove the dust entirely.
  • Then take the wheels to a washing space and scrub the outer part of the wheels using soap water. After that wash it off with clean water and let it dry thoroughly.
  • After drying, install the wheels back into the chair and use it.

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Why do we need to clean Computer chair Wheels?

Even though you have cleaned all your home equipment, dust can easily accumulate in the chair wheels. They can spread dust around your clean home and cause health problems.

Apart from dust, debris such as threads from clothes, human or animal hairs can easily get stuck in the intricate shapes of the wheels. This will drag and circulate around the home causing dust to spread.

The accumulation of such debris will eventually stop your chair wheels from rotating. It hinders the free, smooth rotation and revolution of the wheels. If you don’t clean them, it may even damage the wheels during forced movement.

Therefore, it is important to clean the computer chair wheels regularly to keep your house clean from residual dust and debris. Also, it keeps your wheels working properly for a long time without damage. Cleaning helps in the free rotation and movement of the wheels.

How long do Computer Chair wheels last?

A computer chair, on the whole, lasts around 5 to 8 years if the quality is good. If you don’t move your chair frequently, then the wheels will also have the same lifespan. When there is frequent movement around, then the wheels may wear out within a year.

The wheels are subjected to friction and support part of the weight. So, when they have moved around with the weight, more friction is generated causing the wheels to wear from it.

Also, the wear depends on the floor it is being used. Typically, computer chairs are used on smooth floors. If the floors aren’t smooth, it may cause the wear sooner.

Therefore, computer wheels usually last about 1 to 2 years if there is frequent movement. Otherwise, it can comfortably last about 5 years.

How to protect computer chair wheels?

  • Don’t put over weight on your chair and drag them around.
  • Don’t use the chair in rugged flooring.
  • Replace your plastic wheels with polyurethane wheels to have long life.
  • Use Floor mats beneath your workspace to avoid excess wear of the wheels.

For those who use their office chairs for hours at a time, it can be difficult to make sure that your chair’s wheels are always in good shape. Nothing is more annoying than finding out that you need to replace the wheel because it has been worn down or damaged by all the weight you’ve been putting on it.

What are the types of Computer chair wheels?

There are 3 types of Computer chair wheels available, here are the complete details.

# Soft Caster

The Soft Caster wheels are a low-profile, durable and quiet caster wheel designed to support furniture weights of up to 200 pounds. The caster wheel is made of polyurethane with a low-friction bearing and it has four swiveling casters that allow the chair to glide.

# Chromed Out

Chromed Out computer wheels have a chrome finish and are made from metal. They have a rubberized grip for comfort and safety and come in a variety of colors. These chair wheels are a stylish way to add a little flair to your workspace.

# Hard Caster

Hard caster wheels are the best choice for those who want to move freely and turn on a dime. They allow you to spin and turn with ease, so you can get around your office as quickly as possible. Hard caster wheels are easy to install, and they can be used on any kind of flooring.

The most common places these wheels are installed are on wooden floors, carpeted floors, and tile floors. Hard caster computer chair wheels offer a more cost-effective solution than other types of wheel casters because they don’t require costly installation or expensive flooring materials.


Computer chair wheels must be cleaned regularly to have a long life of the chair. With proper cleaning, you will be able to use it for long years and reduce the wear on the wheels. Also, regular cleaning of the wheels will reduce the spread of dust and debris around the office or house.

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