Can i use Tablet as a Monitor for Raspberry Pi? (3 Methods)

Raspberry Pi users are often found confused to choose a proper display for it. Since the device comes only with the computing part, you have to set up your own monitor, keyboard, mouse, and all other peripherals. Sometimes you might have an old tablet sitting around which has the potential to be a great monitor.

Can Raspberry Pi 4 connect to 5ghz WiFi? (Answer, Guides)

Do you own a raspberry pi 4? It is more of an alternative for a computer desktop but in a small size. While it’s been making rounds in the market, customers are asking, can raspberry pi 4 connect to 5ghz Wi-Fi? It’s important to ask since these devices are of no use if they aren’t connected to Wi-Fi.

8 Best Displays for Raspberry Pi (Touchscreen, IPS Monitors)

The Raspberry Pi is a compact, powerful, affordable, and Portable computer PC. You can perform a miracle with the Raspberry Pi Toolkit. On the other hand, The Raspberry Pi will not be the subject of our discussion here. Today, we will present a list of the best displays for raspberry pi.

How Do I install the Unifi Controller on Raspberry Pi? (8 Steps, Guides)

If you’ve ever had to deal with various Wi-Fi access points, you’ll know how difficult it can be. But, this becomes less difficult if the hardware and controller are of high quality. The Unifi controller manages wireless network tasks to prevent problems. Also, it is compatible with Raspberry Pi, and we will show you how to install it.

How to install MySQL on Raspberry Pi? (Step by Step guide)

MySQL is a popular relational database server. Also, it’s adaptive and helps power the modern web. The MYSQL server is an essential part of any dynamic online platform. It’s a great solution to store large amounts of data for smart projects and web apps. This article will show you How to install MySQL on raspberry PI.

How to connect CCTV camera to Raspberry Pi? (4 Procedures)

The advantage of small computer systems like Raspberry pi is that they can be implemented in several areas where budget and size are major constraints. When it comes to CCTV monitoring systems, you can find that high-quality systems are very costly and you may not have much budget.

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