How to enable Microphone on Virtual Machine? (2 Methods)

Virtual machines are an excellent way to use a separate OS or any other program using the available hardware resources on our PC. It is like using a totally different system within your existing system. So, practically you must be able to use all the resources of your real PC in the virtual machine (VM).

Why does my microphone keep adjusting itself? (3 Reasons)

At times you can find your PC to do some ghostly glitches. But don’t worry. It has nothing to do with ghosts. Many people find their microphone to adjust itself without any physical manipulation. There are a bunch of reasons for it to happen and you can easily rectify it if you know them. We have provided the reasons so that you can understand

Does a Condenser Mic make you Sound better? (Explained)

Ever had the strange feeling where your voice sounded better or worse in a recording? This is a common phenomenon that is affected by many factors such as the mic you are using, the device you are hearing the sound, etc. The natural hearing differs from the playback and it can be made better with the help of a good quality microphone.

How to Avoid getting shocked by Microphone? (5 Best Ways)

Electric shock happens when a certain amount of voltage passes through your body to reach the ground. When the current finds you to be the shortest path to the ground, it can pass through you. So, when you touch them, they electrocute you. This is very common with mics and lets us get to know how to avoid getting shocked by the microphone.

How to Reduce Noise in Microphone Recording? (7 Best Ways)

Noise in your audio recording or while talking can be very annoying. Your microphone is designed to pick up all the surrounding sound waves. There’s no way we can stop the noise in our surroundings completely. But if we know how to reduce noise in microphone recording by other means we can easily get clear audio recordings.

How to Improve Sound quality of Microphone on PC? (3 Best Tips)

One of the popular questions by the beginner is how to improve the sound quality of a microphone on a PC? In this article, we covered completely about it, plus you can find what software can increase the sound, etc. Let’s start the reading! The sound quality of the microphone depends on factors like mic location, quality of the mic, etc.

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