Are Printer Ink and Toner the same thing? (11 Differences)

There are a lot of printer types and among them, the most popular models are inkjet and laserjet printers. Both use different methods to print and use different ink types. Some use cases prefer inkjet whereas others need LaserJet printer. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. But you must know to choose the best one for you.

How to Remove a Paper Stuck in Printer? (3 Easy Steps)

Paper jams are common in a printer. Especially in an inkjet printer, you can get them frequently. Frequent paper jams will waste your time heavily. Also, if you are using a network printer, then you might not even know whether the document you gave for print has been completed or not until you visit the main PC.

How to share a printer connected to another Computer? (3 Best Methods)

Sharing printers is important, especially in an office environment. Each member cannot have their own printer and the frequency of usage differs for each of them. So having a common printer for each department will suffice the needs. You just have to know how to share a printer connected to another computer which is usually the primary PC.

How to Clean Ink Heads on Printer? (3 Best ways & Causes)

Ink heads on printers are usually easy to clean with a sponge or cloth, but sometimes they have dried ink residue on them which needs a little more attention. Ink heads tend to get clogged and ink-fed in printers, which leads to a decrease in ink levels. This guide will show you how to clean ink heads on printer and get your printer back up and running again.

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