Can You Put a Desktop on a Glass Desk? (Explained, Pros, Cons)

Anyone who wants that clean and sleek-looking desk would be looking for materials that portray modernity and simplicity. Glass is one of them.

Having a glass desk feels different from having a desk made of wood. Wood desks are made using melanin-faced chipboard, which came from wood chips. These desk feel sturdy, really solid, but also really heavy.

Can You Put a Desktop on a Glass Desk?

How about glass? Glass is a commonly used material for tables, like the tables you can easily find in kitchens or dining rooms. But, how about a glass desk for your desktop? Is it possible?

Can You Put a Desktop on a Glass Desk?

Yes! In fact, some companies have started making glass gaming desk that looks really clean, like Euroka, for example, with its Eureka Ergonomic GTG desks. The glass desks will display your setup more beautifully as all the lighting coming from the keyboards, monitor, and mouse can be reflected into a pretty scene.

However, you need to understand that each desk may have different specifications. Not all desks have the same weight capabilities. So, it’s recommended to only place your necessary equipment, like a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals on the desk. The other things which have more weight, like the PC, for example, should be ideally placed on the floor.

But if you indeed very limited space in the room, you may also consider putting the PC right on the desk, but with a note. Make sure that the desk is actually capable of holding that much weight. How? We can see it from the thickness.

A good glass desktop should have at least 1.5 – 2.0 inches of glass. However, if you have a larger desk size, the thickness should be higher as well.

Other than that, safety is also important. You don’t want your skin to get scratched because of the pointy glass edges. Although most companies would create glass desks that are nicely covered, the low prices might make them lowered in quality.

So it’s better to buy a good, expensive glass gaming desktop. It’s okay to invest in a premium one as you’ll be using that very same desk for years. The most important thing here is that you’ll feel comfortable with the desk.

Generally, glass desks wouldn’t break easily, as long as you don’t surpass the weight limit it can hold.

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Pros and Cons of Putting Desktop PC on a Glass Desk

Of course, there are pros and cons of using a glass desk for your desktop PC:

Pros Cons
It’ll brighten your space. Using a glass desk for your desktop may create an illusion of a larger room space by making it look less uncluttered. It’s more expensive. Due to the complexity of materials, the price of glass desks is more expensive than desks made of other materials.
Easy to clean. Remember that glass is non-absorbent material. So, when you spill something on the desk, you can just wipe it clean with a tissue or soft cloth. Fingerprints. If you don’t like seeing fingerprints all over the space, then the glass desk wouldn’t be a good choice for you.
Glass is tough. Since most gaming desks are created by using tempered glasses, you can expect extra durability from them. Much noises. When you place or move something on the glass, you’ll hear pretty loud noises.
Looks more stylish. Although styles are generally pretty subjective, glass is widely known to be a material that portrays cleanliness and modernity. By using it, you’ll have a more stylish setup.  Risk of breaking. Since the material is made of glass, there’s always a risk of breaking. It can be really dangerous when a glass desk breaks.

Types of Glasses That Support a Desktop PC’s Weight

When it comes to glass desks, several companies are using different types of glass depending on what kind of desk or table they want to make. For example, we have two types of glasses here, Annealed and Tempered.

Annealed Glass

The first one, Annealed Glass, is a standard glass, heated and cooled, which is the general process of making glass. However, due to its character, this glass is easier to form and cut. The glass makers can be really creative with it. In terms of durability, Annealed is not as strong as tempered. When broken, this glass will break into large glass pieces.

And for this reason, glass makers will only use this glass for creating a glass table with at least a half inch of thickness. The type of desk with this material is usually used to support lightweight items, like the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and laptop. For the PC, you’ll have to put it on the floor.

Tempered Glass

Now if you want to put your whole setup on a desk, tempered glass would be the material you need. As you notice from the word “tempered”, this type of glass is really durable. The key to creating its durability is the chemical treatments and controlled thermal. With these materials, brands can make glass gaming desks with 2 inches or more thickness.

How much weight can I put on a glass desk?

The safe weight capacity of a glass desk is around 200 pounds maximum. The number highly depends on how thick the glass it and how good the overall desk’s structure is. If you need more information about the particular glass desk you want to buy, especially about weight, contact the brand immediately to confirm.

With the average weight of PC desktops reaching the maximum of 40 pounds, we say it’s relatively safe to put the setup on a glass desk. Just make sure that you don’t add anything unnecessary on the desk.


Hopefully, our explanation can clear your thoughts. Yes, you can put a desktop PC on a glass desk, but only if it’s strong enough to hold it. As not all glass desks have the same strength, we highly advise you to first confirm the weight limit. The glass desk will look nice for any PC setup, but it’s even better when you know that it’s safe for you.

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