How Wide Should a Computer Desk be? (3 Vital Things)

The dimensions of a computer desk are crucial so that you can have a hassle-free workspace. Since a computer desk has to hold a lot of accessories and devices, it should be wide enough to hold all of them.

Also, it should be flexible enough to accommodate other items or provide space to do things like writing. Before buying a desk for your home or office, you should know how wide should a computer desk be.

This will help you to make the right choice and give you room for updating your accessories in the future.

How Wide Should a Computer Desk be
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How Wide Should a Computer Desk be?

Before getting into the width of the desk, you must know the different dimensions used in the measurement and what decides the choice of those measurements.

Knowing the different desk measurements

First of all, you should know what does width means on a computer desk. Because you may confuse the terms depth, width, and height of the table.

Width denoted as W, refers to the distance measured from the left end of the table to the right end. Whereas Depth, denoted as D, refers to the distance measured from the back of the table to the front. The height of the table denoted as H refers to the distance between the top base to the bottom.

Now you will be able to understand which dimension and what size is denoted here and make the correct choice for your requirement.

Factors affecting the choice of Computer desk

Before buying a computer desk, you must be considering the following factors that affect your choice of a computer desk. While there are standard computer desks available, they may not suit everyone’s requirements. Therefore, using this list of factors, optimize your needs and find the right desk.

1. Space availability

Know the dimensions of your room or your office space before choosing a desk. Without this basic factor, you might buy a very large desk that doesn’t fit into your room.

Choose a desk that can be placed about two thirds in distance from your entrance and you should have space behind and around the desk.

2. Devices

How many devices you are going to place on the desk is also an important factor. If you are going to use a dual monitor, you will need a large width.

Also, if you are going to place accessories like printers, fax machines, etc. then you require a wider desk. So, according to the number and size of the accessories the size of the desk varies.

3. Budget

There are many designs and materials available on a computer desk. You can choose from a wide variety of options. But consider the budget you like to spend on it.

Premium quality may cost a lot and at the same time are very durable and reliable. Therefore, after considering the above points, choose your desk according to the budget available.

Standard Computer Desk Dimensions

A computer desk must have the following standard dimension so that it is optimum for all types of work:

Width W 24 inches to 60 inches
Height H 24 inches to 28 inches
Depth D 20 inches to 30 inches

These are the standard range of computer desks available commercially. People must choose the computer desks based on the following features:

  • Try to choose a desk that has separate space for each accessory, such as the CPU, keyboard and mouse, printers, etc.
  • It will be better if the desk is present in three levels, one for the monitor, one for keyboard and mouse, and one for writing.
  • Try to choose a desk height with the line of sight not exceeding 60 degrees from the keyboard to the top of the monitor which must be at eye level.
  • The length of the keyboard space must be wide enough to hold keyboard and mouse together and at the same level.
  • A work space with more than 24 inches depth will be optimum providing flexibility. Also, the printer and other devices must be at the side and lower than the height of the top base of the desk.

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What office size is perfect for a wide desk?

An executive type office is a perfect size for a wide computer desk. This type of office will be around 100 to 150 square feet. This will be optimum to accommodate a large wide desk and you will still have ample space around the office.

A wide desk will be around 60 inches in width, 30 inches in depth and 30 inches in height. This dimension will look better in a large office setup. Therefore, choose a desk with at least the above-mentioned dimensions to make it look more ambient.

Which PC desk type is perfect for small spaces?

A desk type that can fit around corners or is highly compact that takes up very small space is perfect for minimal office spaces. A desk with a width of 30 inches, a depth of 18 inches, and a height of 30 inches will be optimum for a very compact room.

There are models in this dimension which have separate keyboard trays, CPU slots and some space to keep your files too. But if you have a bit more space in your room, you can go for a wider desk.

What average wide size needs to fit all the items in a table?

An average size of 24 inches depth and 50 inches width must be available to accommodate all items on the table. Because a computer has many accessories like a monitor, CPU, keyboard, mouse, speakers, etc.

At least this dimension is required to accommodate these items comfortably and still have some space for writing on the desk. 


Choose a computer desk by considering all the necessary factors and what requirements you have. With the right choice, you can have a hassle-free workspace and perform many activities on your computer desk itself without any discomfort.

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