Can I use a Second Power Supply for Graphics Card? (Answer)

A graphics card is one of the most powerful hardware in a PC and takes a considerable amount of power from the PSU. So, is it possible to use a second PSU for the graphics card? aving an additional PSU for the GPU is possible. But how to make it work seamlessly with your existing PC setup?

Can a Bad Power Supply Damage a Hard Drive? (Answered)

The function of the PC depends on the seamless working of the PSU (Power supply unit). Because it provides the power to each hardware component and enables it to function effectively. But what if the PSU is bad? Can it fry your hard drive? In this article, we shall discuss whether a bad power supply has the potential to damage a hard disk drive.

Does a PSU have Surge Protection? (Explained)

Power surges can damage any kind of electrical and electronic components easily. The sudden spike in the voltage will destroy the components connected to the power socket. Such sudden voltage spikes are evident during lightning strikes and thunderstorms.

How to Monitor Power Supply Temperature? (2 Best Methods)

Heating is a major issue with electrical and electronic devices. Computer hardware is also prone to heating issues due to the intense workload. If you have old tech, then it may not be able to process the upgraded software tasks and may lead to severe heating of the hardware. The power source in a PC is the Power Supply Unit (PSU).

Does the Power Supply Affect Performance? (Answered)

PSU is the life source for a PC. It plays a key role in providing the hardware components of a PC with the right amount of voltage as per their requirement. But does having a bigger PSU means increase in performance of the PC? Probably not. You need to know the role of PSU so that you can understand this issue better.

7 Best Power Supply for Video Editing and Rendering (Guides)

When building a video editing PC, we always consider the motherboard, CPU, and GPU. That’s why we need to keep in mind that the power supply unit we’re using will impact how well all of them work! The best PSU for your computer is very important, so you need to buy the best one for it.

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