Can my Computer Run the Witcher 3? (Answered, Requirement)

If you want to play games on a PC, it should meet at least the minimum requirements. The game cannot load or perform properly with a low-spec PC. Especially in the case of modern AAA title games, you cannot ignore their minimum system requirements so that you can at least play the game at low settings.

Can Minecraft VR play with PC? (Answered, Guides)

If you’re a Minecraft fan and want to push your gaming experience up another notch, this is the opportunity for you. As one of the biggest names in gaming, Minecraft allows complete creative control over its users, enabling them to construct unique virtual worlds from blocks. Now that same imaginative freedom can be enjoyed through VR

How to play high Graphics Game on Low End PC? (5 Ways)

Every one of us knows the struggle of getting a new PC especially when the prices have skyrocketed after the pandemic. Some of us have to live with a two-year-old PC due to the unaffordable price range of building a new one. Gaming enthusiasts are the ones affected more in such situations. While there are many immersive titles

How much Data does Online Gaming use on PC? (Guide)

Online multiplayer games have gained popularity since the advent of the pandemic. Although they were famous before the pandemic, after the development of popular games like Fortnite, Minecraft, etc. people spend a lot of time online. Data consumption in online gaming is usually not much and many games don’t take up much data.

Best Multiplayer FPS Games for Low end PC (Minimum Requirements)

Multiplayer FPS games are popular these days. Some of the most popular games are Overwatch, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. These games require a lot of computing power to run smoothly on low end PCs. The low end PC is the main reason why these games are not as popular on consoles.

Best Zombie Shooting Games For Low End PC (Top 6, Facts)

A low-end PC is not equipped with enough power to run the most demanding games. This is where zombie shooting games come in handy. Zombie shooting games for low end PC are a perfect alternative to high-end ones and are available at a lower cost. They are also easy to download and install, making them

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