Ruggedized Rack Mount PC (Features, Benefits, Pros & Cons)

Not every computer is suitable for all kinds of environments. You cannot expect a normal computer to work in extreme temperatures or weather conditions. This is where a ruggedized rack mount PC comes in. If you have a highly unstable working environment with extreme physical conditions.

Can a PC Tower Sit on Carpet? [Answered, Guides]

Setting up your PC in the best manner will help you to save more space and utilize it for other purposes. If you avoid cluttering up your computer desk with PC and related peripherals, you may get a lot of useful space to keep other important files and documents. The most space occupying component of

PC case RGB not working [5 Reasons and Fixes]

RGB-lit fans in the PC case have become common. You can find many cabinets with RGB lighting that actually look way cooler than normal cases. Many gamers prefer such PC cases due to the ambiance they provide while intense gaming. The PC case RGBs work with the help of a motherboard

How to Remove Front Panel PC Case? (Easy Steps)

PC cases can be found in different models and varieties. According to the hardware you are going to use, the size and model of the cabinet differ. Most modern PC cases are equipped with cooling fans at the rear and front sides of the case. These fans can bring in a lot of dust along with the airflow. The dust can ruin the cooling efficiency and it has to be cleaned periodically. 

Can you case swap a prebuilt PC? (Answered, Guide)

If you go back a few years, you get prebuilt PCs usually in a dumb case. There will not be any fancy RGB lightings or room for upgradability. Now they will look slightly odd and are not very useful too. But what if you can just swap the case and make it look trendy? Prebuilt PCs can be easily rebuilt with a new case

Does a PC Case come with Fans? (Types, Reasons)

All mechanical or electrical components undergo energy dissipation. This is mainly caused due to heat. The loss of energy due to heat is very high and engineers continuously try to solve the issue with various techniques. components will slow down the performance and eventually fail. To prevent such mishaps and to prolong the life of hardware

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