8 Best Gaming Chair for Back and Neck Support (Under 300$)

Unlike other PC users, Gamers usually spend an enormous amount of time in front of the PC. It requires a sophisticated setup to spend much time. Gamers expect a room with ambiance and vibe, a PC that is blazing fast to run any type of game, and most importantly, a comfortable chair to sit in for long hours. This is where ergonomic gaming chairs play an important role. Some of the benefits of gaming chairs are:

  • They provide superior comfort
  • Proper support for back and neck
  • Aid in maintaining the posture
  • Flexibility in setting up the chair as per user preference
  • Convenient for all users

So, with these advantages in mind, we have bought you the best gaming chairs you can buy for your ultimate gaming setup and enjoy endless hours of gameplay.

Best Gaming Chair for Back and Neck Support

Best Gaming Chair for Back and Neck Support

We have a list of 8 products, handpicked and reviewed by our experts. Each of these products has unique advantages and you can choose the best as per your requirement. We also have our favorite picks to make it easier for you to pick the right one.

Products Verdict Ratings
Hbada Best Ergonomic Chair for Gamers 5.0/5.0
AutoFull Most Sophisticated Gaming Chair 5.0/5.0
Mimoglad Best Ergonomic Gaming Chair for Women 4.8/5.0
NOBLEWELL Innovative Ergonomic Chair 4.7/5.0
SUNNOW Gaming Chair with More Adjustability 4.8/5.0
SMUG Most Affordable Ergonomic chair for Gaming 4.7/5.0
KERDOM Best Supportive Chair for Gamers 4.8/5.0
FelixKing Comfortable Ergonomic Chair for Gamers 4.9/5.0

Hbada Gaming Chair

Verdict – Best Ergonomic Chair for Gamers
With all the necessary ergonomics, the Hbada Gaming Chair is the best choice a gamer can make. The design, comfort, and features of the chair are excellent and provide lasting comfort with long hours of seating. A must-try accessory for hardcore gamers who want an ergonomic chair.

Product Review

The design is the primary highlight of this product. This high-back chair has a comfortable size that can suit all body types. So, people with a plus-size physique don’t have to worry about choosing it. The look and feel are very premium with a plush PU leather cover. The red and black accents will give a unique gaming vibe to your setup.

The seating and backrest cushions are comfortably thick with high-density foam. So even with long years of usage, the cushions don’t easily compress or become saggy. It has a high backrest, wider at the shoulders to accommodate the width of your back. It has a separate headrest and a pillow for resting the neck. 

The next highlight is its lumbar support pillow that safeguards your spinal column curvature intact. It is also adjustable like the headrest and it supports the lower back effectively. The backrest can also be reclined anywhere from 90 to 155 degrees with the ability to rock at 20 degrees. You can also adjust the armrest height to suit your posture. The chair is also equipped with a retractable footrest which helps you to relax your knees. 

Highlighted Features

  • Sporty Design – This high backrest chair has a red and black accent with a sporty look and design
  • Lumbar Support – The chair is designed to conform with the spinal curvature. It also has an adjustable lumbar support pillow that provides better comfort during long hours of gaming.
  • Head Rest – The backrest extends up to the head and it has a separate pillow for resting both the head and neck.
  • Retractable Footrest – You can relax your knees after long hours of gaming with the retractable footrest.
  • Ample Reclination – Recline up to 155 degrees and you can rock the backrest between 20 degrees. 
Pros Cons
Stunning Design No 2D or 3D armrest
Comfortable Backrest
High-density cushion
Adjustable Headrest and Lumbar support
Higher weight capacity
Retractable footrest

AutoFull Gaming Chair

Verdict – Most Sophisticated Gaming Chair
This gaming chair from AutoFull is all premium with exceptional design, quality, and features. It is the perfect gaming chair you can buy with all the necessary features at a relatively cheaper price point. We have chosen this product because of its futuristic design and the lumbar support it comes with.

Product Review

First of all, the design is highly sophisticated with the seat curvature conforming to the physical structure of our body. Especially, the lumbar support is designed with 3D modeling that mimics our spinal column shape and provides excellent support. 

The size of the chair might look compact, but it has a structure with a holding capacity of up to 350 lbs. This is more than enough to accommodate large people. The adjustable headrest and the armrest enable you to choose the best posture for your physique. 

The foam paddings are thick and dense which can last forever with proper care. It doesn’t compress a lot even with long hours of usage and supports your entire spine with utmost comfort. Combined with the plush PU leather cover, this seat is definitely worth its price.

As for the reclination, swivel, and height adjustment, the chair provides more options that are easier to set up and perform endless hours of gaming. After a long gaming session, you can simply retract the footrest and relax with the 155 degrees reclination. Overall, this is one of the best gaming chairs you must try.

Highlighted Features

  • Bionic Design – The backrest, lumbar support, and headrest are all designed to suit the human physique perfectly. The lumbar support is a 3D model based on the spinal structure.
  • Plush Leather Cushion – The seating and backrest padding has high-density cushion with a premium leather cover.
  • High-degree reclination – You can recline with this chair up to 155 degrees and swivel 360 degrees comfortably.
  • High Weight Capacity – The chair can withstand a great deal of weight up to 350 lbs without any issues.
  • Better Customer Service – You get a free replacement within 30 days and 36 months for parts replacement with this chair.
Pros Cons
Bionic 3D modeled Design No 2D or 3D armrest
Plush Leather cover
High-Density Foam cushion
Retractable footrest
Adjustable Headrest, lumbar support
High Reclination

Mimoglad Office Chair

Verdict – Best Ergonomic Gaming Chair for Women
This stunningly small, compact, and cute-looking chair is designed to be perfect for women users. The ergonomics are absolutely comfortable to fit any women user and the curvature of the backrest is specifically made for them. One of the most affordable gaming chairs for women on this list. 

Product Review

As soon as we found this product, we were sure that we have found the perfect chair for women users. It has a sleek and compact form with ergonomics specially designed to suit women’s physiques. The cushion is soft but sturdy enough to provide comfort to the user.

The headrest also has an ergonomic design that supports both neck and head without any discomfort. The padding is very sleek at the backrest with a slightly thicker cushion at the lumbar part. The lower back area has an adjustable lumbar support pillow which can be set up according to our requirements. 

The major advantage of this chair is the flip-up armrest. If you are a person who moves around a lot, then you can simply lift up the armrest and slide away from the chair. This feature is very useful for quick movement and frequent getting up from the chair. 

You can recline the chair up to 135 degrees and relax whenever you want right on the chair itself. Although it lacks an adjustable armrest and headrest, this chair can be readily suitable for many users without any need for adjustment. Just with proper posture, you can have comfortable seating in this chair.

Highlighted Features

  • Ergonomic for Women – The structure and design of the chair are made to support women’s physique and it is the most ergonomic chair for them
  • Sleek Padding – Except for the seating area, the backrest, and the headrest have sleek padding which doesn’t stress the body.
  • Adjustable Lumbar Support – The backrest has lumbar support which can be adjusted to suit your lower back according to your physique
  • Flip-up Armrest – The armrests can be flipped up effortlessly so that you can immediately move away from the chair at your convenience.
  • High-Density Seat – The seating foam has a higher density which provides better comfort for your hips and tailbone. 
Pros Cons
Sleek Design May not be suitable for men
Ergonomic structure No height-adjustable armrest
Designed for women No footrest
Adjustable Lumbar Support
Sleek Padding
High-Density Cushion
Flip-up Armrest

NOBLEWELL Ergonomic Office Chair

Verdict – Innovative Ergonomic Chair
Most of the office chairs or gaming chairs will have a single piece of the high backrest. But this chair has a unique design that specifically provides comfort to your back. Although you cannot find any cushion in this model, the mesh is more breathable and lets you sit for long hours. 

Product Review

The first thing you will notice with this chair is its three-part design. The backrest is divided into three segments which individually support each part of the back. Combined with the mesh-type design, the chair helps you to sit for long hours without any difficulty.

The lumbar support perfectly suits your lower back and the curvature is appropriate. Although it is not adjustable, you cannot feel any discomfort since the support is wide enough. The headrest is adjustable and you can place your head properly at the correct angle.

As for the armrests, they are adjustable in 3 dimensions and they can provide you with the best setting according to your physique. The mesh padding provides more breathability and you cannot feel any sweating. Although the seating area lacks cushion, the chair is pretty comfortable. 

The weight capacity of the chair is around 300 lbs. Due to the aluminum legs, the chair is lightweight as well as sturdy enough. The wheels are also quiet and don’t leave scratch marks on the floor. If you want a unique innovative chair, then you can choose this product.

Highlighted Features

  • Three-Part Design – The high backrest is divided into three parts so that it conforms to the spinal column structure perfectly
  • Breathable Mesh Padding – You don’t have cushions with this seat. Rather, it only has breathable mesh cloth throughout the seat, backrest, and headrest.
  • 3D Armrest – You can adjust the armrest forwards and backward, increase or decrease the height, and adjust it sideways.
  • 130 Degrees Reclination – Whenever you are feeling tired and want to lean back, the chair allows up to 130 degrees of reclination.
  • High Weight Capacity – The chair can withstand up to 300 lbs of weight without any issues.
Pros Cons
Unique 3-part design No adjustable lumbar support
Mesh Padding No footrest
High Weight capacity
3D armrests
Adjustable Headrest
Good Reclination angle

SUNNOW Ergonomic Office Chair

Verdict – Gaming Chair with More Adjustability
Not many chairs provide complete adjustability. But the SUNNOW Ergonomic office chair has features that enable you to set up the chair for your convenience. The design and the features make it one of the best chairs you can buy for your office space or gaming space.

Product Review

This chair is made for ergonomics. It has a ton of adjustments to suit the user’s preference and it is one of the best products on the list. This high backrest chair has a design that suits your spinal column. With proper posture, you cannot feel any kind of discomfort. Thanks to the raised seating which enables you to sit deep into the chair by placing your lower back and hips properly.

The adjustable lumbar support is great. It helps you to find the sweet spot and get comfy sooner than you think. The armrests are 2D adjustable which is more than enough. Because with proper posture, you will only need height and forward adjustments. 

The highlighted feature of this product is its seat adjustability. Many of the chairs have fixed seats. But this product enables you to actuate the seat front and back as per your seating convenience. It is very useful to get the exact comfort zone in your posture. 

The mesh provides excellent breathability and doesn’t sweat your legs. Overall, a unique chair with the most adjustable features on our list.

Highlighted Features

  • High Back Mesh Design – The entire high backrest and seating is made up of breathable mesh which allows long hours of working or gaming. 
  • Ergonomic Structure – The chair has a structure that mimics the spinal column and the seating area is raised to aid the natural seating posture.
  • 2D armrests – You can adjust the armrest with respect to height and move it forwards or backward.
  • Adjustable Seat – This chair allows you to move your seat forwards or backward at your convenience
  • Adjustable Lumbar Support – Alter the lumbar support height to properly rest your lower back deep into the chair.
Pros Cons
Mesh Padded Backrest and Seat Only 120 degrees reclination
Adjustable Seat No footrest
Adjustable Lumbar Support
2D armrests
Adjustable Headrest
Compact Design

SMUG Ergonomic Office Chair

Verdict – Most Affordable Ergonomic chair for Gaming
When it comes to gaming, everything has a higher price point. So, you would want to save some on accessories like a gaming chair. This chair is the cheapest option with the good quality and ergonomics you can get. Packed with just the right amount of features you require in a chair.

Product Review

Our experts wanted to recommend a cheap and best option and we found this excellent product online. It packs only the necessary features in it and they are more than enough for a lot of gamers. The backrest doesn’t have a cushion. But it has breathable mesh padding that enables better airflow to the back and keeps us from sweating. 

The seating area has a cushion which also has mesh for breathability. The cushion is soft and provides good comfort. As for the armrests, they are stationary and cannot be adjusted. But it has a wider area to keep our arms and it has a cushion with a PU leather cover. The headrest is also adjustable and the mesh design is great.

The backrest is integrated with a lumbar support pillow which is the chair’s unique advantage. It cannot be adjusted because it doesn’t need to be. The size of the back support is large enough to accommodate all kinds of users and the cushion is very comfortable. Overall this chair is the best option if you are looking for a cheaper gaming chair for your gaming room.

Highlighted Features

  • Adjustable Headrest – You can now adjust the headrest according to your height to suit your posture preference.
  • Adjustable Lumbar Support – The lumbar support pillow can be adjusted to fit your lower back and provides maximum comfort
  • Mesh Design – The high backrest has a mesh design without cushion and the seating has some foam cushion with a mesh design.
  • 120-degree Reclination – You can recline to relax in the chair up to 120 degrees and rock between 20 degrees.
  • Wide Seat – The seating is wide enough to accommodate all types of users and helps in comfortable working or gaming. 
Pros Cons
Affordable No adjustable armrest
Adjustable Headrest and Lumbar support No footrest
Mesh Design
Cushion Seating
Decent Weight capacity
Wide Seat
High backrest

KERDOM Ergonomic Office Chair

Verdict – Best Supportive Chair for Gamers
We already saw a three-part designed chair on our list. But this segmented chair is more sophisticated and comfortable for gamers. It provides more support to the back and tail with its unique design and adjustability features. With better adjustability, you can set up this as per your physique easily.

Product Review

Ergonomic chairs come in different models. But only some look stylish and have the necessary features. This chair from KERDOM packs a stylish look with excellent ergonomics. This chair also has three segmented design which provides support at four unique points in the body. The head, neck, back, and lumbar are supported properly with this chair and it is very comfortable to sit for long hours.

Although this chair lacks adjustable lumbar support, it doesn’t make it difficult to sit with. The breathable mesh throughout the back is also very good. The cushion at the seating part provides good comfort and allows better sitting for long hours. 

As for the reclination, the chair can be reclined up to 120 degrees which is not much but optimal enough to relax. The absence of a footrest is a disadvantage but the large seat doesn’t hurt the knees too much. The armrests can be adjusted 3 dimensionally which is great for accurate setting. This a must-try chair for those looking for a stylish design and ergonomic comfort with office chairs. 

Highlighted Features

  • Segmented Backrest – Unlike a single high backrest, the segmented backrest provides support at four major points in the body which is more comfortable.
  • 3D Armrest – With the adjustable armrest, you can now increase or decrease the height, and move it forward, backward, left, and right.
  • Silent PU wheels – Now roll the chair around the floor without any noise using the PU wheels.
  • Soft Seat Cushion – The seating cushion is very soft and comfortable. It provides the appropriate counter support while sitting.
  • Adjustable Headrest – You can alter the headrest as per your convenience and physical needs up to 30 degrees.
Pros Cons
Segmented Design No adjustable lumbar support
Mesh Padding and Cushion No footrest
Adjustable Headrest
3D armrest
Premium PU wheels
135-degree Reclination
Four point support

FelixKing Office Chair

Verdict – Comfortable Ergonomic Chair for Gamers
You might have seen high backrest chairs. But not all of them have a wider backrest and seating area. This chair from FelixKing is quite large to comfortably accommodate people with large physiques and its segmented design helps in providing better comfort for long hours.

Product Review

We have another three segmented designs but this chair has a wider backrest at the shoulder level. This is the most appropriate design for users because naturally, the human body has such a body structure. So, this chair will provide you with the best backrest considering other models. 

Although it lacks cushion in the backrest, the breathable mesh makes it easier to sit for long hours without any discomfort. The seating area has a better cushion and mesh combination. The lumbar support is not adjustable but provides the expected comfort. 

As for the armrests, they can be adjusted in 3D and it also has soft PU leather padding. The backrest can be rocked at 45 degrees and it can recline up to 135 degrees without any issues. The height adjustability is also good. The wheels are made up of PU which doesn’t make noise or scratch the floor. The chair is easy to set up and making it one of the best gaming chairs you can buy. The ergonomics and design of the chair make it very comfortable to use for all ages and body types. 

Highlighted Features

  • Large Form Design – The chair is suitable for people with large physiques and it can hold up to 300lbs of weight without any difficulty.
  • 3D armrest – Adjust the armrest at your convenience with the help of a 3D armrest that can move forward, backward, up, down, left, and right. 
  • Mesh Surface – The entire chair has a mesh padded surface which provides more breathability and doesn’t allow you to sweat.
  • High Headrest – The headrest is wider and higher enough with adjustability. So, it enables a better setting for your physique.
  • Stylish Look – For gamers, this chair looks excellent with a stylish color accent and model. 
Pros Cons
Stunning Design No adjustable lumbar support
3D Armrest No footrest
Mesh padding No backrest cushions
High Backrest and Headrest
Large Form
135-degree reclination

Product Winners

Products Our Review Product links
Hbada Read Expert Opinions Check price here
AutoFull Read Expert Opinions Check price here

We recommend these two products from HBADA and AutoFull due to the following advantages and features:

  • High Backrest with comfortable cushion throughout the padding. 
  • The seating cushion is also thick and dense which makes the user sit for long hours without any discomfort.
  • The lumbar support of the chairs is excellent with great adjustability and cushion comfort
  • The entire backrest design is structured to conform with the spinal column structure which makes it a better choice than other products
  • The armrests can be increased or decreased in height
  • The retractable footrest is very useful when you want to recline and relax for some time.
  • As for the reclination, the chairs can be reclined up to 155 degrees with a rocking motion between 20 degrees. This kind of reclination allows you to sleep in your chair with the help of a footrest.
  • They also come with an adjustable headrest and a separate pillow to rest your neck comfortably. 

Due to these advantages, our experts are recommending these two products for your gaming setup. They have excellent durability and can aid you with proper back and neck support.

Other PC Chairs Queries:

Buyers Guide for Back and Neck Support Gaming Chair

Before buying a gaming chair, it is important to understand the different aspects of design, ergonomics, features, and comfort to get the best product. Here are the factors you must consider:

Ergonomic Design

The backrest of the chair must be designed with a curvature that mimics the spinal column of our body. It should be wider at the shoulder level and must be bent inwards at the lower level to accommodate the lumbar area. This is very important to have comfortable seating, especially while gaming for long hours.


The chair must be able to recline at least 120 to 135 degrees so that you can relax whenever you want. Also, the backrest must be able to rock so that you can relax better during heavy sessions. You must be able to recline at various angles. 


It is important to have the following adjustability to set up the chair according to your preference:

  • Headrest – The headrest must be able to adjust height-wise and angular-wise to perfectly suit your height. Also, it is important to have a neck support pillow to place your neck naturally on it.
  • Lumbar support – Every person has a different height and the place where their lumbar sits in the chair might differ. Therefore, the chair must have in-built adjustable lumbar support or it must have a pillow that can be altered according to your height
  • Armrest – The Armrests also play a major role in preserving your posture. If they are stationary, it will be very difficult to place your arms comfortably. Therefore, it is important to adjust the armrests at least in terms of height. If there are more dimensional adjustments they will be preferred.
  • Seat – Many chairs don’t have this setup, but pushing the seat forward or backward might help you to place your hips deep into the chair and place your lower back properly on the backrest. So, having a seat adjustability feature is an added advantage.
  • Height – The chair should be adjusted in terms of height so that you can place the feet on the ground properly to get the correct posture.

Retractable Footrest

This is another necessary feature that enables you to relax your bent knees. The retractable footrest will help you lift your legs and stretch them out after long hours of gaming. Also, you can recline your seat and sleep for a while with this feature comfortably.

Cushion and Mesh

Some models will have mesh and some will have a cushion. But a combination of both mesh and cushion will be great since the cushion will provide better comfort and the mesh will increase the breathability. So, if you are sitting for long hours, you will not sweat on your seat and it will not cause any itching. 


A good chair is a crucial part of working or gaming with a PC. It provides comfort and preserves our health in multiple ways. With our recommended products, you will be able to get the right type of chair for your requirement. If you understand the correct posture and use an ergonomic chair, you will not be prone to back pains and posture issues. 

Affiliate Disclaimer: We may Collect a share or other compensation from the Product links on this page. Thank you if you use our link, we really appreciate it!
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