How to keep Computer Desk Dust Free? (4 Best Precautions)

We live in a world that is filled with dust. It is inevitable and you cannot permanently eradicate it from your household or office space.

Accumulation of dust on the desk, especially computer desk will lead to slow performance of your PC and the peripherals used with it.

It is important to maintain the computer desk dust free with the help of routine maintenance and proper cleaning. Dust present in the surroundings is the major cause of accumulation on computer desks. Therefore, keep the surroundings clean and you will be able to maintain a dust-free desk.

Let us get into simple methods with which you can easily keep dust away from your desk and maintain it tidy.

How to keep Computer Desk Dust Free

How to keep computer desk dust free?

A clean computer desk is a must for any professional. Keeping your computer desk dust-free is not as difficult as it might seem, but it does require some work. Maintaining the surroundings without dust is the key to keeping the desk away from dust sedimentation. The following things should be maintained without any dust:

Use Air Purifiers to Remove Dust

Air is the major container of dust. The minute particles are suspended in the air and sediment over a floor or desk. 

With the help of air purifiers, you will be able to remove these suspended particles and maintain your room without any dust.

It is recommended to use HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters which are very effective in removing dust, pollens, mold, moisture, bacteria, etc. 

The air purifier consists of several layers of filter made up of different materials which act as a sieve and pass-through pure air while leaving behind these dust particles. 

When you start using these purifiers, you will notice very less dust particles on your computer desk. They also help in improving your overall physical health. 

Keep Your Floors Clean

The dust present in the air accumulates largely over the floor. If you have carpeted the floor, then you have to use a vacuum cleaner periodically to remove the dust.

The dust present on the floor can circulate around your household items and sediment on them too. Therefore, you have to keep the floor clean and tidy.

Carpet users must clean their carpet weekly with the help of a vacuum cleaner and wash the carpet at least once a month.

If you have a plain floor with stones or tiles, then you have to broom it daily and mop it once in three days. This will reduce the dust accumulation on the desk too. 

Clean your Blinds and Air Blowers

Most of us don’t consider the dust accumulating on the window blinds. But they gradually carry a ton of dust and you might not notice it.

Remove the blinds once a week and dust them out properly. You can also simply dust them with a duster before cleaning your carpet or floor and then completely remove the dust away.

Another major dust thrower is the air blower. The air blowers in your Air conditioning vent will have the next highest dust accumulation.

Since they suck the air in from the surrounding, the dust gradually settles on the blower vents. You can remove the vents and clean the dust away. It is also recommended to periodically wash them.

When both of these are properly cleaned and maintained, the dusk becomes dust-free and you can enjoy a clean workspace.

Remove Airconditioning Filters and Clean them

The filters in the air conditioners are filled with dust and it is a must to remove them and clean them. Because the dust can circulate again and again in the same atmosphere.

If you have a centralized system, you will have a separate air filtering system. You can call for an air conditioning service and get it cleaned.

If you have a split or window air conditioner system, then you can remove the front panel and find the air filter. Remove the filter and wash the dust away easily. 

It is best to clean these filters every week to maintain them dust-free. Combined with air purifier maintenance, in one or two months, you can reduce the amount of dust circulating in the house or office.

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Proper Desk Maintenance Techniques

Apart from keeping the surroundings clean, you have to perform these desk management and cleaning regularly to keep it dust-free:

  • Avoid using furniture oil or wax for the desk. They attract dust and they tend to stick to these surfaces easily. 
  • Don’t clutter your desk with too many objects. These objects will store a part of the dust under them and they get circulated even if you clean the surroundings properly.
  • Regularly clean the desk with a damp or moist cloth. Make sure to switch off your PC and remove them from the mains. This will clear the dust completely.
  • Make sure to clean each and every object present on the desk preferably with a moist cloth. For PC, you can first use a blower to clear the dust away from the insides and finally use a moist cloth then clean the outer case.

With these techniques, you will be able to maintain a computer desk completely dust free and avoid a high amount of dust accumulation from the surroundings. 

Why do we need to keep the PC desk dust free?

Keeping the PC dust-free is very important because they tend to reduce your PC performance due to the accumulation of dust inside the PC case.

Dust gradually sediments the motherboard which results in reduced power flow to the hardware present in them. This will result in poor performance and the responsiveness of the PC starts to reduce. 

The PC will wear out sooner than its original lifetime and you might have to replace the hardware of the PC. Therefore, it is important to keep the PC desk dust-free to maximize the performance as well as use it for a long time.


Computer desks can be easily polluted with dust and they must be cleaned regularly. But only with the proper maintenance of the surrounding, you will be able to maintain the desk dust free. These tips will help you to achieve a dust-free desk and enjoy a clean workspace.

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