5 Different types of Computer Tables (Guides, Pros & Cons)

Using a PC without a desk can be very uncomfortable. The user cannot be productive and efficient without a proper desk to put the PC on. But what kind of desk to buy?

There are a lot of desk variations you can get for your computer. Each of them has unique features which may or may not be useful. So, it is important to know which type of desk you need to satisfy your requirement. Let us discuss the different types of computer desks available.

Different types of Computer Tables

Different types of computer tables

There are 5 unique types of desks you can place your computer and work comfortably. They are:

  • Writing Desk
  • Executive Desk
  • Shell Desk
  • Standing Desk
  • L-Shaped Desk

Writing desk

This type of desk is the old-fashioned and traditional one. It is a plain desk that sits on four legs and doesn’t have any separate compartments for storing files or folders.

writing desk Computer Table

This desk is highly suitable for All-in-one PCs. Because there is no separate PC cabinet or related hardware required for AIO PCs. Since this desk doesn’t have any separate space for placing the cabinets or speakers, you can comfortably use an AIO setup.

There are different heights available with these desks, but they aren’t adjustable. You can buy a sophisticated chair according to the desk height and work comfortably.

The desks are manufactured with different types of materials like wood, steel, etc. You can choose whichever is comfortable and affordable for you.

Pros Cons
Simple construction Difficult to set up a full-fledged PC
Easy to assemble No compartments or storage space under the desk
Minimalistic design Not height adjustable
Suits any room Only suitable for AIO PCs
A better choice for AIO PCs

Executive Desk

As the name suggests, this desk is made for executives. It is a highly sophisticated table with several use cases and purposes. It is very professional and has usable features that can be used for a computer.

Executive Desk Computer Table

First, this table has enough drawers and compartments to store files and books under the desk. This keeps the top of the desk clean, and you can simply keep only your monitor on it. 

Second, this desk is usually larger in size which provides more room on top of the table and lets you combine it as a writing desk too.

Some models don’t come with a station for a PC cabinet. In such cases, you can place the cabinet directly on top of the desk near your monitor and still have space for other peripherals. 

These drawers and compartments can be locked which provides you with more security for your files. This is an added advantage to using this type of desk.

When it comes to features for PCs, it has a separate sliding draw for keeping the keyboard, it has holes on the table for cable management, and you can place the cabinet under the desk if there is a station for it.

Pros Cons
Larger size with more room for placing PC and related components Can be expensive
Storage drawers and compartments with locking facility
Separate station for PC cabinet (Not available in some models)
Requires more space in your room
Holes for cable management
More leg room
Available in many materials and price range

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Shell Desk

A shell-type desk is specially designed for students and academicians. It has many shelves and compartments that enable you to keep a lot of books as well as keep a sophisticated PC setup.

Shell Desk Computer Table

The features of the desk include,

  • Individual compartments and shelves to keep books and other items without disturbing the PC.
  • A separate space for the monitor placement that is compact with some small shelves to keep décor items or speakers.
  • A keyboard draws for keeping your keyboard and mouse. This draw can slide in under the desk.
  • You have storage shelves under the desk too.
  • A separate station to keep the PC cabinet.
  • Additionally, you can place printers or other accessories below the desk in some models.

These are the major features of this table. You can use this desk completely for PC also. In all the compartments above the desk, you can place speakers and your PC-related accessories and have a techie setup too.

Pros Cons
Compact and doesn’t occupy a large space in a room Can be small for large PC setups
Sophisticated setup for academics and techies You cannot set up multiple monitors
Best suited for home office
Several compartments for storage and accessories
Separate space for a monitor
Keyboard drawer included.
Separate station for PC cabinet

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Standing Desk

This is a unique type of desk that is opposite to all the stereotypical desks available in many workplaces and homes. 

Standing desks have become a trend with many techies since they tend to increase productivity and focus more than a normal desk. Also, it is said to prevent health issues that arise from continuous sitting for long hours.

Standing Desk Computer Table

The major feature of this desk type is its ability to adjust its height. You can increase the height of the desk to a point where you have to stand up to work with it.

There are three different types of standing desks. They are:

  • Adjustable Standing Desks
  • Permanent Standing desks
  • Standing desk Accessory

Adjustable standing desks help you to increase or decrease the height of the table as per your requirement. You can either sit or stand with it. 

Permanent Standing desks are not adjustable, and you can only stand with them. While a standing desk accessory is a tool used on a normal desk where it elevates the height and enables you to stand for working with it.

Pros Cons
Helps improve focus Might be unsuitable for all users
Aids in preserving the spinal health Can be difficult for elder users
Adjustable models available Only the height-adjustable model is more beneficial
Best for high-functioning workplaces
Separate space for a monitor
Keyboard drawer included.
Separate station for PC cabinet

L-Shaped Desks

These are a combination of two desks where it forms an L-shape and enables you to have the most comfortable and sophisticated setups. You can have multiple monitors; you can have two different PCs and you can even have separate workstations with this desk.

L-Shaped Desk Computer Table

Normally this desk will have a separate station for PC cabinets, it has a hook to hang headphones at the side, it provides a station for keeping laptops or printers, etc. 

If you are setting up a gaming PC, streaming PC, or video editing PC, then this desk is most suitable for you.

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Pros Cons
Big space for keeping multiple PCs or monitors Can be expensive
Can be placed in a corner of the room Not suitable for normal users
Has a separate station for the PC cabinet
Provides station for printers and laptops
Suitable for gamers, streamers, and video editors

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With the list of different types of PC desks, you can choose the right one for you. These recommendations will help you to pick the right kind of desk for your computer. Although there are different models and styles available within these types, these are the major ones you can find.

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