Can you Connect Mini PC to TV? (Yes, 5 Best Ways, Benefits)

Mini PC’s performance capabilities have increased in recent years. You can even enjoy good graphics with a Mini PC despite the lack of a dedicated GPU. 

Many consumers have started to use Mini PC for multitasking. For instance, a mini-PC is used for productivity and also it is used for entertainment. 

Can you connect Mini PC to TV

When used for productivity, you can use a typical desktop setup and get a good computing experience. But when it comes to entertainment, you will need more specific accessories and peripherals. 

One such important part of every household entertainment is a TV. Therefore, in this article, we shall discuss how to connect a Mini PC to TV.

Can you connect Mini PC to TV?

Yes, you can connect a mini PC to a TV in about 5 different ways. From wireless connection to USB connectivity, a Mini PC can be easily connected to your TV and you can enjoy the powerful performance of a PC in your TV. Also, you can get better entertainment options like gaming, live streaming, web browsing, etc. with such connectivity. 

The five different ways to connect mini PC to TV:

  • Wireless HDMI
  • USB-C to HDMI
  • AV to HDMI
  • Capture Card
  • Screen Mirroring Apps

Wireless HDMI

This is the latest technology where HDMI signals are transmitted wirelessly with a help of a distinct transmitter and receiver. Although this mode of connectivity is not as efficient as a wired connection, those who want hassle-free connectivity can opt for this.

The Wireless HDMI product can be quite costly. Therefore, those who want a cheaper option should consider other methods. The setup is pretty simple and doesn’t require any kind of installation. 

The Wireless HDMI comes with a transmitter and a receiver box. First, you must pair the transmitter and receiver by keeping them in proximity. 

Once paired, connect the transmitter to the HDMI out of your Mini PC. Then connect the receiver to the HDMI input of your TV and that is all. 

You can now stream any video content from your Mini PC to TV or use the TV as a monitor for your Mini PC.


Although wireless transmissions are a hassle-free option, their reliability is quite low and you will have some kind of latency whatsoever. So, you will need wired connectivity to get the best transmission possible.

If your Mini PC has USB-C output, then you can simply use a USB-C to HDMI cable and connect your TV and Mini PC.

First, find out the USB C port in your PC and insert the USB C cable into the port. Now take the HDMI end of your cable and insert it into the HDMI port of your TV. 

All the TVs nowadays have a HDMI cable and you don’t have to worry about the presence of HDMI input in the TV. If your Mini PC has a USB C, you can comfortably use this method to connect the devices.


Earlier PC models come with VGA, DVI, or other types of Analog cables. But modern TVs don’t have that connectivity and come with either HDMI or AV cable or USB. 

To enable a connection in this situation, you need to first identify the type of display port available on your Mini PC. If it has a VGA cable or DVI cable, you must choose a VGA to HDMI or DVI to HDMI cable.

Once you identified the type of port in your Mini PC, use the appropriate cable and connect both your PC and TV with it. 

Now, you will be able to use the TV as a display for your PC and you can use it for entertainment purposes too.

Capture Card

You might have heard about video capture cards used by live game streamers. We can use the same technology to stream the display from Mini PC to TV. 

Install a capture card in your Mini PC and using the USB output from the card, you can connect the TV and enjoy the contents of the PC in it.

A capture card has relevant software and you must install it on your PC before streaming it to a PC. After installing it, you must connect it to the TV and change the input menu to USB on your TV.

The capture card can stream both audio and video signals. Therefore, you don’t have to use a separate audio cable. If you can use an HDMI cable to connect the capture card and the TV, you can get better streaming quality.

Screen Mirroring Apps

Certain applications can simply stream the display of one device to another when connected to the same network. If you can download those applications on your Mini PC, you can get the display on your TV.

For this method to work, you have to connect your TV to the same Wireless network as your Mini PC. You might need a smart TV or a streaming device like Chromecast or Firestick for your TV. 

There are some screen casting or mirroring apps which can be downloaded to your Mini PC. After downloading them, you have to install it.

After installing them, open the app and search for a nearby device to cast the screen of your Mini PC. If your TV is connected to the same network as your Mini PC, you will have the screencast onto the TV.

These are the different methods by which you can connect a Mini PC to your TV. Let us look at the benefits of connecting a Mini PC to TV.

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What are the benefits of connecting a Mini PC to TV?

The advantages of connecting your Mini PC to TV are numerous. You can enjoy a big screen for productivity or entertainment and at the same time have a powerful media center for your living room. Here are the major benefits you can enjoy:

Big Screen Experience

Usually, monitors are small and can go only up to a few inches in terms of screen size. This makes it difficult to enjoy a good media experience. 

By connecting a TV to your Mini PC, you can get large screen space that spans more than 40 inches. You can get a better viewing experience, especially for multitasking and media.

You can set up a sophisticated display for any kind of job and entertainment with your Mini PC. For gaming, this setup can be the ultimate choice.

Uses TV speakers

All TVs have built-in speakers or you can install a surround speaker system with your TV. This setup can be enjoyed when you connect your Mini PC to a TV.

Mini PCs usually don’t focus on an efficient sound card. So, connecting it to TV speakers can provide better sound output. 

Also, you can enjoy surround sound in an efficient way while gaming or streaming with your Mini PC.

Living Room Media Center

Connecting your Mini PC to a TV can provide a world-class media center setup in your living room. You can get the powerful performance of your PC and the better media experience of your TV combined. 

You can watch, stream, play games, browse the net, and do a lot of things just by connecting your Mini PC to the TV.

You can also control your PC right from your living room couch and do all sorts of multitasking with this setup. 

By connecting the Mini PC with a TV, you will have a hassle-free minimalistic setup which makes it a highly potential computing and entertainment center for your house. 


You can connect your Mini PC to your TV in any one of the methods we have suggested. According to the requirements and specifications you have, you can choose the best method and make the connection possible. This setup can provide you with ultimate multitasking combined with entertainment options in the most effective way.

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