How to hide Computer Cables on Desk? (4 Best Ideas)

Cables from your computer system can become a great mess if they aren’t managed properly. They naturally get intertwined and when you want to repair or look into any particular part, they will ruin your whole day. Sometimes, they can cause electrical interference too and damage your components.

Therefore, managing cables is highly necessary to keep your space clean as well as create more space for you to work with comfortably. Let us understand how to hide computer cables on desk.

How to hide Computer Cables on Desk
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How to hide Computer Cables on Desk?

There are various methods and simple devices you can use to manage your cables. We shall see them one by one and you can use anything that is suitable.

# Buy a Desk with Hole

  • Computer desks usually have a hole on the table to let the cables under it without any hassle.
  • To make it more efficient, first remove the cables and make them straight without any knots.
  • Then group 4 cables together and using a zip tie, bind them and let them through the hole on the desk. Similarly, do for the remaining cables and manage them.
  • If your table doesn’t have a hole, you can either create one using a drill or go for other management methods.

# Cable Catch

  • This is another easy method to manage cables behind your desk. A cable catch is a simple strap that can hold your cable bunch behind the desk and make it hassle-free.
  • First, remove any knots or hassles in the cable and individually straighten each of them.
  • Then stick the cable catches behind your desk. After sticking, you will have a hole to insert the cables.
  • Slide the cables one by one into the cable catch and you will now have a clean computer desk.

# Cord Protector

  • Instead of hanging the cables behind the desk, you can lay them along the floor and cover them with a cord protector.
  • A cord protector is a plastic holder that can be laid and fixed on the floor. This protects the cables and manages them.
  • First, select the required number of protectors according to the length and stick them onto the ground. Then remove any existing hassle in the cables and straighten them out.
  • Insert the cables one by one into the cord protector and hide them. This will resolve your cable problem once and for all.

# Cable management Tray or Box

  • Nowadays, there are a lot of simple components available for you to manage your cables. Among them cable trays and box are popular.
  • Instead of the letting the cables hanging around, you can use the tray and box to hide the cables inside them.
  • The tray can be fixed under the table and they have holes to let the cables pass through them. You can take the cables and let it through the tray to hide them.
  • Otherwise, you can use a box in which the extension box can be placed and the excess cables can be hidden inside it. The box can sit near the computer table without making any hassle.

These devices and techniques will help you to hide your cables and make your computer table look cleaner than ever.

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Why Hiding Computer cables is important?

Letting your cables hang around the table or behind it will cause unnecessary problems. When you want to take any peripheral out of your system, you need to remove all the cables and remove all the hassle it comes with.

If you have managed your cables, you can just remove the required cable of that peripheral without disturbing any other component.

Sometimes, when cables of peripherals such as headphones, mic, etc. are placed along with power cables, they might produce some electromagnetic interference. This can create unwanted noise in your recordings and sometimes even cause minor damage to the peripherals.

Finally, without cable management, your workplace looks nasty and untidy. It will also be a mess when you are trying to clean your table. Therefore, cable management is essential for your computer system.

Which places options are best to hide computer cables?

It is best to hide the cables below the desk, the backside of the desk and on the ground with a covering. These places will hide the cables completely out of plain sight but still accessible when you want to remove any one of them individually.

Among these three the best place is behind the desk using a cable catch because it can help you to monitor the cables and remove them whenever you want. Also, it will be easier to clean the area whenever required.

Does the Hiding method damage the computer cables?

No, all the methods recommended here are safe for the cable’s integrity. It will not damage the cables and doesn’t expose them.

Rather it will safely hide the cables from the external factors and preserve the life of the cable. The cables will not be dusted or accumulated with dirt with these methods.

How to clean the hidden Cables on the desk?

Cables are the point of stress in the desk. Computer wires are usually tangled one with the other. You can clean the wires on your desk by using a vacuum cleaner with a hose. The hose has sponges at one end that will absorb any dirt particles that are stuck in between the wires. Use this solution at least once a month or whenever you feel like it is getting too dirty. Here the Simple tips to Start

  • Plug in the vacuum cleaner
  • Turn off the power to your computer and turn off all other electronics
  • Remove Carefully each ends.
  • Vacuum around the wires
  • Take out any dust bunnies that you might have on your desk with a dustpan and Brush.


Hide your computer cables easily with these methods and try to improve the ambiance of your workspace. Hiding the cables are very important to improve their life of them and make them available for easy maintenance.

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