Does Logitech Flight Yoke System work with Mac? (Answered!)

With Microsoft Flight finally released, now everyone is so excited to explore the vast environment the game has to offer. Surely, the experience will be even more immersive when you have flight controllers.

Yes, it’s still possible to play flight games by using a mouse and keyboard. But something doesn’t feel right that way. What you need is a quality flight controller that may deliver the immersive experience of a flight. So, Logitech got you covered with their Flight Yoke System, an affordable flight controller that can deliver that realistic feeling most gamers are anticipating.

Does the Logitech flight yoke system work with Mac

With 75 programmable options, a pro-grade throttle quadrant and yoke that can be obtained at the most affordable price possible, surely the Logitech Flight Yoke system does look very intriguing. However, does this controller work on Mac?

Does the Logitech flight yoke system work with Mac?

Although Logitech only mentions compatibility with Windows, this controller actually works on Mac. Some users from Reddit claimed that the Logitech Flight Yoke system works on Mac. However, if the user wants to use an extra switch panel, then a third-party plugin that supports Mac is needed.

Please note that the one that works on Mac is the controller only. Anything aside from that, like the Logitech Flight Simulator Aircraft Instrument Panel, won’t work.

The way to connect the Logitech Flight Yoke System is by using the connector cables. The throttle quadrant can be connected using a PS/2 connector cable, while the Yoke can be directly connected using a USB cable to your Mac.

After the system has been fully connected, now you can finally play some simulation games on your device. Although the flight sim games on Mac are definitely limited, there are some that are still worth mentioning.

What are the best Games to use the flight yoke system?

Here are some of the games that you can utilize to play with flight yoke system:

Microsoft Flight Simulator (Cloud)

If you really want to play this game on Mac, there’s a little workaround you can do. Although you can’t play the real copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator, as it’s limitedly released on Steam, you can still play the cloud version of it.

Microsoft Flight Simulator (Cloud)

How? By using the Xbox Cloud. You’ll need an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to play the cloud version of Microsoft Flight Simulator. With the subscription, now you can finally play the game on M1 and M2 Macs.

Unfortunately, it’s the only method we have to play this game on Mac. It plays using a browser and requires a high-speed connection to run smoothly.

Installing a Window on Mac using Parallels as a virtual environment won’t work as Mac devices can only run the ARM version of Windows. Meanwhile, Microsoft Flight Simulator only supports the x86 version of Windows.

Aerofly FS 4

Another flight game that’s pretty popular on Mac is Aerofly FS 4. This game has pretty realistic graphics for a simulation game and is even completed with a less intimidating user interface. Although the game itself doesn’t suit professionals, it still offers a realistic and immersive flight experience for those who want to play this kind of game for the first time.

Aerofly FS 4

The controls, plane graphics, and aerodynamics are really detailed. However, this game does have a limitation, especially on the map. In Aerofly FS 4, you can fly around Switzerland, not the entirety of the Earth, like Microsoft Flight Simulator.

But that’s okay, because Switzerland is portrayed beautifully in this game. You can even see the stunning Alps right from your plane window.


If you want to test the gear using a free game, we highly recommend FlightGear, a free, open-source flight simulation game. However, although this game won’t cost you a single penny, the environment and control are pretty detailed.

flightgear flight simulator

The developers put on a great effort to create FlightGear and make it compatible with all platforms, including Mac. It doesn’t take much of your storage, at first. Later on, you’ll need to download more assets including aircraft and scenery to make the game more complete.

As this game is open-source, you can freely customize things if you do have some coding skills. For example, you can add some airports or additional planes for yourself. However, if you don’t feel familiar with it, all you need to do is just download the assets.

Thanks to the users, new players of FlightGear can get more planes and airports to explore. The love given by the players to the players is the reason why this game is so popular.

Although you have a lot of assets to play with, unfortunately, this game doesn’t look as sharp as the two games above. Some aspects are even a bit blocky. But don’t worry, most major parts, like the cockpits or the planes are modeled realistically. You can even feel it when feeling the handle.

To play this game smoothly, you’ll need to have at least 4GB of RAM, which makes this game a nice choice to play even on older Macs.

Pros and Cons of Flight Yoke system work with Mac

Well, of course, dealing with Logitech Flight Yoke System and using it on Mac offers you pros and cons.


  • The controller feels realistic, even on Mac
  • Logitech Flight Yoke System offers a great price value. With less than $200, you can get a complete set of flight controller to play any flight simulation games.


  • The controller’s build quality isn’t as good as the premium controllers, which is quite understandable
  • Although the controller works on Mac, there are not many simulation games to play.
  • The pitch axis can be quite jerky, according to some users.

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And that’s all we can say about using the Logitech Flight Yoke system on the Mac system. The controller does work with Mac, so if you want to play a few simulation games on this device, the Flight Yoke System will deliver the realistic flight experience you’ve desired.

However, please note that not all Logitech devices support Mac. For example, the instrument panel. So if you want to use an extra gear, you can use any other devices that support this system.

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