Can SnowRunner be played with keyboard? (Answered!)

Not many driving simulation games give you the raw driving vibe. SnowRunner is one such game that tests your driving skills with its off-road truck simulation. 

We know that playing off-road driving sims can be quite difficult and requires proper controls. SnowRunner involves driving large trucks on a small off-road path which makes the game more challenging. While using a joystick can be a better choice for the game, can it be played with a keyboard?

Let us discuss whether SnowRunner can be played with a keyboard properly and what are the benefits of using a keyboard for this game.

Can SnowRunner be played with keyboard (Answered)

Can SnowRunner be played with keyboard?

SnowRunner can be played with a keyboard since the game allows controlling the game with a normal keyboard. The game also allows modifying the keyboard controls and you can easily reassign the keys as per your requirements. Simply plug in a keyboard and you are good to go with the game.

You may wonder when all the games are playable with a keyboard, why SnowRunner is being specifically asked for its keyboard compatibility. Let us understand the reason and explore the benefits of playing it on a keyboard.

Why do people want SnowRunner to be played with a keyboard?

There are two reasons for this inquiry:

  • Ease of gameplay with Keyboard
  • No need to buy a racing or steering wheel

Ease of Gameplay with Keyboard

Driving simulations are usually better with a steering wheel and joysticks. Because they can give you a complete driving experience and makes it more lively. 

SnowRunner is also a driving simulation but the gameplay is completely off-road with tough pathways. You have to drive large trucks on a small path that doesn’t have proper roads. 

So, with such conditions, you can have better controls with a steering wheel and a joystick. But there is a catch. 

For using the steering wheel or the joystick, you need to be accustomed to it. There is a slight learning curve when it comes to playing the game with a steering wheel. 

When you have a complete driving wheel setup which includes a steering wheel, pedals, and gear shifts, it can be quite difficult to learn the game with it. You must struggle initially and get good with the wheel before you can actually enjoy the game. 

Since SnowRunner deals with off-road driving, a steering wheel can also be difficult to manage if you are a complete beginner. Even for pros, off-road driving can be hectic. 

This is where keyboard controls come in. When you have the keyboard plugged in, you don’t have to use any kind of gear shift or manual acceleration. You can simply use the WASD keys for maneuvering the truck and within a short time you can get used to it. 

No need to buy a steering wheel joystick

Another reason why people ask for keyboard compatibility is that getting a good racing wheel can be costly. Many may not be in a position to afford a good driving wheel and they can only enjoy the game with a keyboard. 

So, due to these reasons, people are enquiring about the use of a keyboard for playing this truck simulation game. 

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Benefits of playing SnowRunner with a keyboard

When it comes to the benefits of playing this game with a keyboard, there are quite a few points. These points may help you to make a decision and stick with the keyboard for playing this game.

No Learning Curve

You don’t have to practice this game with a keyboard to be good at this. If you are used to playing racing games or driving simulations on a keyboard, this game will come naturally to you. You don’t have to master the controls or do any specific pieces of training to play this game well. 

Unlike steering wheels, you can right away start driving trucks even if you are entirely new to driving simulations. This is one of the greatest advantages of using a keyboard.

Instant Gaming

With racing wheels, you have to set up the accessories and the wheel to a table properly. You may or may not have the proper setup to install the wheel and its accessories. But with a keyboard, you can simply plug and play or you can simply connect a wireless keyboard and enjoy it in your own comfort.


Keyboards are more affordable than any other accessory for playing this game. You can even play the game with a cheap keyboard and the experience will be good. But when you go for racing wheels, you might have to get a costly setup and spend a lot more to get it fixed in your PC table properly. 

So, the budget with steering wheels can go high while keyboards are easily available and affordable for everyone. 

Key Assignment

You can reassign the keys as per your requirement and convenience with a keyboard. The game allows you to choose a layout as per your habit and you can choose which keys control the gameplay. This can be very helpful to easily pick up the game when you are a beginner. 

Auto Settings

When you are using a keyboard, you don’t have to manually drive the trucks and you can choose auto acceleration and shifts for ease of control. You can simply navigate the truck forward, backward, left, and right. This will be very easy and doesn’t need big skills to play the game. Even in tough conditions, you can simply maneuver the truck using these controls and navigate the gameplay effortlessly. 

These are the top benefits of playing the SnowRunner game with a keyboard as opposed to playing it with other means like a joystick or racing wheel. 

Recommended keyboards for SnowRunner gaming

You can use any kind of keyboard for this game since this is a driving simulation. If you want the best experience, you can go for mechanical keyboards which can give a good gaming vibe. 

Membrane keyboards will also be good and responsive for this game, but they may not be as durable as mechanical ones. 

Therefore, the best keyboard type for playing SnowRunner is a good mechanical keyboard that has a responsive switch. You can choose Cherry MX brown switch keyboards which offer a good experience while playing the game. 

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Can Xbox Players play SnowRunner with PC players?

SnowRunner supports crossplay between consoles and you can involve up to four players in a synchronous multiplayer mode. You can comfortably play between PC, PlayStation, and Xbox without any difficulty or setups. 

You can also use a keyboard with your PC to play the game while console users might use a joystick controller for their gameplay. 

Is there manual shifting in SnowRunner?

Yes, you can enable manual shifting in SnowRunner and you can enable it by disabling the auto mode in the gear shifting option. 

Even with a keyboard, you can choose certain keys for gear shifting and enjoy manual shifting for the game. But manual shifting is best to be played with a gear shifter and steering wheel controller. 


SnowRunner can be effectively played with a simple keyboard and you don’t have to spend a lot for enjoying the game. Although the game may be quite difficult to play, a keyboard is an affordable option and you can easily get used to it without any kind of learning curve. You have the freedom to customize it as per your requirements which makes this game easy with a keyboard. 

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