Can I use a Second Power Supply for Graphics Card? (Answer)

A graphics card is one of the most powerful hardware in a PC and takes a considerable amount of power from the PSU. So, is it possible to use a second PSU for the graphics card? aving an additional PSU for the GPU is possible. But how to make it work seamlessly with your existing PC setup?

Are Radeon Graphics Cards Compatible with Intel? (Answer Inside)

Many popular PC builds include a combination of Intel and AMD hardware components. Especially, the AMD graphics cards are used in combination with Intel CPUs by many gamers. Although both Intel and AMD have their advantages, their hardware can be used in combination without any issues.

Can a Bad Power Supply Damage a Hard Drive? (Answered)

The function of the PC depends on the seamless working of the PSU (Power supply unit). Because it provides the power to each hardware component and enables it to function effectively. But what if the PSU is bad? Can it fry your hard drive? In this article, we shall discuss whether a bad power supply has the potential to damage a hard disk drive.

Ruggedized Rack Mount PC (Features, Benefits, Pros & Cons)

Not every computer is suitable for all kinds of environments. You cannot expect a normal computer to work in extreme temperatures or weather conditions. This is where a ruggedized rack mount PC comes in. If you have a highly unstable working environment with extreme physical conditions.

Why does Radeon software keep crashing? (5 Reasons & Fixes)

AMD’s Radeon software is a comprehensive application to manage all the AMD-related hardware in your PC. Whether it is GPU, CPU, or integrated graphics, this software can help you know the stats and even tweak their performance easily. But some users encountered frequent crashing with it and in this article.

Can you run Nvidia and Radeon together? (Details Inside)

A GPU can work with any PC if the motherboard has appropriate slots to accommodate it. But can you use two different GPUs together in a single PC? We might have heard about using the same brand of GPUs together. What is the possibility of using both AMD and Nvidia graphics cards in one PC? Let us discuss it in this article.

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