How to know if Sound Card is not Working? (3 Best Methods)

A sound card is a hardware that processes the digital audio signal from your PC and sends it to the speaker or headphones for you to listen to. It is an important piece of hardware without which you cannot do anything related to audio. They also affect the microphone output. Therefore, a sound card becomes

Best 32 inch Curved Monitor for Home Office (Under 300$)

The advantages of using a curved monitor are many. Most of us haven’t tasted the comfort of a curved monitor. After the pandemic, we are witnessing many companies adopt the Work from Home concept which has made employees set up a home office. When it comes to the home office

Can a PC Tower Sit on Carpet? [Answered, Guides]

Setting up your PC in the best manner will help you to save more space and utilize it for other purposes. If you avoid cluttering up your computer desk with PC and related peripherals, you may get a lot of useful space to keep other important files and documents. The most space occupying component of

PC case RGB not working [5 Reasons and Fixes]

RGB-lit fans in the PC case have become common. You can find many cabinets with RGB lighting that actually look way cooler than normal cases. Many gamers prefer such PC cases due to the ambiance they provide while intense gaming. The PC case RGBs work with the help of a motherboard

Does PCIe 4.0 Work with 5.0? [Answered, Differences]

PCIe slots are evolving faster. As the hardware we use in our PCs is becoming more powerful, the slots used to connect them to the motherboard must also become competent. We can see that CPU, GPU, RAM, SSDs, etc. are becoming more efficient and effective. So, it is important to have a high-performing slot to use them efficiently.

Is PCIe SSD faster than NVMe? (Explained with Differences)

PCIe SSDs are the same as other SSDs in that they store files and programs in flash memory. Unlike standard HDDs, flash has no moving parts. It employs solid-state semiconductors with flash memory cells to save data regardless of whether the machine is turned on or off, and software is used to access that data as needed.

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