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Do NVMe Drives Need Heatsink? (Answered)

NVMe SSDs are the most efficient storage devices in the world right now. They are fast, reliable, and highly effective in storing or transferring data. One may think that with such speeds more heat energy might be released and it may require a heatsink for high performance. But is that the case? Let us decide whether

Can you use two different DDR4 RAM sticks? (Answered)

When people upgrade their PC, they usually go for updating their RAM. Because, by simply upgrading the RAM, you will be able to get a considerable change in your performance. But can you use two different RAM modules in your PC? Let us explore the possibilities of using two RAM modules with different capacity

Is Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti good for gaming? (Answered)

GPU is the heart of any gaming system. You need a powerful graphics card to play the latest high-end titles with maximum graphics settings. Nvidia releases some of the best GPUs every year and the latest RTX 3060Ti is one among them. We explored the gaming performance of the card and have brought you the top reasons

Does Curved Monitor make a difference in gaming? (Explained)

Gaming is all about immersive experience. The more you get into the game, the higher the gaming experience. Monitor plays an important role in giving the immersion you are seeking while gaming. Among the popular designs, curved monitors can get you the ultimate immersive gaming.

Can i change CPU without changing Motherboard? (Explained)

Tech World is all about getting updated when new technology or a software is introduced. But you need a proper hardware to run the latest changes. For a PC, a motherboard and CPU are the core hardware. Considering the cost of CPU and motherboard, will it not be better if you can just replace the CPU without changing the board?

Does the Motherboard WiFi need an Antenna? (Answered, Benefits)

Desktop motherboards that are WiFi enabled are usually sought by gamers and professional streamers. Although they don’t prioritize the WiFi connectivity, you can get the wireless connection only in gaming motherboards. But do such motherboards require an antenna to fulfill their purpose?

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