Can MacBook Air M1 Support 2 Monitors? (2 Best Methods)

Apple Laptops with M1 chips do not support more than one external display natively. This is actually quite frustrating if you are into multitasking. Content creators, programmers, and serious multitaskers will need more than one display to perform their tasks more efficiently. MacBook Air M1 is a powerful device but has a smaller form factor

10 Best Thunderbolt Dock For MacBook Pro M1 (Reviewed)

Though MacBook Pro M1 scores big in performance, battery life and a thin design, it seriously lacks the selection of ports for connecting different peripheral devices. So, to transform your MacBook Pro M1 into a full-fledged workstation, you need the best thunderbolt dock for MacBook Pro M1.

Will a MacBook Pro Work with a Dead Battery? (Answered)

Apple’s most recent MacBooks, which use the company’s own M1 and M2 processors, had longer battery lives than the company’s earlier models, which used Intel CPUs. With normal usage, a MacBook Pro battery may last five years on average before needing to be replaced. But would a MacBook Pro still function for someone who wishes

MacBook Pro mouse keeps disappearing: 7 Reasons, 9 Solutions

In this age of productivity and our high dependence on tech, some minor technical issues can seriously hinder our progress and disrupt the workflow. It is important to solve them as soon as possible as they are not worth our time. It is a common problem for Mac users to experience

Can MacBook Air be used for programming? (Explained, Guides)

Programming is a universe in itself. From dealing with technical back-end servers to running fancy game engines, many different technologies come under the umbrella term of programming. So, when selecting hardware, it hugely depends on the type of technology the engineer would be working with

Does the MacBook Pro M1 Have A Fan? (Answered)

Built-in fans in laptops help reduce the operating temperature, which restricts the hardware from getting exposed to heat, thereby preserving the device’s operating efficiency. If the laptop’s components get exposed to heat for a long time, they can get damaged over time. Even if the laptop gets highly heated, it can crack the system.

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