500 vs 1000 Hz Mouse: Comparison, Pros and Cons

The mouse used in PCs must be snappy. If you are a gamer, then it has to be smooth and snappy to react quickly to the events of gameplay. But how responsive should the mouse be? The higher the polling rate, the smoother will be the usage of a mouse with a PC.

Is a vertical mouse good for gaming? (Explained, 3 Facts)

Can you play without a mouse? Probably not in most cases. But can you play games with a vertical mouse? That is a question many gamers have started to ask. As a gamer, you might want to increase your instant responses and reflex action.  Especially in competitive FPS games. As a human, you can improve your skill

Does Bluetooth mouse drain laptop battery? (Explained)

Wireless devices are on trend these days and they are holding a significant space in the tech world. You can witness wired headphones going out of trend and similarly wired mouse and keyboards. So, it will be better to know all the aspects of such devices to use them more efficiently.

How do I fix keyboard errors in BIOS? (4 Ways to Solve)

Getting into the BIOS mode itself can be tricky and when it is associated with a keyboard issue, then it will be very difficult. When you find that the keyboard is not working during the boot, you cannot enter BIOS and you need to fix it soon with a hack. This happens mostly with the latest USB keyboards.

Hot swappable vs soldering keyboard: Comparison, Pros & Cons

There are many different types of keyboards. One type is the hot swappable keyboard. This type of keyboard is not soldered to the motherboard, so it can be easily removed and replaced with a new one. The other type of keyboard is the soldered one, which cannot be removed. This article will compare these two types of keyboards

How to use Keyboard and Mouse on Multiple Computers? (2 Best Methods)

You need not buy a keyboard and mouse for every new PC you are buying. Instead, with a simple application, you will be able to use a single keyboard and mouse for all your computers. Many people need two distinct PCs for their usage. Also, buying a good quality mouse and keyboard is quite expensive.

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