Keyboard & Mouse

Keyboard and MouseIn this section, we are going to talk about keyboards and mouse. The keyboard and mouse are both input devices. The keyboard is mainly for text input, while the mouse is mainly used to select and move objects in a GUI (Graphical User Interface).

Why does my Computer Mouse keep Freezing up? (5 Reasons, How to fix)

If you’ve ever had a problem where your mouse stops working on the display, or it hangs out of somewhere, or it moves at random without you even noticing? The mouse’s pointer travels irregularly, or the cursor on the mouse does not react promptly to your motion, fails to work after a certain amount of time, or is not spotted.

10 Best Keyboard and Mouse for Video Editing 2022 (RGB Backlit, Wireless & Wired)

The latest technological revolution has transformed the world and created new career opportunities. Because practically every office has a computer-based setup that may be leveraged to improve corporate performance, many people use their PCs every day. While there are certain drawbacks, it is true that they have simplified many daily duties.

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