8 Important tools needed for PC Build (Equipment List)

Building a PC is a unique kind of experience. It may seem to be a simple task. But requires certain skills and creativity to build a perfect PC. Choosing hardware for the PC build is a separate topic of discussion. But whatever hardware you choose, you need to have some tools to accomplish the build.

How much does it cost for Minecraft PC? (2 Best Suggestions)

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world with around 17 million players worldwide. It is a creative game where the players can create buildings and explore other creations on the server. This fun-filled game with two modes can be either played as a single player or join others online on game servers.

How does a surge protector protect your computer? (3 Best Protection)

A sudden increase in voltage is always a threat to our electrical devices. Due to fluctuations in electricity generation, an occasional rise in the voltage is not uncommon. Since electrical devices like the computer are designed to withstand only the standard voltage of 120V (in the US), power surges cannot be tolerated and result in damage to the devices.

What does a powered USB hub do? (FAQs & Best Guides)

USB ports provide connectivity to different types of peripherals with our PC. You can connect the keyboard, mouse, external hard disks, etc. with the help of a USB port. In order to connect all these different devices, you will require a USB hub. A USB hub is a collection of USB ports that enables you to connect different devices at the same time to your PC.

How to Build Desktop Computer for Video Editing? (6 Best Components)

Computing has gone to another level in recent years and you can perform mind blowing things with the current technology. With such advanced computing, many intensive tasks have become easy. Similar to gaming, video editing is one of the resource demanding tasks that require high end specs in a computer.

How does Liquid Cooling Work on PC? (Benefits, Tips)

Cooling is important for any system that dissipates heat. For PCs that have high-performing core components, a separate cooling system is obligatory to preserve the health of those components. Heat dissipation can be done by various methods. Let us understand how does liquid cooling works on PC and get to know

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