Can you charge MacBook Pro with iPad charger? (Explanation)

Carrying a charger wherever you go for each and every device can be a bit clumsy. You might wonder whether a single charging brick and cable can be used for all the devices you are carrying. MacBook Pro is quite a large-sized laptop from Apple and if you are on the go, you might have to use a charger with it.

Does 3D Glasses work on Laptop? (Answer, Instructions)

Watching 3D movies is fun and exciting. You can get immersed in the movie and enjoy the thrill it displays. You can watch 3D movies in the theater or your home with your 3D TV. But can you watch it on your laptop? With the right type of accessories, you can watch a 3D movie right on your laptop.

Can you charge MacBook with any USB C? (Answered, Pro & Air)

MacBooks started to use USB C ports from the year 2015. It was a useful transition that enabled many users to easily adapt USB C cables due to its wide availability and cheaper options. But can you use any kind of USB C with any MacBook? We all know that USB Cs are compatible with all devices with USB C ports.

Can MacBook Air M1 Support 2 Monitors? (2 Best Methods)

Apple Laptops with M1 chips do not support more than one external display natively. This is actually quite frustrating if you are into multitasking. Content creators, programmers, and serious multitaskers will need more than one display to perform their tasks more efficiently. MacBook Air M1 is a powerful device but has a smaller form factor

Can I use 100w charger for 65w Laptop? (Answer, Pros & Cons)

Laptops have a considerably big battery capacity. When they are charged with an adapter with a low power rating, it may take hours to attain 100% charge. This can be frustrating and lowers the sophistication of the laptop. So, it is important to charge them with adapters that provide a higher power rating.

10 Best Thunderbolt Dock For MacBook Pro M1 (Reviewed)

Though MacBook Pro M1 scores big in performance, battery life and a thin design, it seriously lacks the selection of ports for connecting different peripheral devices. So, to transform your MacBook Pro M1 into a full-fledged workstation, you need the best thunderbolt dock for MacBook Pro M1.

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