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Best Laptop for Live Streaming Games (Budget, Performance)

Nowadays, gaming has transformed from merely a hobby to a serious business. Resulting in many people streaming their gameplay live for the world to enjoy. But, you cannot stream your gameplay from any other laptop. Streaming live requires immense processing power as well as extensive battery runtime.

MacBook Pro mouse keeps disappearing: 7 Reasons, 9 Solutions

In this age of productivity and our high dependence on tech, some minor technical issues can seriously hinder our progress and disrupt the workflow. It is important to solve them as soon as possible as they are not worth our time. It is a common problem for Mac users to experience

Can MacBook Air be used for programming? (Explained, Guides)

Programming is a universe in itself. From dealing with technical back-end servers to running fancy game engines, many different technologies come under the umbrella term of programming. So, when selecting hardware, it hugely depends on the type of technology the engineer would be working with

Can we replace the fan in the laptop? (4 Easy Steps)

A laptop usually has a fan that cools down the processor and other components. If the fan fails, the laptop will overheat and stop working. The first thing to do when your laptop starts to overheat is to make sure that the fan is working correctly. You can do this by checking for air coming out of the vent on the side or back of your laptop.

Is 5 Hours of Battery Life Good for a Laptop? (Explained)

Your laptop’s battery plays a significant role in your work efficiency. If it dies or runs out, you cannot use your laptop without plugging in a power cord, which isn’t always convenient or practical as its portability is a significant feature. the article also elaborates on the average laptop battery’s lifespan

Does the MacBook Pro M1 Have A Fan? (Answered)

Built-in fans in laptops help reduce the operating temperature, which restricts the hardware from getting exposed to heat, thereby preserving the device’s operating efficiency. If the laptop’s components get exposed to heat for a long time, they can get damaged over time. Even if the laptop gets highly heated, it can crack the system.

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