Why is my i7 Processor not compatible with Windows 11? (Answer)

When Windows 11 was introduced, there were many agitations among the tech community since the OS was not released as compatible with all the devices out there. Microsoft devised minimum system requirements which included a list of compatible processors. Although many reasons were claimed by Microsoft

Does my AMD processor support virtualization? (Answered)

If you are a programming geek, then you will need multiple operating systems. While you can partition your hard disk and install the OS separately, it is not an easy task and it is a tedious procedure. Also, a small mistake during the process can ruin your hard disk and the existing OS. This is where virtualization helps you.  

Can i change CPU without changing Motherboard? (Explained)

Tech World is all about getting updated when new technology or a software is introduced. But you need a proper hardware to run the latest changes. For a PC, a motherboard and CPU are the core hardware. Considering the cost of CPU and motherboard, will it not be better if you can just replace the CPU without changing the board?

8 Best AMD Processor For Music Production (Audio Design)

In the past, it was almost close to impossible to record music without going to the studio. But, this trend has been changing due to the advent of technology. Now you need to invest in a good desktop or laptop and good music editing software for producing music. But, the significant element of music production is a heavy-duty processor.

Is Ryzen 9 Better than i9 for Gaming? (Explained, Benefits)

When you search for high-end processors like the Ryzen 9 or Core i9, it’s possible to get confused by the answers you get. Is Ryzen 9 better than i9 for gaming? The reason for this is that it’s not simply about CPU speed. The GPU’s performance, the screen resolution, and the frame rate all factor into this.

Why is my processor running so high? (3 Reasons, How to fix)

CPU or processor is the brain of any PC. The 100% capacity is normally never used for simple tasks. But if you are wondering why is my processor running so high, then you have to check for the CPU usage and fix it. Because high processor usage is bad for the CPU and it will slow down the PC eventually.

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