ProcessorsA processor is a device that interprets and executes instructions. It is the central part of a computer system. It processes data, executes instructions, performs calculations, manipulates data structures, and manages I/O to peripheral devices.  In this category, we are giving some best content about processors.

Why is my processor running so high? (3 Reasons, How to fix)

CPU or processor is the brain of any PC. The 100% capacity is normally never used for simple tasks. But if you are wondering why is my processor running so high, then you have to check for the CPU usage and fix it. Because high processor usage is bad for the CPU and it will slow down the PC eventually.

Best Processor for Video Editing and Rendering (Intel, AMD, 4k, Budget)

CPU or Central processing unit is shortly mentioned as a processor in the tech world. It is the basic unit of any computer system which does all the computation and processing. Finding the best processor for video editing and Rendering is not an easy task. There are two major processors in the world. One is Intel and the other is AMD

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