Can you play 120fps on 60hz Monitor? (Answer, Guides)

The gaming experience can be ultimate when you have supporting hardware to display the high-end graphics in the gameplay. The most important part of gaming is the GPU and the monitor you are using. Both the GPU and monitor go hand in hand when it comes to displaying the gameplay in the best possible manner.

8 Best 32 inch Curved Monitor for Home Office (Under 300$)

The advantages of using a curved monitor are many. Most of us haven’t tasted the comfort of a curved monitor. After the pandemic, we are witnessing many companies adopt the Work from Home concept which has made employees set up a home office. When it comes to the home office

How much FPS can a 165hz Monitor run? (Answered)

If you are a gamer, you know the importance of refresh rates and frames per second (FPS). Games, particularly competitive titles, depending on the FPS and you must be able to view the frames faster than your opponent players. This gives you an upper hand in the game and leads you to victory.

Does Curved Monitor make a difference in gaming? (Explained)

Gaming is all about immersive experience. The more you get into the game, the higher the gaming experience. Monitor plays an important role in giving the immersion you are seeking while gaming. Among the popular designs, curved monitors can get you the ultimate immersive gaming.

8 Best 49 Inch Curved Monitor For Work (Ultrawide, QLED, IPS)

Over the past few years, we have seen an introduction of ultra-wide monitors. Their wide viewing area offers enhanced functionality and helps maximize productivity by allowing you to work on multiple tasks simultaneously. You can even use a screen split software on the best 49 inch curved monitor for work for running programs.

Do all monitors have display ports? (Factors, Types)

Display ports on monitors are a type of port used to connect different types of monitors to computers. Display ports can transmit both audio and video signals. They mostly come in different types and each type has its unique features. Before we enter into the content, let’s start with the following question.

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