8 Best 32 inch Curved Monitor for Home Office (Under 300$)

The advantages of using a curved monitor are many. Most of us haven’t tasted the comfort of a curved monitor. After the pandemic, we are witnessing many companies adopt the Work from Home concept which has made employees set up a home office. 

When it comes to the home office, you will need a sophisticated setup that can help you focus more on the job. A curved monitor is a great option because,

  • It provides wide angle view without any discomfort
  • You don’t have to move your head often to view the things present at extreme corners
  • With the comfortable viewing, you will be able to increase your productivity
  • The efficiency of your job increases and you can multitask effortlessly

Considering these advantages of using a curved display, our experts have bought you top recommendations for a 32-inch curved monitor which you can use in your home office setup or work.

Best 32 inch Curved Monitor for home office

Best 32 inch Curved Monitor for Home Office or Work under 300$

We have listed the top 8 32 inch curved monitors for Work at home office under 300$ (Note: The price of the monitor may change anytime) with expert opinions and recommendations. You can choose the one for your requirement and you can also check out our expert picks. 

Brands Verdict Ratings
ViewSonic OMNI Most Affordable Curved Monitor for Home Office 4.9/5.0
Sceptre Curved Low Curvature Monitor for Home Office 4.9/5.0
AOC [CU32V3] Thin curved monitor for home office 4.9/5.0
SAMSUNG T55 Minimalistic Curved Monitor for Work 5.0/5.0
AOC [CQ32G2S] Best Curved Monitor for Home Office Use 5.0/5.0
SAMSUNG UR59 Series Premium 4K Curved Monitor for Home Office 4.9/5.0
ASUS TUF Gaming Best 1080p Curved Monitor for Home Office 5.0/5.0
MSI [G32C4] Stylish and best curved monitor under 300 4.9/5.0

ViewSonic OMNI

Verdict – Most Affordable Curved Monitor for Home Office
ViewSonic has packed all the goodness into this excellent monitor on a considerably low budget. You get a higher refresh rate panel with a significantly lower response rate which makes your job more fluid. Combined with the curvature, this monitor provides the utmost comfort despite being a 1080p panel. If ViewSonic provided an adjustable stand, this monitor will be our top pick considering the features and price point it comes with.

Expert Review

Designed for Gamers, this monitor has the highest specs you can get for your home office. The 165Hz refresh rate is significantly fluid and when viewing videos or creating media content, it is very helpful and comfortable. 

The lower response rate enables us to perform multitasking in the most efficient way possible. You will not feel any lag or flickering with any of the programs or applications used.

This LCD with the VA panel comes with Eye Care technology that filters out blue light and protects your eyes. You can now work at night without any discomfort.

As for the design, it is not very sleek and not very thick. It is somewhere in between and doesn’t consume much space on your office table. The stand is pretty sleek but unfortunately, it is not height adjustable. You can only tilt it up or down at an angle suitable for your viewing.

You don’t have to worry about connectivity because you get a bunch of ports including DisplayPort and HDMI. Also, you get a DisplayPort cable out of the box which you can connect readily to your PC.

Highlighted Features

  • 1500R Curvature – The monitor has 1500R curvature which provides more field of view within your peripheral vision
  • 165Hz Refresh Rate – 165Hz refresh rate is very fluid to work with and you can play games effectively with this refresh rate.
  • 1ms Response Rate – With a 1ms response time, you cannot experience any lag when you are working on your system.
  • Eye Care Protection – The display can filter blue light which protects your eyes and aids you to work long nights
  • Multiple Ports – You have three ports for connectivity including one DisplayPort and one HDMI.
  • Speakers Built-in – There are two 2W speakers built-in with the monitor
  • Display Port Cable Included – You can readily start using the monitor with the help of the DisplayPort cable that comes out of the box.
Pros Cons
High Refresh Rate LCD Display
Low Response Rate Height Adjustable Stand is Absent
Standard Curvature No USB ports
Eye Care Technology
Built-in Speakers
Cables Included

Sceptre Curved

Verdict – Low Curvature Monitor for Home Office
This monitor is overkill for common office uses. The specifications are high-end with the premium build quality. If you want a heavily sophisticated setup for your home office, then this is the product you have to choose. The design, curvature, panel, and other added features of this monitor make it stand apart from other products on this list. So, this monitor with a subtle curvature can be the ultimate choice for your home office setup.

Expert Review

The major highlight of this monitor is its subtle 1800R curvature. You can see the monitor curved slightly lower than a 1500R panel. But an average user can experience its comfort. You don’t have to strain at all to look at the extreme corners.

The design of the monitor is sleek and it will not affect your workspace. But this one also doesn’t have a height-adjustable stand and provides only angular tilt. The 32 inches is very comfortable to accommodate a lot of multitasking windows at the same time and you can view them without straining your neck.

The refresh rate of this monitor is way faster for normal office users. Except if you are gaming with this monitor, you cannot feel the goodness of the 240Hz refresh rate. Also, the response time is 1 ms which is also great if you are working with moving objects a lot.

If you are creating a lot of media content, the wider 99% sRGB color gamut will display vibrant colors and help you to produce stunning images or videos. 

You can enjoy a flicker-free display and hear audio without external speakers using the inbuilt premium quality speakers.

Highlighted Features

  • 1800R Curvature – Get a good field of view within your peripheral vision with the help of this 1800R curvature monitor
  • 240Hz Refresh Rate – Enjoy smooth usage of the monitor, especially with media content with the help of higher 240Hz refresh rates
  • 99% sRGB – With a wider color gamut from the 99% sRGB, you can create high-quality content and enjoy media with stunning visuals
  • Flicker Free Tech – The 1ms response rate will help you with fluid moving pictures and avoid flickering
  • Built-in Speakers – Now enjoy audio without the help of external speakers with the inbuilt premium quality speakers.
  • Multiple HDMI ports – You get 3 HDMI ports along with a single DisplayPort
  • Blue Light Filter – The monitor is equipped with a Blue light Shift application which lowers the emission of blue light and protects the eye
Pros Cons
Low Curvature Overkill specs
High Refresh Rate No height adjustable stand
Superfast Response Time
Flicker Free Technology
Wide Color Gamut
Blue light control
Sleek Design
Built-in Speakers

AOC 32″ Super Curved [CU32V3]

Verdict – Thin curved monitor for home office
Many people like to keep their office desks simple and neat. Instead of having a bulky PC setup, this monitor is a great choice to keep things slim and simple on your desk. AOC provides an ultra 4K monitor with a thin panel that doesn’t occupy much space. Also, it has a better color gamut which displays vibrant color reproduction. So, this monitor is a premium choice for your office setup that increases your efficiency and workflow.

Expert Review

Design-wise, you will not feel anything unique or funky with this monitor. It is considerably thin and sleek, occupying very less space on the desk, and allows you to maintain a professional workspace. But in terms of specs and performance, it is premium. 

This 32 inches 4K monitor has a stunning resolution with crystal clear picture quality. It has a wide color gamut which displays vibrant colors and reproduces them with higher accuracy. If you are creating media content, this monitor would enhance your working experience and accuracy. 

The 1500R curvature is sufficient with a wide field of view and enables us to reduce strain on the eyes and neck. You can also have a multi-monitor setup with this product and get better at multitasking effectively. 

The refresh rate is the usual 60Hz which is the standard spec for home office monitors. If you are producing videos with 30FPS, this 60Hz panel will be more than sufficient. Also, if you are doing office tasks, then you don’t need higher refresh rates. Therefore, this monitor is more than enough for many users. 

Highlighted Features

  • Thin design – The panel, stand, and the entire form factor is considerably thin and sleek with a professional design. Easily recommended for professional home office setup
  • 4K UHD Panel – This AOC monitor equips a stunning 4K resolution Ultra HD panel that shows crystal clear picture
  • Wider Color Gamut – The monitor is equipped with several color gamuts including sRGB, Adobe RGB, and DCI-P3.
  • 1500R Curvature – Avoids straining of the eye or neck with the excellent curved screen suitable for long hours of work
  • LowBlue Mode – Filters out blue light and keeps your vision free from strain even after long hours of work on night shifts. You can comfortably work in low light easily
  • Flicker-Free – The monitor panel is constructed to avoid flickering backlight which enables comfortable usage of the display
  • Kensington Lock – You can secure your monitor with the Kensington lock provided at the back of the monitor.
Pros Cons
Low Curvature Overkill specs
High Refresh Rate No height adjustable stand
Superfast Response Time
Flicker Free Technology
Wide Color Gamut
Blue light control
Sleek Design
Built-in Speakers

SAMSUNG 32-inch T55 Series

Verdict – Minimalistic Curved Monitor for Work
The reason this monitor is a good choice is due to the price point and its super curvature. All the specifications in this monitor are right on par with the requirements for every office goer. It provides a high-resolution panel with a slightly better refresh rate. There is nothing gimmicky or overkill in this product. If you are looking for anything specific in your monitor, then this product might be the better choice for all your uses. 

Expert Review

This is the monitor in this list with the highest curvature. The 1000R curvature is comfortable to look at and you will not feel the strain of looking at a large screen, especially at the corners. The curvature is visibly imminent and impressive to look at. 

The display is also tested for eye comfort which is a great advantage for night workers. The design is minimalistic with a sleek and thin form factor. The 5W built-in speakers are decent and sound great in quiet environments like a home office.

As for the resolution, it is a clear 1080p panel with good color accuracy. The brightness levels are great and Samsung has proved its picture clarity once again with this monitor. The refresh rate is a constant 75Hz which is quite more fluid than a 60Hz panel but you will not feel a major difference in using it.

Other features like flicker-free technology and the 4ms response rate is quite good on this monitor at this price point. You don’t have to look for any other monitor if you choose this exceptional monitor with an affordable price range.

Highlighted Features

  • 1000R Curvature – The most curved display is provided by this Samsung monitor which makes it easier to work and play games with it. A better choice for all users.
  • Sleek Design – Despite the large curvature, the form factor of the monitor is sleek and simple. Doesn’t occupy much space on your desk and keeps it minimalistic.
  • 1080p Panel – This high-resolution panel is stunning to look at and the viewing experience is very much comfortable.
  • 75Hz Refresh Rate – The standard 60Hz has been upgraded to a 75Hz panel which delivers a smoother display output.
  • Flicker Free – This monitor doesn’t allow screen flickering with the help of its flicker-free technology
  • Built-in Speakers – The 5W speakers are loud and clear which is optimum for home office usage and even light gaming.
Pros Cons
Highest Curvature Low Refresh Rate
Thin and Sleek design Standard HD resolution
High-Resolution Panel No height Adjustable Stand
Built-in Speakers
Affordable Price
Minimalistic Design

AOC 32″ Curved Frameless [CQ32G2S]

Verdict – Best Curved Monitor for Home Office Use
A monitor that checks all the boxes at an affordable price is rare. But this product has made it possible with its exceptional specifications at a very affordable price. It has all the necessary features with a great display panel, refresh rate, response rate, curvature, and finally a height-adjustable monitor. Most of the monitors in this range don’t offer a height-adjustable stand. Overall, this monitor is the best one you can get with respect to all features, performance, quality, and budget.

Expert Review

AOC has once again delivered us with an exceptional monitor. Although it was meant for gamers, this monitor is perfect for all users. The design of this monitor is very thoughtfully done by keeping in mind the ergonomics and viewing comfort. The screen has very thin bezels on three sides which makes it visually better and provides more screen space.

The 2K high-resolution QHD panel is stunning to look at. You also get high color accuracy thanks to the 120% sRGB color gamut that covers millions of colors. So, those who work with a lot of media content can easily work with this monitor. Coming to the curvature, the 1500R design is comfortable for viewing especially during multitasking with several tabs.

The refresh rate of 165Hz is more than enough for normal users. Since home office users don’t play games for the most part it is not needed. But having this feature in the monitor is an added advantage and helps you to view media and play games occasionally with the best performance.

You can adjust the height of the stand to your viewing comfort and tilt it angularly too. Apart from these features, you get a response rate of 1 ms which makes the contents more fluid. The low blue mode is very useful for safeguarding eye comfort. You also get a warranty for three years that assure zero dead pixels.

Highlighted Features

  • 2K QHD Panel – You get a high-resolution 2K panel with QHD quality that presents a vibrant viewing comfort and experience
  • 1500R Curvature – With a 1500R curved display, you cover a lot of display within your peripheral vision and make it easier on the eyes.
  • 165Hz Refresh Rate – Since this monitor is meant for gamers, the refresh rate of the monitor can be overkill for normal users. But it is delightful to use a faster refreshing panel.
  • 1ms Response Rate – Combined with the refresh rate, the faster response time of the display provides smooth visuals.
  • Bezel-less Design – You get maximum display space due to the presence of tiny bezels on three sides.
  • Quick Release Adjustable stand – You can now adjust the height, angle, and swivel with the help of an adjustable stand that is also quicker to release and lock.
Pros Cons
QHD 2K display No built-in speaker
Standard Curvature
Wide Color Gamut
Faster Response Rate
High Refresh Rate
Bezel Less Screen
Height Adjustable Stand
Low Blue Mode
Flicker Free
Three Year Warranty
Reasonable Price

SAMSUNG UR59 Series 32-Inch

Verdict – Premium 4K Curved Monitor for Home Office
If you are looking for a premium product with an ultra-thin body and bezels, then this monitor is what you must choose. Samsung produces one of the most stunning displays and this UHD 4K monitor didn’t disappoint us in any way except for its price. It is almost double the price of other products on our list, but the picture quality and the performance were also twice more than the others. So, we chose this monitor as our premium choice for the elite customers who are seeking to set up a professional office at home.

Expert Review

Everything is sleek and thin with this monitor. The bezels, overall size, display thickness, and even the stand are thin. The whole monitor looks minimalistic without any extravagant features. The 1500R curvature is comfortable to look at and if you work for long hours, then you can protect your eye health easily.

Coming to the resolution, this Ultra HD 4K monitor is very vibrant and presents the colors very accurately. The picture quality is brilliant and you can have very sharp and bright images. The high definition is apparent in this display and the color accuracy is excellent, thanks to the Billion color support with a contrast ratio of 2500:1.

The curvature of the monitor helps us to maintain a constant focus point and you don’t have to move your eyes around much which results in eye fatigue. The display is also certified with a blue light filter and flicker-free tech. You can work in dark environments without ruining your eye for health. 

The bezels are very thin which gives you more room for display and helps you to easily multitask with several tabs on the monitor. Also, you can connect other displays to the monitor and the device will automatically detect the new display. It instantly detects it and sends a signal to the connected one which makes it easier to switch sources or have a multitasking machine.

Highlighted Features

  • UHD 4K Panel – The monitor is equipped with a 4K resolution panel with UHD technology to display the best picture quality in your home office system setup.
  • Billion Color Support – Don’t worry about color accuracy with the billion color hues support with the contrast ratio of 2500:1
  • 1500R Curved Display – Don’t strain your eyes any further with this excellent curved display that brings in the corners of the screen within your peripheral vision.
  • Bezel-Less Design – Get maximum screen space with the three-sided bezel-less design and improve your visual experience.
  • External Display – Simply plug another display into this monitor and get an instant signal split. You can use it for multitasking and other purposes.
  • Slim Form Factor – The complete monitor setup is very thin and sleek that doesn’t occupy a large space on your desk. 
Pros Cons
Ultra High-Resolution Display Premium Price
Wider Color Gamut No height adjustable stand
Curved Display Standard 60Hz Refresh Rate
Bezel-less Screen No VESA Mount Compatibility
Eye Saver Mode
Flicker Free Technology
Thin Form factor
Cable Management 
External Display Connectivity

ASUS TUF Gaming 32″

Verdict – Best 1080p Curved Monitor for Home Office
ASUS is known for its gaming tech and related accessories. This monitor is a high-class gaming monitor with exceptional specs at an exceptional price. You get a complete package for your home office with this product and you never have to choose any other monitor. If you don’t need more than 1080p resolution for your work, then this is the best monitor that can sit on your office desk right away. With a classy look with a touch of gaming vibe, this TUF gaming monitor is an absolute beauty when it comes to performance and features. 

Expert Review

Many home office setups don’t need a QHD or UHD display with high resolutions. A full HD 1080p panel will be sufficient for most users to perform their professional tasks easily. This ASUS TUF gaming monitor is a great choice that provides you with multiple uses and features within a single product.

The picture quality is accurate with better color reproduction. You can get the goodness of 16.7M colors with this display and enjoy high color accuracy. When this is combined with the 1500R curvature, you can reduce your eye strain and get going with your work for long hours.

You get variable refresh rates with this monitor that can switch between 165Hz and 144Hz. You cannot see much difference between the two and you need to play games to witness the goodness of refresh rates. The response rate is also faster at 1 ms which makes your job smooth and fluid.

Along with this, the blue light filter and the flicker-free technology make viewing more comfortable and strain-free during long hours of work. The built-in speakers help you to avoid the necessity to buy a pair of external speakers.

Highlighted Features

  • Variable Refresh Rate – The monitor can switch between 165 and 144Hz according to the input.
  • Full HD 1080p Panel – The full HD resolution is great to look at and combined with the 120% sRGB it can display a wide range of colors accurately.
  • 16.7M colors – With the ability to display 16.7M colors, you can perform all media-related works with accuracy.
  • Built-in Speaker – With the high-quality built-in speakers, you don’t have to get external speakers for your home office and save a lot of space on the desk
  • Faster Response Rate – You get a superfast response rate of 1 ms which enables a smooth and fast workflow without any lags.
  • Low Motion Blur – The device is equipped with Extreme Low Motion Blur technology which produces blur-free videos and games.
Pros Cons
High and Variable Refresh Rates Resolution can be higher
Full HD 1080p Panel No height adjustment
Wide Color Gamut
Built-in Speaker
Low Motion Blur
VESA Mount
Tilt Adjustable Stand
Good Curvature

MSI 32″ Gaming Monitor [G32C4]

Verdict – Stylish Curved Monitor for Home office
MSI has a large user base due to its high-quality products. Their products are loved by gamers but they manufacture several tech products for professional office users too. This monitor although designed for gamers, doesn’t have the gimmicks of a gaming monitor. It looks professional with a subtle design and has only the necessary features suitable for a professional home office setup. One of our greatest monitor picks in this category is this MSI 32 inches, curved gaming monitor.

Expert Review

Testing this monitor was a great experience because of its immersive display. The quality of the display was stunning and combined with the curvature, it brought us a unique viewing experience. The bezel-less sides are easy on the eyes and give more space to put things on the screen without any cluttering. The 32 inches screen looks larger due to the bezel-less design of the monitor.

The resolution is just 1080p, but the picture quality was top-notch with better color reproduction and accuracy. You can have the best viewing experience with this monitor despite the low resolution when compared to other displays. The contrast ratio is also higher than other monitors with a 3000:1 ratio.

If you are particularly into media and content creation, the wider color gamut of the display will help you choose better colors and improve your design in multiple folds. All this when viewed in a curved display, it was comfortable to use the monitor for long hours. There aren’t any certified low blue light filter modes, but it did not affect the viewing largely. 

Highlighted Features

  • Premium Design – The monitor has a great design with very less bezels on the sides. It has a slight touch of gaming style which looks great.
  • 1500R curvature – With the standard 1500R curvature, you can get the best viewing comfort without straining your eyes much, and easy to cover a lot of tabs on the screen.
  • No Screen Tearing – With the 1ms response rate, the monitor avoids screen tearing and helps you to get seamless smooth visuals.
  • Wide Color Gamut – Witness accurate colors with the large color gamut supported by this MSI monitor and get premium quality designs.
  • Faster Refresh Rate – Get a superfast 165Hz refresh rate that doesn’t lag at any point in time while you are working or gaming.
Pros Cons
Stylish Premium Design No QHD or UHD resolution
Bezel Less Screen No height adjustable stand
Wide Color Gamut
Fast Response Rate
Faster Refresh Rate
Tiltable stand
Wide Viewing Angle 
Flicker Free and Less Blue light

Our Recommended Picks

Our experts recommend the following monitors for your home office setup:

Winner Product Review and Opinion Product Link
1 SAMSUNG T55 Series Read Our Review Check Product price

We recommend this Samsung monitor for the following reasons:

  • Highest Curvature in a monitor with 1000R dimension
  • Sleek and slim design
  • 75Hz refresh rates for a smooth viewing
  • Minimalistic design
  • Built-in speakers
  • Flicker Free and Low Blue light technology
Winner Product Review and Opinion Product Link
2 AOC CQ32G2S Read Our Review Check price

We recommend this monitor from AOC for the following reasons:

  • QHD 2K resolution Panel 
  • Wider color gamut for high color accuracy
  • Height, tilt, swivel adjustable stand
  • Faster Response and Refresh Rates
  • Standard 1500R curvature for better viewing
  • Premium Design with gaming style
  • Affordable Price Range
Winner Product Review and Opinion Product Link
3 ASUS TUF Gaming Read Our Review Check price

We recommend this ASUS monitor for the following reasons:

  • The full HD 1080p panel
  • Good Color accuracy with 120% sRGB color Gamut
  • Built-in Speakers
  • Eye Care and Flicker-Free technology
  • Variable Refresh rate and faster response rate
  • Great design
  • Tiltable stand
  1. Ultrawide
  2. QLED
  3. IPS Panel

Buying Guide- 32 inch Curved Monitor for Work at Home Office

Here are some of the factors you can consider before buying a curved monitor for Work at home office:

  • The curvature of the display must be at least 1500R. Remember that the lower the R-value the higher will be the curvature. So, a 1500R monitor will be a good curvature. But you can get 1200R or 1000R for more curved screens.
  • Get a monitor with an adjustable stand, that can be altered in height, angle, and swivel. 
  • Check out the color gamut. It should at least support the popular color gamut like the sRGB or Adobe RGB with at least 99% accuracy.
  • The monitor must have at least a 60Hz refresh rate. Higher refresh rates are better. Also, the response rate must be 1 ms to avoid screen tearing.
  • Try to get a monitor with built-in speakers if you are looking to avoid buying external speakers.
  • The monitor must have at least one HDMI, one DisplayPort, and one additional port for better connectivity.
  • Other features like Flicker free, low blue light, and fewer bezels are added advantages to the monitor.

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Getting a monitor for your home office can be easy if you know your requirements. We have listed at least one monitor for every user out there. The advantage of a curved monitor must be experienced personally to know its value. If you are meaning to pick up a large monitor, then do check these products out and find the best suitable monitor for your requirement.

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