Why does my modem keep crashing? (7 Reasons, 7 Fixes)

Internet connectivity is crucial for any computer system. You get all the data for system updates, and you use the internet to perform many of the activities on your PC. So, it is a must that your PC must be connected to the internet always. Your PC gets access to the internet with the help of a modem and router

How to use 2 routers with 1 modem? (2 Best Methods)

One router performs well, but you enjoy the most exceptional performance when combined with one more router. This rings true, especially if you have many devices connecting to your network. Adding a second router enhances network performance and boosts wire and wire coverage.

Why does my Router have a USB Port? (7 Benefits)

If you look at the rear of your router, you will likely find a USB port. Usually, a router connects to the latest over Ethernet to give it Internet service. Then why does my router have a USB port? A USB port is now standard on the majority of newer Wi-Fi routers for both the home and office.

How many Watts do a Modem and Router use? (Answered)

In a household or office space, there are very few things we keep turned on all the time. One such thing is the router along with the modem. They are usually kept on 24/7 to ensure connectivity all day long. They are small electronic devices that don’t consume much electricity. But if you are wondering how much they consume

Should I use my own router with Comcast? (3 Best Ways)

Home entertainment has advanced so much so that you can have internet streaming, browsing, and phone services all in one box. Comcast’s Xfinity is one of the leading broadcasting service providers in the US. Although Xfinity comes with all the setup, you don’t have to waste money if you have a router setup of your own.

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