Router and Modem

Router and Modem

A modem is necessary for internet access. A router provides Wi-Fi to all devices that are connected to it. It creates a network within the range of its signal. The router has two important jobs: first, it manages data traffic and second, it connects devices to the internet. In this Category, we are discussing the information and Review about Router and Modem.

How many Watts do a Modem and Router use? (Answered)

In a household or office space, there are very few things we keep turned on all the time. One such thing is the router along with the modem. They are usually kept on 24/7 to ensure connectivity all day long. They are small electronic devices that don’t consume much electricity. But if you are wondering how much they consume

Should I use my own router with Comcast? (3 Best Ways)

Home entertainment has advanced so much so that you can have internet streaming, browsing, and phone services all in one box. Comcast’s Xfinity is one of the leading broadcasting service providers in the US. Although Xfinity comes with all the setup, you don’t have to waste money if you have a router setup of your own.

What does Dual Band mean on a Router? (Pros & Cons)

Dual Band Devices are designed to support strong wireless connections in your home or in your office. It can boost your older devices perfectly. In this article, we will explain to you exactly what does dual band mean on a router, Its pros, cons, purposes, etc. Let’s go!

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