10 Best Computer Desk for 3 Monitors 2022 (l shaped, Standing, Budget)

Real experts who operate at a standing desk are always on the lookout for the most effective and comfortable flexible office furniture. It improves their work and personal satisfaction. People commonly can use three monitors to maximize their effectiveness and setup.

Ergonomic desks, office chairs, and triple monitor racks are all things that several offices have. The flexible desks offer significant benefits in terms of worker well-being and efficiency.

Best Computer Desk for 3 Monitors
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What are the Benefits of Computer Desks

Computer desks are a relatively new product that has changed the way people work. There are many benefits of using computer desks, including improved productivity and ergonomics.

  • They are typically made with a steel frame that is designed to support even the heaviest workload. The height of the desk is adjustable so you can find one that’s perfect for you.
  • These are a great way to improve the work environment and increase productivity. They provide a sense of safety and a comfortable workspace.
  • These are designed to provide ergonomic support for the body. They also make it easy for people to focus on their work without distractions.

Types of Computer Desks for 3 monitors

There are several types of computer desks for 3 monitors. They are usually made up of a work surface, an arm, and a monitor stand. Here are 2 popular types of Desks that many people suggest.

L-shaped desk

A L-shaped desk is the best option when you are looking to set up a triple monitor setup. It creates visual harmony and provides enough space for all three monitors.

The desk has an L-shape, which means that the right side of your screen will be closer to your body than on other desks. This allows you to keep your eyes on what’s happening in front of you without having to crane your neck or turn your head excessively.

Corner Desk

There are also other types like the Corner Desk, which is great for small spaces and people who need to have their screens facing them. Corner Desk is designed to be a desk that offers an ergonomic solution for triple monitor setups.

It features a wide range of design options and is available in multiple sizes, shapes, and colors. Corner Desk also offers the ability to customize your workspace with different types of material like fabric or leather, as well as different finishes like chrome or gold.

Best Computer Desk for 3 Monitors

There are so many options on the market that it can be hard to find the best computer desk for 3 monitors. After doing a lot of research, we’ve made a list of the industry’s best computer desks for three monitors. You’ll find a selection for every price range and taste level on this list.

  • Walker Edison Ellis Modern Glass Desk
  • Mr. IRONSTONE L Shaped Gaming Desk
  • FEZIBO 63-Inch Dual Motor Height Desk
  • VIVO Electric Height Adjustable Desk
  • CubiCubi L-Shaped Gaming Desk
  • Coleshome Wooden Computer Desk
  • Monarch Specialties Computer Desk
  • BANTI Adjustable Height Standing Desk
  • OTK L Shaped PC Desk
  • Tangkula Gaming Desk

10 Top Computer Desk for 3 Monitors Detailed Review

Find out which triple monitor standing desk we recommend in the following paragraphs. It’s based on the size of the desktop, weight capacity, budget, and durability. Also, the warranty and feedback from customers. Let’s start!

Walker Edison Ellis l shaped desk for 3 monitors

Walker Edison is a well-known furniture brand known for making high-quality products with a modern look. The Walker Edison Corner L-Shaped Glass Desk is the same and is the best pc desk for three monitors.

It’s a standard L-shaped corner desk that fits perfectly into the space. Enjoy your favorite video games or work from the comfort of your own home with this technology. It comes in five styles and color combinations, so you can pick the one you like best.

The top of the table is made of tempered glass, making it look and feel very high-end. There is enough room on the monitor desk for several monitors to fit without any risk of damage. The frame of the desk is open, and there are crossed supports on the side of the frame. This makes the desk stronger.

The desk’s whole body is made of metal, which gives the desk stability over anything else. Each desk can be taken off this platform, which is good. It gives you the freedom to use them however you want.

Key Features

  • Keyboard Tray: It has a pull-out tray for your keyboard that can be moved to another side of the table. The tray is big enough to fit on any desk. With that, it’s easier to use while you work.
  • Durable steel frame: The desktop is big, giving you a lot of space for your gaming setup. You’ll also need more room to ventilate your equipment. It is made with a powder-coated steel frame and a safety glass work surface.
  • Great size and range of options: Because of its 51 inches by 51 inches size, there’s enough room for a good fit. It is 20 inches deep as well. It can hold up to 260 pounds, so you don’t have to worry that it will fall and ruin your setup.


  • Compact and high-quality layout
  • Glass with a tempered finish
  • It has a metal structure


  • There is no cable management solution.


The Walker Edison AZ51B29 is a beautiful desk. It can be used for many things and works well. It has a classic look that makes it fit in any room. Because it is in the shape of an L, it can fit in small spaces and save a lot of room. If you have three monitors, this is a must-have table.

Mr IRONSTONE L Shaped Gaming Desk

Mr. IRONSTONE is next to the top of the list of the best three-monitor desks. The large and long shape of the desk makes things simpler for you to put your three monitors and other gaming gear on it.

The tabletop is made with a durable MDF PVC laminated surface, making it strong, hard to scratch, and of the best quality.

It doesn’t have extra space for storage. That’s too bad, but there’s a hook on the side where you can hang your headphones, which is excellent.

The desk does have a modern, light, and comfortable design that makes it great for your office and gaming station. It has three holes, so wires don’t get tangled up. Which helps to keep your devices safe and in one spot.

The gaming desk is made in a pretty unique and stable way. Even with three monitoring devices and all the other gaming gear in one place, the metal leg frames maintain everything safe.

It is made with legs that can be moved to stand steady even on uneven floors. The box comes with all the guidelines you need to put everything together quickly.

The desk is water-resistant and relatively simple to clean. You just need a clean, wet cloth, and you’re good to go.

Key Features

  • Good surface made of carbon fiber: This L-shaped desk has a special surface made of carbon fiber and better materials, making it less likely to slip. It’s also easy to clean.
  • Durable Buildings: This L-shaped desk is solid and can hold anything. Also, it is made of solid metal frames and P2 MDF Board. It is stable and will last a long time. It also has 1.2″ by 0.6″ bars that are strong enough to hold up to 100lbs.
  • Lots of leg space: The double desk is 50.8″ wide and 18.1″ deep. That makes it easy to move around your L-shaped computer desk and makes your work more fun. The corner playing games desk is as high as 29.5″ and has a lot of legroom for sitting comfortably and putting things away.


  • Strong and long-lasting construction
  • Waterproof material
  • Three holes for managing cables


  • It does not include additional storage.


Mr. IRONSTONE’s computer desk isn’t too expensive, and it’s also in good L shape. It’s easy to put together and works well with many computer monitors and other devices. So, these are probably the best computer desks for 3 monitors.

FEZIBO 63-Inch Dual Motor Desk (best standing desk for 3 monitors)

The greatest computer desk for three monitors is next on our list. The Fezibo 63″ Electric Standing Desk with Dual Motors.

We were so thrilled with this standing desk that we made it our top pick for the finest standing desks on a budget. The pieces are finished in sleek black and wood to give them a clean, contemporary look.

The work surface of this desk is 63 inches long and 24 inches wide, which is more than enough space for three big monitors. It is made of chipboard with a powder coating.

Because of this, it is scratch and water-resistant to the highest degree. The desk’s height may be adjusted utilizing the twin-motor electric raising mechanism. It has a height range of 27.3 to 46 inches. 

This desk’s structure is made of high-quality steel. Because of this, it is very durable. It has a maximum weight limit of 176 lbs. It is 77 pounds heavy. Due to four lockable wheels connected to the desk’s legs, it is simple to move.

Fezibo is a well-known name in the market for the best standing desk for 3 monitors. Durability and affordability are two of its most notable attributes. They also have a good manufacturer’s warranty.

Also, they guarantee the frame construction for five years and the engine for two years. This desk’s additional features include a wide keyboard tray, two desk hooks, and a cable management tray.

Key Features

  • Setup and assembly are a breeze: When it comes to setting things up, don’t stress about it. To simplify things, FEZIBO offers a handbook guide manual. It took us some time when it came to putting the entire thing together.
  • Durable construction: The frames are solid and durable, according to our impressions. You can tell right away that it’s serious business because of its weight. Steel and laminate are used in its construction.
  • Stability and motor: Dual motors are offered for the FEZIBO sit-stand desk frame. The price of a single motor is shown on the product page. Weight capacity is the same for both models at 176 lb.


  • Long-Term frame Guarantee
  • Simple to Transport
  • Two motors are used to adjust the height.
  • It Includes a Keyboard Tray


  • No more Storage Room


This electric standing desk has enough space for three monitors to run simultaneously at full screen. Also, it offers all the functions you need, plus a few extras, all at a reasonable price.

VIVO Electric Height Adjustable Desk

The next desk on our list of the best computer desks for three monitors is one we had to add. This is the Vivo 63″ Electric Standing Desk. It has a vast desktop and a sturdy desk frame, and it costs less than $500.

We think it’s the choice of professionals because it’s small enough to fit on a desk. Most standing desks aren’t as wide as this one.

Its length is 63 inches, and its width is 32 inches. Because it is 8 inches wider than most other standing desks, users are 8 inches even farther away from their screens. This is very helpful when looking at three screens at once.

The desk’s frame is made of industrial-grade steel, and the top is made of particleboard. This makes it strong enough to hold up to 176 lbs. The desk’s height can be changed from 29.5 inches to 49.5 inches. Most standing desks are lower than this one.

Vivo has a lot of faith in the way its products are made. Every purchase comes with a 3-year warranty from the company.

But there are some bad things about the desk. First, it only has one motor. Second, it doesn’t have many of the extra features that other standing desks do.

Key Features

  • The setup is simple: The VIVO standing desk is easy to put together. Like the line of standing desks made by Actiforce. They got rid of the trouble spots that made attaching the upper cross support to JieCang frames hard. This makes the process of putting it together much easier.
  • Programming switch: The VIVO standing desk comes with a switch that can be set to one of three options. They have a smart system for the control box. This includes protection from collisions and from being too heavy. We tested both systems and found that they worked well.
  • Strong Support and height adjustment: This desk frame is made entirely of steel to hold up to 176 pounds with the most stability and strength. The desk’s surface is made of solid particle board, which is hard to scratch. This frame’s powerful, quiet motor and sturdy legs let you adjust your height from 29.5″ to 49.6″.


  • Transportable and lightweight
  • Screen controller for touch screens
  • It has an ample desktop space
  • It can hold a lot of weight


  • It only has one motor.


It is an electric standing desk with a very large, wider than most, work surface. It has enough room for three large monitors. It also has a strong frame and a good warranty from the manufacturer.

CubiCubi L-Shaped gaming desk for 3 monitors

Cubi is also an L-shaped desk that can hold up to three computer monitors. The base of this desk is also made of metal, like the last one. This makes it strong and long-lasting.

This desk has a particleboard top that comes in two colors. One has a black finish, and the other looks like wood. I think you’ll love any one of these outfits.

This one also has a monitor shelf that can be taken off and is a great place to put a monitor. It’s easy to use and can be set up on either side.

This desk contains extra functions that make it easier for you to keep track of everything. For instance, it has a drawer to help you keep your office supplies in order. Also, it has a metal hook where you can hang your headphones or something else important.

If you don’t have a lot of space, these features can help you get a very clean office with little work. Additionally, they may be used as computer desks, study desks, or even gaming.

Key Features

  • Strong and simple to clean: The sturdy metal frame and twin triangular struts provide the best stability possible. Also, your desk is scratch-resistant and very easy to clean. This lets you use as many screens as you want.
  • L-shaped and solid: This L-shaped desk can be used for more than one thing. This computer desk is a must-have. Which works well in your home office, study room, bedroom, or living room. The sturdy metal frame and triangle strut make this table stable.
  • Storage Drawer Design: It gives you more storage space for important papers, envelopes, earphones, and other light items. It has a moveable shelf and storage rack that can be put on the right or left, depending on what you need.
  • Large enough: It’s bigger than other L-shaped desks, which can barely hold paper clips, post-its, and other small items. The CubiCubi L Shaped Gaming Desk drawer is big enough to store things. 


  • Design that is both cutting-edge and sophisticated.
  • Organized with drawers and a metal hook.
  • Excellent for three monitor setups.
  • It can simply fit into a corner.


  • It could have been thicker.


It’s a super-well-equipped L-shaped gaming desk that costs very little. So it’s one of the best choices on this list of the best computer desks for three monitors.

Coleshome Computer Desk (home office desk for 3 monitors)

Coleshome may offer the best computer desk for three monitors if you’re on a budget. The unit comes in a few different sizes, with the largest one having a top that is 47.2 by 23.6 inches and a height of 29.1 inches. There is pretty much enough space to store things and rest.

You can choose from teak, walnut, or black as far as design goes. By far, the one made of teak is the most popular. Each model has metal legs and leg pads that can be moved. So even if the floor is a little uneven, you can keep the desk level and keep your monitors safe.

This desk can be bought with or without assembly by a professional. You don’t need to pay someone else to put it together because you can do it yourself.

Instructions and images are included in the unit’s manual. The screwdriver is part of the service, and there are only four steps to follow.

The table is solid and can hold a lot of weight. It has thick steel legs that make it stable, keeping its elegant look. You can put a few monitors, a heavy keyboard, and other gaming tools on it without worrying it will fall over.

You might want to know that the workstation panel is waterproof. If you spill your drink after a tough game, but also anti-scratch. It only takes a second or two to clean.

Key Features

  • Easy to put together: Its computer desk installation is easy and saves time. There are only four steps needed to finish the installation. Also included are a screwdriver and a detailed set of instructions.
  • Large enough: This desk is 47.2″ wide and 23.6″ deep. It has a lot of room for three monitors. So, it’s a great choice for writing work and other home office tasks. Desk Height: 29.1″. Plenty of room for your legs to rest and store things.
  • Beautiful woodwork: Its simple design makes it easy to place almost anywhere. It’s also a versatile piece of furniture that can be used as a desk, a dining room table, or a place to work. One of the best things about the top is its wood grain finish.


  • Strong and long-lasting design
  • Desk panel that is scratch-resistant and waterproof
  • There’s plenty of area for a couple of monitors and other accessories.
  • Simple to assemble


  • No organized shelves or drawers


The Coleshome office desk is yet another little form that’s ideal for dorm rooms and home offices with limited space. There are four different ways to finish the particleboard surface. So, this one is a good choice overall home office desk for 3 monitors.

Monarch Specialties desk for triple monitor setup

This desk is sleek, stylish, and beautiful. It has a traditional L shape and a modern look. It’s based on grey wood, but you can also choose cappuccino, dark taupe, or white cement for other styles.

There is only one size of it. So make sure there’s a lot of space in a corner before you order it. The desk is 71 inches by 71 inches by 30 inches.

It’s designed in an L shape with drawers and ample space for your legs. It is useful and well-balanced in terms of how it looks and how much storage it has. Also, there is plenty of room for not just two but four or five middle-sized monitors.

The oak panel is strong, and the U-shaped legs are metal. The frame gives a lot of space. The panel is not too thin or too thick. Not only can a lot of weight be put on this desk.

But you can also store anything that has to do with your gaming station. Even though it was made to be an office desk, it works great as a computer desk for a gaming station.

In terms of organization, there are two regular drawers and a traditional filing drawer. As you put the unit together, you can decide where each drawer goes. Yes, you will have to put it together yourself.

The good news is that it comes with a detailed set of instructions, so it shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes.

Key Features

  • Strong build: It has an extra-long, thick-panel work surface and sturdy U-shaped metal legs. Also, the silver metal frame gives you plenty of room for your legs. So you can work comfortably and stretch out.
  • Several Drawers: This L-shaped desk has two regular drawers and one filing drawer that can hold standard and legal documents. It is made to work. You can set up the drawers and cabinets on either the left or right side.
  • Large space: With a length of 71 inches, it has a lot of space on its surface. It has a lot of room for your laptop, printer, writing supplies, and other things, like your coffee.


  • Super huge for a variety of uses
  • Stable and in good shape
  • Adjustable and easy construction
  • Simple to maintain clean


  • The directions could be a little unclear.


The L-shaped, floating desk is big enough that the tops of the drawer units can be used as shelves. You can set up the desk so that the drawer units are on either the left or the right side. So, it is a good desk for triple monitor setup.

BANTI Adjustable Height Standing Desk

We couldn’t make this list without including something for people on a tight budget. This Banti 63″ Standing Desk is a great deal and has enough room for three monitors. It’s one of the few standing desks with a big desktop that costs less than $400.

This standing desk has a particleboard top in three different colors: rustic brown, light rustic brown, and all-black. It’s 63 inches long and 24 inches wide, so it’s easy to fit three monitors on it.

The desk can be set to be between 27.16 and 46 inches tall. A single electric motor moves the mechanism that lifts the door. You can save the height you choose in one of four pre-set memory heights.

This desk is built the same way as most other standing desks. It is made with a strong steel frame that can hold up to 155 lbs. The legs are on wheels that can be locked. This makes it easy for one person to move the desk.

At such a low price, it’s surprising that this desk has so many extra features. The controller has two USB ports built into it. At the workstation, it’s easy to charge their phones. With an integrated storage drawer, users can keep office items that they often use close by.

Key Features

  • Touch Screen Controller: The controller Touch Screen is a part of BANTI. This adjustable desk has four memory settings for different heights that you can program. It also has USB ports and a lock for kids.
  • Scratch-proof material: The BANTI sit-to-stand desk has automated technology to avoid bumping into things. That keeps the table from getting bumped or scratched. Also, it’s easy to clean this desk, so your desk looks good all around.
  • Strong hook: It’s easy to hook up your bag, headphones, and jacket. At the same time, they look good with a standing desk balance board, so feel free to attach them.


  • Attractive Wood Appearances
  • Several Color Choices Available
  • A Satisfactory Warranty
  • Several excellent added features


  • It lacks a keyboard tray.


This desk is a great deal. It has a big enough work surface to fit three monitors, and it has a lot of extra features that even the most expensive standing desks don’t have. You get a lot for your money.

OTK L Shaped Desk

An excellent option for anyone seeking an L-shaped desk is the OTK L-Shaped Desk with Round Corners. One of those desks can be utilized for more than just your workstation.

It is one of the few L-shaped desks that is all one piece with curved ends instead of being made of three separate pieces. The desk is made of a high-quality E1 MDF board and has a modern and elegant look. Its durability has definitely gotten better.

The rest of the desk is made stable by a strong metal frame. The top of this L-shaped desk has a textured finish and is made to be waterproof. So, it works well in any setting.

The desk also doesn’t get scratched and is easy to clean. You can use it roughly and not feel bad about it. It has enough room for a triple monitor setup and all the gaming equipment that goes with it, like the tray for the keyboard and the mount for the screen.

The desk’s height can be changed up to 29.5″, which makes it perfect for resting your legs and putting things under it.

It is a feature that lets you change the desk’s height and lets you change the settings to make the desk more stable, even on uneven surfaces. The instructions for putting together the triple monitor desk setup are included in the desk’s package.

Key Features

  • Removable shelf: This desk comes with a shelf that can be taken off. You could put this shelf on either the left or the right side. It helps you place your monitor in a good way for your body and gives you more space to store things.
  • It looks good and is built well: The L-shaped computer desk comprises a high-quality E1 MDF board and metal frame. It will hold a lot of weight and last for a long time. 1.2″ by 0.6″ bar width is strong enough to hold heavy packages.
  • Large space: It gives you a lot of space on one side for computer work and on the other side for reading, writing, and other things. This desk is 29.5″ tall and has a lot of space for putting things away and letting your legs rest. 


  • Made from high-quality E1 MDF.
  • Strong and adaptable design
  • The design is spacious and practical.


  • It lacks a cable control system.


It’s the best choice for gamers and developers who use three monitors every day. Don’t want to spend a lot of money on it, though.

Tangkula Gaming Desk (best computer desk for three monitors)

Triple-monitor gaming desks are becoming more and more popular with the Tangkula Gaming Desk. The design is simple, and it has two strands.

This makes this stand out in terms of how it works and how it looks. The desk is 63 inches long, with plenty of room for three monitors.

It also has a curved shape in the front, making it easy to use. So, the gamers can play without putting any strain on their shoulders or backs. It is also made with three different holes for organizing the wires to make it easier to use.

This desk is also different because it has a power strip tray underneath it. It lets you decide where the power wires go. So, if you’re sick of dealing with all the extra cables around your legs.

The cup holder and headphone clip are two useful features of the way this desk is made. It lets you keep everything you need close at hand. It gives you more room on top of the desk so that you can put more gaming gear there.

The iron used to make the desk is of high quality. Even if you have an uneven floor, this makes the desk stable and strong. As for how much weight the desk can hold, it can hold up to 220 pounds, which is pretty normal for a monitor desk.

Key Features

  • Wires are set up for comfort: Different kinds of wires make the area look messy, but the three holes on the tabletop make it easy to organize the cables. A power strip tray is also under the desk. Which makes it much easier to keep both the power strip and the wires in order.
  • Hook and cup holder: You can keep your drink close to you by putting it in the cup holder and hanging your headphones on the headphone hook. Also, the cup holder and headphone hook can be set in different places to install them based on your own needs.
  • Strong metal building: It is made with care from high-quality iron. The desk is very sturdy and can hold up to 220 pounds. During the assembly process, it’s easy to see how well it fits together and how well it’s made.


  • Integrated cable management
  • There is a separate cup holder as well as a headphone hook.
  • Its load capacity is up to 220 pounds


  • A little expensive


It is perfect for people who don’t have a lot of space around their apartment. Suppose you need something small but very useful. So, getting this best computer desk for three monitors setup.

Buying Guide for Three Monitors Computer Desks

There are a few critical aspects to take into account. You should think about it before you buy a computer desk for three monitors. Let’s take a quick look at what they are.


The desk should be large enough for three monitors. Length isn’t everything. Also, measure the table’s depth and breadth. Multiple monitors should fit on your desk—keyboard, mouse, printer, scanner, papers, etc. If your monitors are 22″ to 24″, you’ll need a desk at least 50″ wide and 30″ deep.


Computer desks come in two varieties. Standard (straight) design and L-shape or corner desk design. When you plan to buy two or three monitor gaming desks. First, assess your requirements. Multiple monitors may be mounted or placed side by side on a table. Consider your needs while choosing a desk shape.


Many desks include drawers, cabinets, and mounting options to store paperwork, files, mobiles, and other accessories. Multiple monitors don’t need a huge desk. Estimate how many items you’ll need on your workstation. A large computer desk with several drawers and cabinets is a waste of money.

Variable Height

Setting the right desktop height is key to avoiding neck and back discomfort when working. Most standing workstations are 26-48 inches tall. Most people can utilize such heights. Very tall folks may require a 50-inch-or-higher standing workstation.


Warranty duration shows how companies feel about their goods. A ten-year standing desk warranty is typically better than a one-year warranty. Most expensive standing workstations have extensive warranties.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How big of a desk do you need for 3 monitors?

Standard or executive desks won’t be suitable for three monitors. Three 22-inch monitors need a 50 x 30-inch tabletop. Whatever your displays’ aggregate size is. The desk should be more prominent, so it’s not crowded.

How do you connect three monitors to a small desk?

Suppose you lack space for a 3-monitor workstation. You have the option to use a mounting rack. Also, some monitors include a height-adjustable rod.

Is L Shaped Desk Good for Gaming?

What are L-shaped gaming desks? L-shaped gaming desks are an excellent option for gamers. The L-shaped gaming desk gives plenty of mobility space—good height and legroom. Our multipurpose L-shaped gaming desks are perfect for three monitors.

Final Thoughts

It can be hard to find a suitable computer desk for a setup with two or more monitors. If you plan to play games on your gaming setup most of the time.

We recommend Mr. IRONSTONE Gaming Desk or Monarch Computer Desk for your needs. They’re the best gaming computer desks for 3 monitors.

If you have three monitors, you need a standing desk that is at least 51 inches wide. We tried to make sure that our list had something for everyone, from cheap desks to expensive models.

Make sure your standing desk has good reviews, a reasonable weight limit, and an extended guarantee. We hope our information helped you locate the best desk for your triple monitor setup.

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