Can You Use PlayStation Camera as Webcam? (Answered)

In the last few years, technology has made significant advancements. Thanks to technology, there isn’t anything that you may think is impossible these days. If you are a gamer and own a PlayStation then there is a piece of good news for you. We have simplified this process for your ease.

7 Best Webcam for Streaming Podcast (Live, Game)

If you are an experienced live gamer or new to podcasts. You’ll need a webcam in order to stream the podcast. The majority of laptops today include high-definition webcams. In contrast, if you use a PC to play games or stream podcasts. If you didn’t install it, your PC probably doesn’t have a webcam.

How to use Mobile Camera as a webcam for PC? (In 3 Steps)

A mobile Camera as a webcam for PC is a new way of accessing your PC from anywhere. It’s not a new technology but it’s the new norm. It is very easy to do this with any mobile phone that has a camera. You just need to follow the instructions on this article. So, you might think about what to do with the old smartphone? If you know how to use a mobile camera as a webcam for PC

How to Improve video quality of Webcam Recording? (6 Best Tips and Benefits)

Nowadays most of the people are working from their homes. So, they have to attend meetings and conferences through their PC. Many people struggle with poor quality in video calls even though they have high-speed internet facilities. Therefore, we shall discuss how to improve video quality of webcam recording and video calls

How to protect my webcam from hackers? (8 Best Ways to Secure)

In the internet world, this is the common question How to protect my webcam from hackers. because in this age of technology, it has become very important to secure our privacy. Since every person in the world is connected to the internet through some device, the reality of our privacy is questionable.

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