How to Improve video quality of Webcam Recording? (6 Best Tips and Benefits)

Nowadays most of the people are working from their homes. So, they have to attend meetings and conferences through their PC. Many people struggle with poor quality in video calls even though they have high-speed internet facilities.

Sometimes, even with good quality webcam, they are not able to achieve it. Therefore, we shall discuss how to improve video quality of webcam recording and video calls so that you can present yourself better.

How to improve video quality of webcam recording?

Most of the time, simple changes will bring about enormous quality in your webcam recording. You just have to adjust the following things to get a professional video quality from your webcam recording.

#1 Setting up the Perfect Location

To get a professional recording, you have to choose a location with the perfect background and that can provide you with ample natural lighting.

People often don’t understand the importance of location before recording. A professional recording should have a simple background with similar objects. For example, you can choose to have a bookshelf as your background.

Another important thing is the lighting. Try to choose a space with enough natural light. This avoids the necessity to set up extra lighting.

Make sure the light falls entirely into the room and there is no shadow especially on your face. Because one half of your face will look bright and the other will be dark.

Try to choose an area with a large space and try to focus the webcam on you.

#2 Using the Rule of thirds

After location, you have to set the webcam in such a way that you don’t look odd. You should be able to provide perfect eye contact with the audience through your video.

In order to achieve this, you can follow the rule of thirds. Try to position the webcam in such a way that your eyes fall on the first horizontal grid line.

The body should be aligned to the center of the camera and the screen. Therefore, place your camera in the center as well as the lens should be at eye level.

#3 Using Proper Lighting

Whether you are inside a room with zero natural light or in a room full of natural light, you need to make sure that there is ample light on you or the subject.

Never put windows behind your back because you will be blocking the natural light and you will look darker. Try to align yourself in a way the natural light falls on you directly. If there is no ample natural light, use artificial lighting.

There are many LED lamps, like Ring LEDs which can be very bright. So, position the lights in a way that they can fall on your face directly.

You might have to set up multiple lights in different angles and positions especially in a darker room to avoid dark areas. Also, if the lighting is slightly warm or neutral it will look more natural.

#4 Try to use external mic to record audio

Even if your webcam comes with an in-built mic, try to go for an external mic for better audio quality.

Because you can take the mic closer to you to avoid unwanted noise in the recording. With an in-built mic, it is not possible.

The external mic comes with noise filters and gives better audio output than the in-built mic.

#5 Adjust your Camera Settings

Your webcam might be working in default settings which may be optimized to give good performance. But it is not necessary that it is set to give high-quality videos.

There are discrete settings for the webcam which allow you to adjust the recording quality from 720p to 1080p.

When you tweak such settings, you will get a top-notch recording from your webcam itself. Also, if your webcam drivers are out of date, update them to get more stable features from the camera.

Sometimes you have to choose a webcam that compresses your recording with better formats like the H.264 AVC.

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What are the Possible Reasons for Poor Quality Video?

There are many reasons why a webcam video may be of poor quality. This section will explore the four most common causes for this issue.

  • Improper lighting and excess of backlight behind the subject.
  • Poor orientation of the camera as well as positioning of the subject.
  • Poor webcam hardware that transfers the recording with high compression.
  • Low quality settings in the webcam software.

What is the best Video Quality format that can be used to record?

Choosing a webcam with H.264 Advanced Video Coding format will give you the highest quality with low compression at low bit rates. In terms of resolution, 1080p is the maximum available resolution in webcams right now. So if you choose such webcams, you can record with the highest quality available.

For which kind of jobs Webcam recording is needed?

Webcam recording is needed for jobs that have to be done remotely. It is used for many functions. It is needed in various professions for different purposes. They are used for:

  • Online meetings
  • Video Conferences
  • Social Media Live Streams
  • Gaming Live Streams
  • Live Online Interviews

Do Webcam megapixels matter?

Actually, Megapixels matter only when you need accurate details of the subject even if you crop or enlarge the image. Because higher megapixels can capture images with many pixels which gives more details without individual pixels becoming invisible when zoomed in.

The highest MP in a webcam is 2.1 and this is not necessary to give the best video recording. You can record better videos with standard 1.3 MP webcams also.


Improving the quality of webcams lies in the smallest changes and details we take care of. If you just look into lighting and positioning, you can get amazing video recordings with your webcam. If you want a higher resolution, you can adjust the settings or go for a new webcam. Otherwise, your existing webcam can give better output.

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