How to protect my webcam from hackers? (8 Best Ways to Secure)

In the internet world, this is the common question How to protect my webcam from hackers. because in this age of technology, it has become very important to secure our privacy.

Since every person in the world is connected to the internet through some device, the reality of our privacy is questionable. Therefore, it is important to know the different ways our privacy can be compromised and how to protect ourselves from it.

How to protect my webcam from hackers

How to protect my webcam from hackers?

Whether you use a PC with a separate webcam or a laptop with an integrated webcam, if you are not careful, your privacy can be compromised.

Hackers can penetrate through your system and take control of your microphone and webcam to eavesdrop and take a look at your private life. So, here are some ways to protect your webcam from hackers and ensure your privacy.

1. Physically Covering Up the Webcam

This is the best and most imminent way to protect your privacy. You might have all kinds of software protection, but physically covering it with an opaque object gives you complete protection.

You can use electrical tape to cover the camera lens or tape a heavy object like a coin and hang it in front of the camera. So that when you want to use the webcam, you can lift the coin and cover it again.

If you are using a laptop, always close the lid when you aren’t using it. Also, if you want to keep it open, you can use tape to cover it up.

Some systems have an indicator light to notify when the webcam is on. Do not trust them. Simply cover it up whenever it is not in use.

2. App Permissions

When you install an app in your system, it gets access to your files, camera and microphone by default. But you have full control over these permissions where you can enable or disable them whenever you want.

Every time you install an application, go to settings and check for the permissions it has. If it has enabled your camera, deny permission and disable the camera for that application.

Similarly, check the camera permission for all the applications installed in the system and disable them if not required.

3. Turn on Firewall

A firewall is your network security and defense. It prevents unauthorized access to your network.

Make sure that you have turned on your firewall. Because your device will be connected to the internet, it is important to keep the firewall on at all times.

The firewall may not be automatically enabled in your system. Therefore, it is a must to check it and enable the firewall physically.

You might have received some spam emails or notifications from some malicious websites containing a link. Most of the time hackers gain access to your system through these links.

Never click on such links. They might secretly install malware into your system and gain access to your webcam and microphone.

Sometimes using this malware, hackers can access your confidential passwords too. Therefore, avoid going into those websites and links to prevent any kind of malware from getting into your system.

5. Secure your Wi-Fi and Use a VPN

Another way hackers use to penetrate the system is with the help of unprotected Wi-Fi. Make sure that your Wi-Fi router has a unique name that is not related to any of your real identity and a strong password.

Enable the WPA2 encryption type, which is the recommended type in almost all devices. Also, while using the internet, it is better to use a VPN for secure surfing of the web. It helps in protecting your identity and keeps your browsing secure from malicious websites.

By using a VPN, even your internet service provider cannot spy on your network thus ensuring privacy.

6. Scan your system for Malware

PC users can make use of Windows Defender to perform periodical scans to find out malware in the system. Always keep the defender on to prevent malicious software from getting installed on the computer.

Scan for viruses and other suspicious software using a full scan every once in a while. macOS also has in-built security systems to protect the computer from such malware.

Therefore, always keep your security software up to date and never shut it down.

7. Keep your system updated

Never miss out on software and firmware updates that are automatically rolled out by the operating system. These updates have periodical security upgrades that will protect your system from threats.

Also, these updates clear the vulnerable parts of the system where the hackers can get access. So, keep your system updated with the current version of the software.

8. Unplug your Webcam and Disable the Drivers

Desktop users should unplug their external webcam when it is not in use.

You can also disable the camera driver in the settings to prevent it from getting used. But if hackers gained access to the computer, it may be enabled.

Therefore, it is better to unplug the camera or webcam and use it only when it is necessary.

These are the ways in which you can protect your webcam and ensure your privacy. Remember to follow all these steps to have complete protection from cyber threats and hackers.

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Do you really need to cover your webcam?

Yes, It is one of the easiest ways and Must needed methods to protect you from Hackers.

Nowadays, Camera usage for Video Conferencing has been on the rise. But the main issue is, all the technology introduced comes with new threats to data Piracy. Then Internet thieves are trying to take your personal photos and Videos by hacking your PC’s Webcam.

So, the cheapest protection is covering the webcam physically. Some Webcams are coming with Shutters also now.

What is the best software to block hackers?

There is much software available right now for you to secure from hackers. Here 3 Best and Free Softwares which helps you more than your expectation:

Avast Free Antivirus

It is free software, but you will get a strong protection feature by subscribing to the premium version. Avast is one of the Popular software for windows PC which helps you in Phishing Protection, Ransome Protection, and importantly Webcam Protection.

Avira Free Security

It is one of the popular free version software, It is best for all kinds of protections against Malware, Ransome, Trojans, and Webcam hacking. It has the Best UI, so it makes your screen more beautiful.


It is one of the Top Rated Anti Malware Software, Which is free and gives you the best protection for your webcam. Malwarebytes is specialist software for cyberattackers. Get secure your data using this windows App.

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Final Words!

I hope we covered on most effective solutions to protect yourself. Hackers are most dangerous nowadays, they always try to steal money or something from you in any way. Threatening using your personal photos and videos is one of the methods, So Protect yourself from the above Tips. Good Luck!

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