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Is cat 8 the best Ethernet cable for gaming? (Cat 8 vs Others Cables)

The world of gaming has evolved enormously in recent years. Every tech related to gaming has improved performance-wise to provide people with the ultimate experience. Network speed for gaming is not considered by many gamers. But nowadays, games require high storage and are mostly available as downloadable content (DLC).

How to Add Thunderbolt 4 to PC? (Best Guide, Benefits)

Devices have become more responsive and faster these days. Connecting different devices to a PC needs reliable and speedy technology so that it can transfer data faster. Thunderbolt is a new technology that enables connectivity between devices with a faster data transfer rate. With every generation of Thunderbolt, the transfer rate increases.

Are DVI cables better than HDMI? (5 Factors)

Picture quality has increased multiple folds. We have reached 8K resolutions and require high-quality displays for accurate reproduction. Whether it is a monitor or TV, the cable type and quality are very important to get a high-resolution display. Some of the popular cable types include HDMI, DVI, VGA, Display Port, etc.

How to use MHL Micro USB to HDMI cable? (Steps & Guides)

Interconnecting devices have become a necessity in home and office environments. While many modern devices support wireless connectivity, old devices still depend on wires. People like to connect their smartphones to their computer monitors for entertainment. If you are having old devices, they might not support wireless connectivity.

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