HDMI to Type C Cable not Working: 6 Reasons & Fixes, Uses

In recent years, HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) cables have become increasingly common due to their convenience and ability to transmit audio and video signals from one device to another without needing extra cables or adapters. Their widespread use has led to the availability of many HDMI cables

Why is my lightning to HDMI not working? [7 Reasons]

The current technological environment has given us more options for connecting consumer electronic devices than ever before. However, it can be confusing and difficult to understand why these connections may not work as expected, such as why a Lightning to HDMI connection is not working for a PC.

USB C vs Thunderbolt vs Lightning Cables [Differences]

Nowadays, data transfer and charging can be performed in a single port with a single cable. Connectivity ports have advanced to such an extent and are progressing towards higher speeds with respect to charging and data transfer rates. The advent of USB-C, Thunderbolt, and lightning cables has provided more sophistication to the user.

Do I Need a DisplayPort Cable for 144hz? (Explained)

The most popular connection used to connect a computer to an external display is DisplayPort and this cable is used in high end monitors. It provide an uncompressed digital video and audio signal which means it gives better picture quality than other cables. During the purchase some monitors will come with DisplayPort

Is cat 8 the best Ethernet cable for gaming? (Cat 8 vs Others Cables)

The world of gaming has evolved enormously in recent years. Every tech related to gaming has improved performance-wise to provide people with the ultimate experience. Network speed for gaming is not considered by many gamers. But nowadays, games require high storage and are mostly available as downloadable content (DLC).

How to Add Thunderbolt 4 to PC? (Best Guide, Benefits)

Devices have become more responsive and faster these days. Connecting different devices to a PC needs reliable and speedy technology so that it can transfer data faster. Thunderbolt is a new technology that enables connectivity between devices with a faster data transfer rate. With every generation of Thunderbolt, the transfer rate increases.

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