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Can we replace the fan in the laptop? (4 Easy Steps)

A laptop usually has a fan that cools down the processor and other components. If the fan fails, the laptop will overheat and stop working. The first thing to do when your laptop starts to overheat is to make sure that the fan is working correctly. You can do this by checking for air coming out of the vent on the side or back of your laptop.

Is 5 Hours of Battery Life Good for a Laptop? (Explained)

Your laptop’s battery plays a significant role in your work efficiency. If it dies or runs out, you cannot use your laptop without plugging in a power cord, which isn’t always convenient or practical as its portability is a significant feature. the article also elaborates on the average laptop battery’s lifespan

How to connect 4 monitors to a laptop on windows? (4 Steps)

There are many reasons people want to connect four monitors to a laptop. The most common cause is that they want to work with more screens and have more space on the screen. The most practical way is to use an external monitor and connect it through HDMI or DisplayPort. This article will show you how to connect four monitors to a laptop on windows.

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