Can I use 100w charger for 65w Laptop? (Answer, Pros & Cons)

Laptops have a considerably big battery capacity. When they are charged with an adapter with a low power rating, it may take hours to attain 100% charge. This can be frustrating and lowers the sophistication of the laptop. So, it is important to charge them with adapters that provide a higher power rating.

9 Best Laptop for Work at Home Jobs (UltraSlim, Touchscreen)

Do you work remotely? If the answer to this question is “Yes”. Then you must invest in the best laptop for work from home jobs. The main reason behind it is that a good laptop offers maximum productivity to handle the most demanding tasks no matter where you are. So, you must be super careful when selecting a laptop for work at home.

How To Fix Malfunctioning Laptop Keyboard? (5 Best Methods)

Problems with laptop keyboards are widespread. Your laptop keyboard issue might range from jammed keys to some keys not functioning to the whole keyboard failing. The keyboard must be changed if this is the case. However, broken keys may sometimes be rectified.

8 Best 17 inch Laptop for Business (Office, Work from Home)

A laptop is sought for its portability. Especially professional people who travel often require a productive device that can be efficient while being portable. Business Laptops are primarily used for video calls, content creation, modeling and rendering, Data and resource management, competitor analysis, research, and related activities. 

9 Best Laptop for Live Streaming Games (Budget, Performance)

Nowadays, gaming has transformed from merely a hobby to a serious business. Resulting in many people streaming their gameplay live for the world to enjoy. But, you cannot stream your gameplay from any other laptop. Streaming live requires immense processing power as well as extensive battery runtime.

Can we replace the fan in the laptop? (4 Easy Steps)

A laptop usually has a fan that cools down the processor and other components. If the fan fails, the laptop will overheat and stop working. The first thing to do when your laptop starts to overheat is to make sure that the fan is working correctly. You can do this by checking for air coming out of the vent on the side or back of your laptop.

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