Why does my iMac fan keep running? (6 Factors)

Cooling fans are inevitable in every electronic product, especially in a computer system. The fans help in removing the heat generated from the hardware components and enable them to work efficiently. In modern computers like the iMac, you can find the fans to run at a higher speed only

10 Best External DVD Drive For iMac (& Other Apple Devices)

To maintain the thin profile of Mac and iMac PCs, they have eliminated CD/DVD drives from their design. So, what to do if you want to write or read a CD the old fashioned way? The best solution to this problem is using the best external DVD drive for iMac PC. Though, many people now save most of their data on cloud storage.

Can iMac have 2 hard drives? (Explained, Guided)

Fundamentally, it’s an important question, especially if you’re a frequent iMac user. A hard drive carries more benefits than you could imagine. It stores operating systems, software programs, and various essential files in daily use. Most importantly, it controls a hard disk’s reading and writing, providing data storage.

Why is Safari Running So Slow on My iMac? [Reasons, Fixes]

Safari is the authentic browser of Apple products. You can find it by default on all Mac and iPhone devices. Although you can install other browsers, Safari is optimized to run better on Apple devices. But sometimes it can be slow on your device due to certain reasons. A slow-running Safari browser can be fixed easily.

How to replace the iMac glass screen? (Step by Step)

The Apple’s iMac Glass Screen is a revolutionary design that will change the way we interact with our computers. The screen is made up of a thick layer of glass which allows for it to be durable. However, accidents may occasionally cause it to shatter. The front glass of the system must be replaced in such situation.

How many external monitors can an iMac 27 support? (Answered, Methods)

The iMac 27 from Apple is a powerful computer with the ability to operate effectively with external displays. However, getting everything set up takes some time and work. There are various factors to consider before connecting your iMac 27 to an external display. Is it a good idea to attach extra external monitors to an iMac 27?

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