Why does my Webcam not work on Discord? (Reasons, Fixes)

Discord has become a popular social platform to chat, voice call, and video call with friends or colleagues. You can also share your ideas and discuss them with like-minded people by forming a group in discord. 

Discord is also popular for its video chats. Since it is unlimited and free, you can find many people who use its services a lot. But what if you find your webcam does not work on discord?

In this article, we shall discuss why your webcam doesn’t work on discord and fix it with effective solutions right away. 

Why does my Webcam not work on Discord

Why does my Webcam not work on Discord?

Your webcam might not work on discord due to improper webcam connection, faulty webcam drivers, corrupted discord app, poor internet connectivity, and lack of permissions for camera access. If you find the underlying reason and fix it, you can enjoy video calls for hours in discord.

Reasons for Webcam issues in Discord

Let us now look at the different reasons for webcam issues with discord and the methods to fix them easily. 

Improper Webcam Connectivity

Primarily, if your webcam is not properly connected to your PC, you can conclude that the problem lies with it. Most webcams use a USB interface for connecting the device to a PC and if it is not properly plugged in, you cannot use the device.

This issue can also be caused due to broken cables and plug. Sometimes, the USB port might not be working on your PC. So, check all these possibilities before proceeding toward a fix. 

Faulty Webcam Drivers

Drivers are an important part of any hardware you use with your PC. You need to install appropriate drivers for your webcam to function properly with the PC. 

You can check the working of the webcam driver from the device manager option on your PC. If you find it to be faulty or not updated, then it will not work with discord or any other application. 

Most of the time, you just have to update the driver or install the proper application from the manufacturer.

Corrupted Discord App

Some people faced this issue when they downloaded the discord app from other resources and found it to be malfunctioning. Discord is a free application and you don’t have to seek other means for installing it. 

If you had installed it from a corrupted file, the app may not be working properly and affect your webcam connectivity too. 

You cannot find whether the app is installed properly or not until you encounter issues with the features of the app. You can also verify with the web version of Discord to confirm the issue. 

Lack of Camera Permissions

In PCs, app permissions are taken by default, and most of the time you don’t have to grant any access. But sometimes, you have to manually enable the permissions and if you haven’t done it, the webcam will not work with the particular app. 

Soon after installing the application, if the camera didn’t work, you can assume that the permissions must be granted for camera access. 

Poor Internet Connectivity

If you have a poor internet connection, Discord will not be able to stream the chats effectively. You might not get feedback even if your webcam physically works and is connected to the app. 

Check whether you can connect to the internet properly with other applications or web browsers. If the network speed is not good, then there is a problem with your internet connection. 

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Fixes for Discord Webcam Issues

Plug your Webcam Properly

If you find your webcam to be connected improperly, then try to connect the webcam to your PC appropriately. 

If the cable is broken, use another cable and plug in your device. If your USB port is not working, then try connecting it to another port on your PC. 

Once you plug it in properly, open the discord app and check whether it is working by making a video call.

Update or Reinstall Webcam Drivers

  • Search for the device manager in your start menu search and enter it.
  • Click on cameras and right-click on the camera you have plugged into the PC
  • Now click on update driver and search the web for the latest drivers. 
  • Download it and install them. 
  • If you have errors with the drivers, then you have to completely uninstall them and reinstall them from the manufacturer’s website.
  • After installing the driver, restart the PC and check whether the camera is working with Discord.

Reinstall Discord App 

If your connection and drivers are perfectly installed and the problem persists, you can try reinstalling the app. 

  • Go to the control panel and choose programs and features
  • Select the discord app and uninstall it 
  • Go to Run and enter %temp% 
  • Select all the files and delete them permanently
  • Restart the PC and go to Discord’s official website
  • Download the latest version for your PC and install it
  • Check whether the webcam is working properly with the app
  • You can also make use of the discord web version until you sort out the issues

Grant Permission for Camera Access

  • Go to settings and choose Privacy and Security menu
  • Click on the camera and grant access by toggling the Camera Access button
  • If you want to turn it off for some apps, you can toggle the access button off individually
  • After granting access, simply restart the discord app and check whether your webcam is working

Fix your internet connectivity

If you have issues with your internet connection, troubleshoot it with the network settings. If there is no problem from your end, wait for the ISP to fix it. 

If the ISP didn’t fix it by default, then make a call to the provider and file an issue with the internet access to fix the problem right away.

These are the methods to fix webcam issues with Discord App. You can also try these fixes for other applications.

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How to select a webcam for discord?

According to the user’s requirement, the choice of the webcam can change. But generally, it is better to use at least a 720p HD webcam or go for a full HD 1080p webcam for high-quality video calls and chats. It will be more than sufficient for Discord and you can get better call quality with such webcams.

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Webcam issues with the Discord application can be resolved easily and you don’t have to worry about it. With the above-mentioned fixes, you can effectively troubleshoot it and get your camera working again with the application. 

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