Does any CPU cooler fit any Motherboard? (Answer, Guide)

Cooling the CPU with an appropriate cooling system is very important to get high performance at all times. You can find a lot of CPUs to come with a cooler out of the box. But they may or may not be efficient for your use case.  When you are going to choose a cooling system for your CPU, you should choose the right type of cooler

Do all Motherboards have HDMI ports? [Explained]

HDMI ports are one of the common display interfaces used widely in almost all electronic devices. Several PC motherboards are also seen with HDMI ports to support an integrated graphics CPU. But do all the motherboards have HDMI ports in them? If we knew why some motherboards come with HDMI ports built-in

Can you control RGB fans with motherboard? (2 Best Option)

Fans are an integral part of the heat transfer system in PCs. It helps to remove the heat generated by the hardware components and keeps the system within the working temperatures. If you look at gaming PCs, the fans are lit with RGB to enhance the ambiance and gaming experience.

Does the Motherboard WiFi need an Antenna? (Answered, Benefits)

Desktop motherboards that are WiFi enabled are usually sought by gamers and professional streamers. Although they don’t prioritize the WiFi connectivity, you can get the wireless connection only in gaming motherboards. But do such motherboards require an antenna to fulfill their purpose?

Are all Z690 Motherboards DDR5 Compatible? (Explained)

Intel has redesigned its CPUs from the ground up to go all-in with its next CPU offering. You’ll need the Z690 motherboards to use these new CPUs, which provide unrivaled gaming performance and a slew of other goodies. Let’s start the content with questions. The Z690 motherboard will also support DDR5 in Gear 2 or Gear 4 modes

Can I use a Server Motherboard for Gaming? (Explained)

Gaming is quite an intensive task and requires high-level accessories and peripherals. With higher specifications, you can have a seamless gaming experience in high resolutions like 4K or 8K. While normal desktops are quite capable of achieving this goal, the motherboards have a certain limit to what it can provide.

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