Can You Use PlayStation Camera as Webcam? (Answered)

In the last few years, technology has made significant advancements. Thanks to technology, there isn’t anything that you may think is impossible these days. If you are a gamer and own a PlayStation then there is a piece of good news for you.

Can You Use PlayStation Camera as Webcam

Can You Use PlayStation Camera as Webcam?

Yes, you can conveniently record your biggest battles and stream them online. This feature works well with PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 and allows the user to video chat with their friends online and record their games. If you’re thinking using a PlayStation camera as a webcam would be a hassle then you are wrong.

We have simplified this process for your ease. Here we will break down how you can use your PlayStation camera as a webcam in the most uncomplicated way.

How To Use PlayStation Camera as Webcam?

You can easily experience the digital world and also chat with your friends by following these simple steps;

  1. To connect your PlayStation camera with your PC the first step is to connect a USB cable.
  2. On your PC choose the Windows Start menu and look for Device manager.
  3. After clicking the device manager, choose the USB boot option.
  4. Now generate a folder with a name accompanying your PlayStation.
  5. The next step is to install a file named OrbisEyeCamera OR LibusbK
  6. After giving permission, there will be a USB camera option available on your Device Manager.
  7. Here, you can easily download the PlayStation camera to your PC.
  8. After the downloading process is completed, you can load the firmware, and test the camera.
  9. To examine if your camera is working perfectly, you have to run it through your PC’s camera app.
  10. Just click on the start button and choose the camera app.
  11.  After giving permission to “let apps use my camera”, you’ll be able to connect your PlayStation camera to your PC.
  12. If there are any errors appearing or the above procedure doesn’t work then you should seek professional help.

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Why Using PlayStation Camera as a Webcam Is Good?

You may gain a lot of advantages by using your PlayStation camera as a webcam. It will improve your gaming experience and transport you into the game’s virtual reality. You may use a PlayStation camera for a variety of uses by simply connecting it to your PC via a USB port.


  • It features a microphone and a picture-in-picture feature that allows you to do video calls as well.
  • With this feature, you can easily connect with your friends or other game enthusiasts from all around the world.

Live Streaming:

  • A PlayStation camera is a necessity if you stream frequently. It will let you broadcast your game and your surroundings live, allowing you to share them with the entire world. Additionally, you may use the share button to broadcast it on YouTube or Twitch.

Voice Control and Facial Recognition:

  • With four microphones, it has a voice control capability that provides outstanding sound quality and accurately recognizes voices even at a distance, making it simpler to deliver commands and operate the game.
  • Moreover, you can access the game very easily thanks to the facial recognition feature on the PlayStation camera. Your face is scanned, making it simple for you to access your profile.

Recording Videos:

  • The PlayStation camera has the ability to take videos much like a regular camera. It analyses your surroundings and is able to take 3D photos of them. Additionally, the PlayStation camera’s quality is simply outstanding.

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Is All Version of PlayStation Camera Good for Webcam?

Not every PlayStation camera can function as a webcam. Most of them are, though. The PS4 is the greatest option because it has two cameras with a resolution of 1280*800 and a frame rate of 240 FPS.

You can talk with your pals on the PlayStation 4 camera thanks to the high-quality audio and graphics it offers. Additionally, you can record your game and watch it later on streaming.

However, the PS4 camera requires a USB 3 port and cannot be used with a PC if it only has a USB 2 port. So, if you want to use a PS4 camera with your PC, you might need an adapter.

You can use a PS3 camera as a webcam for your computer. You can take images and make videos using it. For a greater journey, the PlayStation 3 webcam has motion-sensing technology as well as crisp sights and sounds.

If you install it with specific drivers, the PS3 EyeToy is one of the easiest options to utilize as a webcam.

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Final Thought

It’s a great ability to use your PlayStation camera as a webcam for your PC so you can interact with other gamer. Sony consistently produces amazing content for its viewers.

This PlayStation feature offers its consumers an extraordinary experience. You may control the gaming world by utilizing the PS4 camera as a webcam. This feature is essential for a compulsive gamer.

It has every desirable feature one could imagine. Including broadcasting, facial recognition, and live video chat. The PlayStation camera will transport you to another gaming dimension and offers a delightful experience.

Additionally, you may easily use its share function to stream your game to YouTube or Twitch. It hardly takes five minutes to connect your PlayStation camera to your Windows computer, and it goes very smoothly. Both PS4 and PS5 can be used with the camera.

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