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How to Clean Ink Heads on Printer? (3 Best ways & Causes)

Ink heads on printers are usually easy to clean with a sponge or cloth, but sometimes they have dried ink residue on them which needs a little more attention. Ink heads tend to get clogged and ink-fed in printers, which leads to a decrease in ink levels. This guide will show you how to clean ink heads on printer and get your printer back up and running again.

How to Improve Sound quality of Microphone on PC? (Windows Settings & 3 Apps)

One of the popular questions by the beginner is how to improve the sound quality of a microphone on a PC? In this article, we covered completely about it, plus you can find what software can increase the sound, etc. Let’s start the reading! The sound quality of the microphone depends on factors like mic location, quality of the mic, etc.

How much Headphone use is too much? (Side Effects, Brain & Ear Damage)

The most common question about headphones is how much headphone use is too much? Let see about it with relevant questions like side effects, per day limit to wearing, brain damage, Ear damage, can use for sleeping, etc. The only problem with the headphone usage is that adults and children tend to use it longer.

What does dual band mean on a router? (Pros & Cons, 2.4 & 5GHz Bands)

Dual Band Devices are designed to support strong wireless connections in your home or in your office. It can boost your older devices perfectly. In this article, we will explain to you exactly what does dual band mean on a router, Its pros, cons, purposes, etc. Let’s go!

How to protect my webcam from hackers? (8 Best Ways to Secure)

In the internet world, this is the common question How to protect my webcam from hackers. because in this age of technology, it has become very important to secure our privacy. Since every person in the world is connected to the internet through some device, the reality of our privacy is questionable.

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