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How to use 2 routers with 1 modem? (2 Best Methods)

One router performs well, but you enjoy the most exceptional performance when combined with one more router. This rings true, especially if you have many devices connecting to your network. Adding a second router enhances network performance and boosts wire and wire coverage.

Can You Use PlayStation Camera as Webcam? (Answered)

In the last few years, technology has made significant advancements. Thanks to technology, there isn’t anything that you may think is impossible these days. If you are a gamer and own a PlayStation then there is a piece of good news for you. We have simplified this process for your ease.

Can you use Amazon Echo as a Computer Speaker? (Answered)

The versatile operation of Amazon Echo will leave you surprised. Not only can it be used to control different smart devices, but you can also use Amazon Echo as a computer speaker. It works to give you a seamless audio quality without investing in new equipment. So, if you are wondering how to use amazon Echo as a computer speaker

Why does my Router have a USB Port? (7 Benefits)

If you look at the rear of your router, you will likely find a USB port. Usually, a router connects to the latest over Ethernet to give it Internet service. Then why does my router have a USB port? A USB port is now standard on the majority of newer Wi-Fi routers for both the home and office.

Do I Need a Managed Network Switch for My Home? (Pros & Cons)

Modern life has made smart houses the new standard. An innovative home network with a slew of Internet of Things (IoT) devices is on everyone’s wish list. Some of the components that make up the smart home network include routers, IP camera systems, light fixtures, and air conditioners.

Is cat 8 the best Ethernet cable for gaming? (Cat 8 vs Others Cables)

The world of gaming has evolved enormously in recent years. Every tech related to gaming has improved performance-wise to provide people with the ultimate experience. Network speed for gaming is not considered by many gamers. But nowadays, games require high storage and are mostly available as downloadable content (DLC).

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