Does USB Sound card improve sound quality? (Answered)

Audio quality has improved significantly over the years. The sound technology has achieved a lot in terms of better signal processing to produce a cleaner output along with surround and true HD sound. In PCs, sound cards are the audio processing hardware that is either built-in with the motherboard 

How to know if Sound Card is not Working? (3 Best Methods)

A sound card is a hardware that processes the digital audio signal from your PC and sends it to the speaker or headphones for you to listen to. It is an important piece of hardware without which you cannot do anything related to audio. They also affect the microphone output. Therefore, a sound card becomes

Does PCIe 4.0 Work with 5.0? [Answered, Differences]

PCIe slots are evolving faster. As the hardware we use in our PCs is becoming more powerful, the slots used to connect them to the motherboard must also become competent. We can see that CPU, GPU, RAM, SSDs, etc. are becoming more efficient and effective. So, it is important to have a high-performing slot to use them efficiently.

How much power do PCIe risers use? (Explained)

When you want to upgrade any hardware, you need to have space in your motherboard. But if they are maxed out, you don’t have to replace them with a new motherboard. Rather there are extension cards that help you to increase the hardware for your PC. A PCIe slot is an important interface in the motherboard.

Will PCIe 4.0 SSD work in 3.0? (Answered, Explained)

Hardware compatibility is a major consideration when it comes to upgrading the PC components. With the latest PCIe slots you don’t have to worry about compatibility. But what about performance? Can you use a latest PCIe device in a older PCIe Slot and get the same performance? We will explore and discuss all the possibilities

How to check Ethernet Card is working or not? (3 Best Ways)

Internet connectivity is possible only if your PC has a working network adapter. Sometimes you can find the network adapters malfunctioning due to several factors. If you are not aware of how to check ethernet card functioning, here is an elaborate guide. You can also know why your ethernet card wasn’t working properly and what are the steps to fix it.

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