7 Best Power Supply for Video Editing and Rendering (Guides)

You cannot ignore a good quality Power Supply Unit (PSU) for your PC. The proper functioning of every hardware assembled in your motherboard depends on the performance and quality of the PSU.

Video editing professionals require a powerful setup. Because the editing software applications consume more processing power and need proper hardware to satisfy it. 

When every hardware used is powerful, you need a high-quality PSU with the proper wattage. You cannot simply choose some random model because all your hardware components depend on it. With improper choice, your internals may get damaged due to an irregular power supply. 

Therefore, considering the importance of PSU, we have chosen some of the best available units for your editing PC. With our expert’s recommendations, you can pick the right one for your machine. 

Best power supply for Video Editing and Rendering

Best power supply for Video Editing and Rendering

The lists below will undoubtedly be helpful to you in the long run if you are considering upgrading the PSU on your existing computer or creating a new one. We researched the best power supply available, tested it, and wrote a review. Let’s start!

Products Verdict Our Ratings
Be quiet! Innovative Technical Design  4.8/5.0
Thermaltake Smart Best Value for Money 4.75/5.0
Seasonic FOCUS Premium PSU for Video Editing and Rendering 5.0/5.0
Cooler Master Best Overall Power Supply for Video Editing and Rendering 5.0/5.0
EVGA Best Midrange PSU for Video Editing and Rendering 4.9/5.0
Antec Earthwatts Best Semi Modular PSU for Video editing 4.7/5.0
ASUS ROG Strix Premium PSU for Video Editing and Rendering 4.9/5.0

Be quiet! Straight Power 11 650W

Verdict – Innovative Technical Design 
You cannot ignore a fully modular power supply for your editing PC. It is so much more convenient to manage cables and ensure a professional setup. This PSU from be Quiet is advanced in terms of technology and has some innovative designs inside. Excellent unit for a powerful PC.

This PSU is quite beefy and cannot be accommodated in a mini-PC case. We tested the 650W variant with an 80 Plus Gold Rating and it was more than enough to power a high-end editing PC. 

The unit is designed to support multiple hardware without losing performance. It has a large fan which is surprisingly silent during peak performances. The manufacturer has provided cables out of the box and has mentioned where to connect each piece of hardware.

The unit bragged about innovation inside their PSU and we checked them out too. It was quite an impressive layout and there weren’t any wires connecting the power parts of the unit. All the hardware was connected through the board and this helps in efficient performance. It also helped in better cooling of the unit.

We didn’t find any shortages or loss of performance during our tests. We also tried using multiple GPUs and the unit was stable throughout.

What are the Highlighted Features?

  • Powerful Design – This 80 Plus Gold Rated PSU has one of the most efficient and powerful designs that help in stable performance with high-end hardware
  • Quiet Operation – The Silent Wings 3 fan technology ensured a silent operation even at intense multi-tasking like video editing and rendering.
  • Innovative Technology – The PSU is wire-free on the DC side so that the thermals are managed effectively and you get higher performance every time.
  • Modular Cables – You get fully modular cables that help you to manage your PC assembly better.
  • High Airflow – With the funnel-shaped fan opening, more air can get inside the device and remove residual heat efficiently.
  • Multiple Hardware Support – You can connect multiple GPUs using four PCIe connectors and get high performance easily.
Acquiring a gold rating. It is not a well-known brand.
90% efficiency rating. Limited warranty.
Its modularity is exceptional.
The price is reasonable.

Thermaltake Smart

Verdict – Best Value for Money
Sometimes you can get more value for your money with certain purchases. Particularly those who are looking for a cheap editing PC build and are stuck with a budget must try this PSU. Although it isn’t a modular unit, for less than $35 you get a good quality 500W PSU that can satisfy the power needs of your hardware without any difficulty.

Our team wanted to get this PSU because we just wanted to explore what can be provided in a unit at this price point. We were slightly skeptical at first but after looking at the performance, we were confident.

This 500W 80Plus Rated PSU doesn’t deceive with its price and works well by giving stable power even at heavy loads. You get two PCIe connectors for using two mid-range GPUs. 

Since the output is just 500W, you cannot install much high-performing hardware with this. But you can use a high-power CPU which is necessary for video editing and rendering. 

This unit comes with all the premium features like power protection, voltage protection, and short circuit protection along with a 5-year warranty. The only disadvantage of this unit is that it doesn’t have modular connectivity.

The unit is also suitable for an ATX PC case and it is not much heavy. The fans are pretty quiet and work well with the airflow.

What are the Highlighted Features?

  • 80Plus Certified – This PSU works with 80 percent efficiency at typical loads and doesn’t lose performance at heavy loads
  • Multiple hardware support – You can connect two pieces of hardware using the two PCIe connectors and has 6 plus 3pin connectivity.
  • Quiet Operation – The unit doesn’t make much noise and the fan is very quiet even at heavy loads
  • Standard Compliance – The PSU is compliant with Intel ATX and EPS also it is Haswell Ready
  • Warranty – You get a five years warranty with this model
  • Safety – The PSU comes with all the necessary safety features such as the OPP, SCP, OVP, etc. 
  • Affordable Price – The highlight of this product is that it is very affordable and gives good value for the money. 
Components of exceptional grade. It does not have a modular cable system.
Fan with high productivity and effectiveness. Protections are insufficient.
Power reliability and constant operation.
Quality Certificates from Intel.

Seasonic FOCUS

Verdict – Premium PSU for Video Editing and Rendering
You cannot find a more compact yet powerful power supply for your PC than this Seasonic Focus PSU. It has all the premium features and supports an ultimate PC setup made for video editing and rendering. Since it is focused to satisfy gamers, you get all the sophistications that help you to get more than you expect with a power supply unit.

Right from the size, performance, features, and convenience, this PSU has nailed it in every aspect. This 750W gold-rated PSU will be highly efficient in powering your PC with heavy hardware without any deficiency.

You get all the necessary cables with cable ties for easy cable management. This fully modular PSU can be used in any ATX case.

The unit has hybrid fan control which helps you to either use the fan when necessary or turn it off or control the speed. 

Since it has 750W output, you can easily connect multiple hardware without any difficulty and get stable performance. The gold-rated efficiency works well and doesn’t consume a lot of power compared to normal units.

The unit is very quiet while working and you can also go fanless when necessary. There wasn’t any power lag or heating issues during intense multitasking. Overall, a great product and worth the premium price.

What are the Highlighted Features?

  • 80 Plus Gold Rated – High-efficiency power output which helps in consuming low power but produces stable output. 
  • Compact Size – Despite being a 750W PSU, it is quite compact and fits with all ATX cases without any issue.
  • Modular – You don’t have to worry about cable management since you can attach or detach the cables and they are included out of the box
  • Multiple Hardware Support – Due to the sufficient wattage support and high-quality components of the PSU, you can easily connect more than one GPU or similar hardware.
  • Hybrid Fan control – If you don’t want fans to operate under light loads, you can simply turn it off and have full control over the operation.
  • Quiet Operation – Since you have control over the fans, it is absolutely easy to gain quiet operation. Even with heavy loads, you cannot hear any noise.
  • Accessories – The device comes with all the necessary accessories including all the cable ties for management.
The 120mm fan comes with the package. Its defensive actions are limited.
There are numerous speeds on your fan. The 750W and 650W versions are very similar.
Cable connector.
An eco-friendly energy generator.

Cooler Master MPY-7501

Verdict – Best Overall Power Supply for Video Editing and Rendering
There is no doubt about the performance of cooler master products and devices. This PSU is one of the best you can get for your editing and rendering machine. The performance, wattage, output, and features are very efficient. The price is also not much and you can easily afford this device comfortably. So overall, this is the best unit for your video editing system.

The size of the unit is not so big or small. But it fits all the ATX cases comfortably. The build quality of the device is very good with durable hardware and innovative technology. 

This fully modular PSU comes with flat modular cables that help in hassle-free cable management. The cables are also very durable and last longer than you expect.

The 750W gold-rated PSU has around 90% output efficiency. This can easily handle heavy hardware and intense workload.

The fan blades are extremely quiet thanks to the silent LDB-bearing technology. It produces very less noise and keeps the fans long-lasting while providing good cooling.

The hardware is designed to resist thermal loads and can operate at high performance of up to 45 degrees Celsius. So, even at higher temperatures, this PSU can operate with great efficiency. 

You can get stable output even at higher temperatures with the help of the MEW Full bridge design which is combined with the LLC and Synchronous DC to DC topology. 

What are the Highlighted Features?

  • Fully Modular – This PSU is fully modular which helps you to manage the cables easily while assembling the PC. You also get flat modular cables with the PSU.
  • Gold Rated Efficiency – The device can output with 90% efficiency and this helps lower the consumption of electricity. 
  • Very Quiet Operation – With the LDB technology, the sealed bearings provide smooth operation of the fans and this helps in very low noise even at higher loads.
  • Thermally Resistant – The components are designed to operate at higher temperatures and can withstand any residual heat that comes with the intense operation.
  • Very Stable Output – The MEW technology helps in providing very stable output even at intense loads.
Gold certification for 80 PLUS. Uncomfortable and big design.
90 percent efficiency rating. Not as such Durable.
The fan is both powerful and quiet.
The power output remains stable.

EVGA 220-G5-0650-X1

Verdict – Best Midrange PSU for Video Editing and Rendering
This PSU from EVGA is one of the best midrange power units you can get for your editing PC. The specs are very good and you can expect it to perform very well with your high-end PC. Although it has 650W output, it can be sufficient for most editors. Our experts also recommend it to beginners who are learning to edit and are on a budget.

Nothing to complain about this PSU. It has excellent performance at high loads, doesn’t give unstable outputs, and is designed well too.

You get a 650W 80Plus Gold Rating which gives around 90% output efficiency and easily helps you to manage long hours of editing.

The modular PSU enables a clutter-free PC assembly and helps with better airflow inside the PC. You can use only the necessary cables and arrange them better according to your convenience. 

The stable voltage output is achieved with the help of Japanese capacitors with an active clamp DC-to-DC converter design. 

With EVGA eco mode, you can get noiseless operation thanks to the Fluid dynamic bearing used in the cooling fans.

The whole unit has 10 years of warranty and you also get support from EVGA which is very useful when you encounter issues with your device. Overall, a great unit for a mid range editing PC.

What are the Highlighted Features?

  • Better efficiency – The PSU outputs 90% efficiency and has a gold rating. With less power consumption, you can get stable output even at higher loads.
  • Japanese Capacitors – The unit is equipped with 100% Japanese capacitors which help in providing higher performance without losing energy.
  • EVGA Eco – This eco mode can lower the noise from the fan and give a silent performance, especially during intense activities.
  • FDB Bearings – The fluid dynamic bearings help in achieving low fan noise and create a better working environment. Also, it helps in the long life of the fan unit.
  • Safe and Long Lasting – The device comes with all the safety protections needed including OCP, OVP, UVP, etc.
  • Warranty – EVGA gives you a 10-year warranty on the device and provides complete customer support.
Japanese capacitors that work well. The cable length is short.
135mm fan comes with the package. The Eco Mode is not suitable for gaming.
Controllable fan speed.
Cable System with Modularization.

Antec Earthwatts Gold Pro

Verdict – Best Semi Modular PSU for Video editing
Instead of compromising on performance and reducing the cost of the unit, Antec has slightly gone down on features to give a competitive price. This semi-modular PSU has ultimate performance and doesn’t look down on efficiency or durability. If you want to save some bucks and are not concerned about cable management too much, then you can choose this device blindly.

The Antec Earthwatts look premium and has an excellent design. It is slightly bulk but can fit any mid-tower ATX case easily. 

This 750W PSU comes with an 80PLUSR gold rating which means that you get up to 92% of output efficiency and save your electricity bill better.

There is a 120mm fan which is sufficient to bring in more airflow and cool down the components better. The operation is also very quiet and doesn’t produce much noise even at higher loads.

You get maximum power support for both CPU and GPU which makes it a very reliable and efficient device to use for editing and rendering.

Since this PSU is semi-modular, you cannot expect all the cables to be detachable. You only get the SATA and PCIe slots in a modular fashion. This is not a drawback. Rather, it provides you with minimal clutter and a certain amount of cable management. 

What are the Highlighted Features?

  • Semi-Modular – Instead of a fully modular design, you get the PCIe and SATA interfaces with modular cabling which helps you to easily manage.
  • Stable Output – The full bridge LLC and DC to DC converter design helps in stable output even with intense multitasking like video editing.
  • Better Efficiency – The 80Plus Rating provides around 92% output efficiency and this reduces your power consumption considerably.
  • Silent Operation – With the 120mm fans, you get higher air flow as well as low noise. This increases the lifetime of the device.
Cost-effective. Typical round wires.
Effective in every way.
Flexible cables.
The operation is almost silent.
Warranty of 7 years.

ASUS ROG Strix 850W

Verdict – Premium PSU for Video Editing and Rendering
A product with perfection in everything is this Asus ROG Strix PSU. It has the perfect size, wattage, modular design and an exciting white color which will perfectly suit your editing PC. With several tech features, this device can be your best choice for building an editing PC or for upgrading your existing one.

This PSU comes with 850W wattage which can suffice a heavily built editing PC without any issues. Since it has 80 Plus Gold rating, it can produce more than 90% of the output and reduce your electricity bill considerably.

The device has the ROG heatsink which helps in dissipating the heat and keeps the components cool even at higher loads. Also, the cool working temperature will prolong the life of the PSU. The axial tech fan also circulates air well inside the unit for faster heat transfer.

One of the best features of this device is that it has dual ball bearings which reduces noise to an ultra-low level and keeps it very quiet during high loads. It can go down to 0dbs at light usage.

The modular design makes the assembly and build very easy. There are sufficient number of ports to connect multiple heavy hardware and enjoy a thorough video editing and rendering. The cables provided with the device are very durable and they are sleeved to protect it.

What are the Highlighted Features?

  • Efficient Performance – This 80 Plus Gold rated PSU performs very well at extreme loads and doesn’t consume much power.
  • Special Heat sinks – The unit consists of ROG’s special heat sinks which can dissipate heat very efficiently and increases the performance of the PSU multiple folds.
  • Axial Tech Fan – The working of the fan brings air flow axially which means the air pressure is increased downwards. This will bring more airflow into the unit and aids the faster heat dissipation required for high performance.
  • Dual Ball Bearings – Instead of a sleeve bearing, the dual ball bearings in the fan aids in ultra-quiet operation and it can work at 0dbs with light loads. Even at heavy loads, the noise isn’t much disturbing.
  • Modular Design – The fully modular design helps in easy assembly of the PC. The cables that come with the device are fully sleeved which means it is highly durable. You can keep your PC clean and hassle free with this setup.
  • Warranty Coverage – You get 10-year warranty with the purchase of the device and you can contact the customer care for any issues with the device.
Modularity at its finest. A little pricey.
The warranty period of 10 years.
The design is outstanding.
Quiet and effective.

Our Winning Products

Recommended Product Our Expert View Product link
Cooler Master Read our Review Check the Price

This PSU from Cooler Master is the best power supply for video editing and rendering. We are recommending this device due to its fully modular construction, efficient output, stable performance, and better durability than any other model. You can use high-end hardware without any issues with this PSU and get maximum performance.

Recommended Product Our Expert View Product link
Seasonic FOCUS Read our Review Check the Price

This unit from Seasonic is nothing but premium and has all the high-end features. It is slightly priced more than our best-recommended product. But if you can afford it, it can also serve you with better performance and stable output for a long time.

Why power supply is important for video editing and rendering?

A PSU is important for the following reasons:

  • An editing PC will have high-performing components which require a seamless power supply that can only be given with a premium-quality PSU.
  • You cannot plug a PC directly into the AC mains since each piece of hardware works with different input voltages and if not supplied properly, it can damage the components. Therefore, you need a PSU to convert the current and supply the hardware with relevant voltage.
  • The performance of the hardware components depends on how well the power is supplied to them. Therefore, without a good PSU, you cannot perform your edits properly.
  • Also, video editing might take several hours and needs a stable power supply unit. So, a PSU is an integral part of a video editing PC.

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Final thoughts

Hope this list of PSUs will help you choose the best one for your video editing PC. We have carefully listed the best choice for every editing geek out there. With the best PSU, you can get more performance out of your PC and get endless hours of renderings or editing easily.

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