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Why Google Chrome is slow in Windows 11? (3 causes, 4 Ways to make it fast)

Google Chrome is a popular browser, with over 3.25 billion users worldwide. It is also one of the most used browsers in the world. Google Chrome has been found to be slower than other browsers on Windows computers by a few seconds. This can lead to frustration for people who use their computers for work or entertainment because they spend their time waiting

Can a Mac OS run on a Windows Computer PC? (Answered)

Microsoft’s Windows is the prominent player among the major operating systems in the world. There is a wide range of devices depending on the Windows OS and this makes it the market leader. But MacOS has a separate fan base and people love its usability. While this is the case, let us get into the complete guide on how to set up macOS on a Windows computer. 

Can I install Windows 11 on an Unsupported Processor? (Answered)

Although Windows has released its new updated OS, it came with a slight setback. Like every other software, Windows 11 also has system requirements that are not appreciated by everyone. The latest Windows Operating System doesn’t support a set of processors and Windows doesn’t give an automatic update.

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