How to sit at your Computer Desk properly? (Guide, Benefits)

Proper posture while sitting at the desk is very important to improve focus and efficiency. Many of us lack this knowledge and become deficient in our jobs. Along with the deficiency, we may get health issues that might severely affect our daily activities. 

Since most PC users sit in front of a desk, it is compulsory to know the best posture so that you can avoid several issues. It helps you to work long hours without any discomfort. You can improve your output by doing an efficient job. 

Therefore, considering the importance of proper seating, we shall discuss the best way to sit at the computer desk to have a better working experience.

How to sit at your computer desk properly

How to sit at your computer desk properly?

The primary thing required for you to sit properly at the computer desk is a good chair. Without a proper chair, you cannot get the correct posture. So, before you learn how to sit at the computer desk, try to get an ergonomic chair that will provide you with proper support.

Once you have a decent chair for your desk, let us now understand the best way to sit on it to get maximum comfort.

Proper Posture

Here are the steps you need to follow to get the correct posture while sitting in the chair. Also, make sure to setup the chair and do the following steps:

  • First, make sure you are sitting erect with your back fully relaxed on the backrest and your hips completely attached to the back of the chair.
  • Then look at your feet and ensure that they are fully rested on the ground. If not reduce the height of your chair and place your feet completely on the floor.
  • The height of the chair must keep your knees in line with your hips or slightly lower than the hips. 
  • It is best to recline the backrest at an angle of 100 to 110 degrees so that it gives you maximum comfort.
  • Keep your shoulders relaxed. Make sure to reduce the armrest height so that your shoulders rest in a relaxed position.
  • Now, draw closer to the desk so that the keyboard is within your comfortable reach.
  • Make sure to keep your head in a relaxed position.
  • Keep the monitor in front of you with the monitor height slightly above your eye level.
  • To ensure protection for your eyes, sit at arm’s length from the monitor. 

These are the posture guidelines you must follow while sitting at the computer desk. Now let us get to know the don’ts you must observe while sitting.


  • Don’t slouch while sitting on the chair
  • Don’t increase the height of your chair
  • Don’t sit too close to the monitor
  • Never keep your shoulders shrugged
  • Don’t keep the armrest too high
  • Don’t lean forward to see the monitor often
  • Don’t sit at the edge of your seat

If you prevent yourself from these bad postures you will be able to get the perfect sitting posture and increase your output multiple folds. Now we shall move on to the benefits of a good posture.

Benefits of sitting in front of your PC desk properly

Proper sitting posture has many benefits, especially for those who sit for long hours in front of the PC. Here are the benefits you get when you maintain a good posture while sitting in front of the desk:

Reduced Lower Back Pain

The first thing you can notice with proper posture is reduced lower back pain. Because many of us ignore the lumbar support when sitting in front of a PC. But with proper posture, you will be able to support your back well enough to become comfortable even with long hours of sitting. 

Increased Focus

Having a straight posture will help you gain more focus on the things you are doing. Good posture promotes better blood circulation and keeps you fresh throughout your work. Therefore, sitting properly with good posture can help you work more efficiently with more focus throughout the day.

Reduced Tension in Shoulders and Neck

When you sit erect with a straight posture, it will reduce tension in the shoulders and neck. You will not have pain or discomfort even with long hours of sitting. Most of us will shrug our shoulders with poor posture and this may lead to severe pain without our knowledge. Therefore, with good posture, you can gain better comfort.

Your spine health is preserved

Proper sitting will preserve your spinal column and it will not deteriorate the bones. The vertebrae will remain intact and will not wear out or bulge out. So, you can live an active life even if you get old. Therefore, a good posture is important for your spinal column health.

Increased Spine Strength

The back muscles become stronger with good posture and your spinal column will become more durable. So, even at your older age, you can be actively performing all kinds of work without any discomfort. With long hours of work, you will not feel any tiredness.

These are the benefits you can get by sitting in a good posture in front of a computer desk. Also, you can live a healthy life with a good physique for a long time.

Improper sitting in front of desk: What issues do users face?

If you don’t observe a proper posture while sitting in front of the computer desk, it will lead to the following issues:

  • Chronic Lower Back Pain
  • Poor physical structure
  • Hunched Back
  • Increased Stress
  • Less Focus
  • Decreased Efficiency
  • Poor eyesight
  • Neck pain
  • Decreased physical strength

Due to these issues, users will not be able to perform their jobs properly. So, their efficiency will decrease enormously. It is better to correct your posture immediately and start preserving your physical health as well as work efficiency.

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Final Thoughts

A good posture is a necessary trait, particularly for PC users. Sitting in front of the desk, they work for long hours and this will ruin their health if not performed properly. So, this guide will enable you to have the correct posture and comfortably work. 

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