Are Ergonomic Chairs Good for Gaming? (Answered, Benefits)

It is normal for gamers to spend a long-time gaming without realizing what is happening to them or around them. This can lead to severe health issues, especially in the physical body. 

Many gamers are subjected to severe back pain when they don’t use a proper chair for their gaming sessions. So, there is a need for an ergonomic setup and it can be provided by an ergonomic gaming chair.

Are Ergonomic Chairs Good for Gaming (Answered, Benefits)

Therefore, let us discuss in detail whether ergonomic chairs are good for gaming and whether they can be the solution to their long-lasting gaming sessions.

Are Ergonomic Chairs Good for Gaming?

Yes, ergonomic chairs are a beneficial solution for gamers and they can prolong their gaming sessions without any worries. Because ergonomic chairs are designed in such a way that they support key areas of the back and provide the utmost comfort for the user.

Primarily the chairs offer lumbar support which maintains the posture and relieves back pain. Due to these benefits, an ergonomic chair can be the best bet for gamers.

There are further benefits to using an ergonomic chair in gaming. Let us look at them in detail and understand the need for them. 

Better Posture and Back Support

Ergonomic chairs are constructed with the human back and spine in mind. If you look at the design of the chair, it mimics the natural posture of the human back and travels the path of our spinal column.

So, the chair naturally supports critical places like the lumbar and provides a natural resting place for it. Due to this, your posture is preserved and you get complete support for your back.

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Wrist and Arm Support

Another comfort you can find with ergonomic chairs is their ability to support your arms. Every ergonomic chair (except armless chairs) has adjustable armrests that help you rest your arms and wrists in the best way.

You don’t have to strain your arms or wrists while gaming. The adjustability options let you optimize the chair according to your physique. 

Support for Neck and Head

Normal office chairs may provide good back support. But only an ergonomic chair can give you head and neck support. You can find a cushion for the head and neck with an ergonomic chair and this enables you to rest completely.

Also, you can find the headrest and neckrest to be adjustable according to your height.

Accessibility on Wheels

Ergonomic chairs are filled with features that increase their accessibility. You can have cup holders, leg rests and foot rests, headphone connectivity, and much more.

You can set up your chair to get the best gaming experience without any difficulty. Also, every ergonomic chair is designed with caster wheels for movement.

Pressure Distribution

The comfortable and cozy sitting experience in an ergonomic chair is obtained through its excellent pressure distribution.

When sitting in this chair, you cannot feel your weight in any part of the body and this will avoid stressing your back or bottom. So, you can feel light even if you spend hours in the chair gaming intensely. 

Reduced Injuries

Gamers are usually affected by back pain and injuries related to stress in the back. But with the help of an ergonomic chair, you can reduce the injuries and even completely avoid them if you properly use the chair.

Occasional relaxations from gaming sessions can help you maintain a healthy back and it will be more beneficial for you to use this chair. 

Improve your Focus

When you don’t feel any kind of discomfort, naturally you will have better focus and success rate with your gaming sessions.

You can give undivided attention to your gameplay and complete it with a higher rate of success. The ergonomic chair keeps your body stress-free and this helps you to concentrate better in your games.

Comfort for long gaming sessions

It is natural to sit for long hours while gaming and you may even spend more than 4 hours in the same place. During such long sessions, an ergonomic chair provides you with the comfort and support you require.

Since you can rest your back naturally on the backrest of the chair, you will not feel any kind of discomfort even if you sit for more than 4 hours gaming intensely.

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Do Professional Esports Players Use Ergonomic Chair?

Yes, Professional Esports players sit more than 8 hours a day to practice their gaming abilities. So, this requires a professional ergonomic gaming chair that offers more comfort and has many features.

Even if they don’t sit for 8 hours at a stretch, they sit at least 4 to 5 hours straight which will cause severe health issues if ergonomic chairs aren’t used.

The reason gamers are spending long hours in gaming is to master agility and responsiveness. You cannot master agility and responsiveness without spending a considerable amount of time gaming. Due to this reason, you can find pro gamers to sit for long hours.

When you are spending such long hours in a traditional chair, you may hurt your back and it will lead to severe back pain issues. So, pro gamers need to invest in a high-quality chair that has all the sophistication with it. 

How do I properly adjust the Ergonomic chair to fit me?

Even if you are using an ergonomic chair, it is important to adjust it for your physique and posture. Here are the simple steps you can follow to set an ergonomic chair to fit you:

  • Sit erect and make sure to touch your feet completely on the ground.
  • Make sure that your legs are bent 90 degrees with the ground.
  • Now place your back fully on the backrest and adjust your lumbar support position as per your back position.
  • Try to rest your back and lumbar fully on the backrest of your chair.
  • Now adjust the armrest in such a way that your shoulders rest in a natural position. Otherwise, increase or decrease the height till your shoulders come back to rest.
  • Finally, adjust the headrest to and neck support for your comfort
  • Then sit at a comfortable viewing distance from the computer or console to have the best gaming experience.

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Do add-ons like footrests help While gaming?

Footrests can help you to stretch your legs for a while and it is not highly important while gaming. If you are spending a very long time in gameplay, then you can use the footrest and relax your feet.

But the best posture to observe with an ergonomic chair is by placing the foot flat on the ground. So, even if you miss out on footrests it is not a big deal. But having it can help you relax and take some steam off from intense gameplay.


Ergonomic chairs are a necessity for gamers. It is impossible to spend long hours without a proper accessory like ergonomic gaming chairs.

If you want to create the best gaming environment, then a gaming chair with all the features is a must.

Try to get a good quality chair and set it up for your physique. This will help you increase focus and achieve hours of gameplay without any kind of stress.

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