Does the X Rocker Gaming Chair Vibrate? (Answer, Explained)

Games enable you to experience a lot of things that are impossible in the real world. It immerses you into a world of fantasy, excitement, and thrill. Modern gaming gadgets provide you with the ultimate real-time experience which makes you lose yourself in the game. The gameplay is also designed to be more realistic.

Usually, gamers spend hours playing which requires a comfortable setup. When that comfort combines with technology that provides you with immersive gaming, it will be a gamer’s ultimate gear. Such is the X Rocker Gaming chair which is designed to give you the best gaming experience with its sophisticated seating. 

Many may wonder whether the X Rocker gaming chair vibrates or not. Let us find out if and how the X Rocker chair vibrates along with its potential benefits and drawbacks.

Does the X Rocker Gaming Chair Vibrate

Does the X Rocker Gaming Chair Vibrate?

The X Rocker Gaming Chair has a vibration module that reacts to the music and sound played in the game. Several models in the X Rocker brand have sound-reactive tri-motor vibration module that makes you experience whatever action is performed in the game. It is more exciting and thrilling to get a realistic feeling from the gameplay which makes you lose yourself in the game more deeply.

We shall now understand how to set up this gaming chair for your PC or your gaming console so that you can enjoy this vibration immensely.

Setting up the X Rocker Gaming Chair for Vibration

The X rocker chair uses an RCA input for audio and the vibration feedback will be according to that. Therefore, you have to set up this chair with your PC or console accordingly. Follow the steps and connect the chair.

  • To set up this chair to your PC or console, you will need a splitter that inputs HDMI and outputs RCA
  • Connect one end of the HDMI to the PC or Console and the other end to the splitter. 
  • Now using an RCA cable take output from the splitter and connect it to the input interface of the chair
  • The chair will now be able to recognize the sounds and music from the game or even from movies
  • There will be a volume rocker in the chair which must be adjusted to get the best vibration feedback
  • The chair has built-in speakers which are good and if you want to have a more immersive experience, you can connect headphones to the headphone jack

If you perform this setup, the vibration from the gameplay can be felt in this chair. This will be a cool experience and makes to attach more to the game.

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Best things about X Rocker Gaming Chair Vibration

The chairs are equipped with vibrational motors placed at the back and bottom of the seat. These motors are connected to the sound output of the media being played. The motors are connected to a haptic feedback sensor that can react to the music or the sound output. This haptic feedback is converted into vibrations by the motor and expressed in the seats.

So, whenever the character in the game does an action, you can feel the vibrational feedback. The feedback is intelligent to a point where you can get a realistic vibration according to the intensity of the action.

For example, when the character is just walking, the vibration will be very mild and subtle. But if your character is running or gets attacked, you can feel the vibration intensity to be strong. The motors actuate according to the action and the level of action.

This kind of feedback will be great while playing RPGs, First Person Shooters, and similar games. So, an X Rocker chair vibrates and gives you the best gaming experience. Let us now understand why pro gamers like to have such features in a gaming chair. 

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Why do Pro Gamers like Gaming Chair Vibration?

Pro gamers usually spend hours playing the game and try to finish all aspects of a game. A title will have several levels, different missions, and many secret places to explore. Pro gamers will like to complete the game in every aspect so that they get the satisfaction of completion as well as stream them for other players. 

Therefore, they seek sophisticated gaming gear and accessories to survive their long hours of gaming. Apart from seating comfort and ergonomics, vibration feedback helps them to merge into the game deeper. With proper feedback, it can help gamers to enjoy the game as well as gain momentum with the gameplay.

The vibration can help gamers to ease their back and avoid getting chronic back pain. Although the vibration is not focused to alleviate back pain, the occasional feedback will also help improve their back health significantly.

Therefore, vibrational gaming chairs are a great accessory for pro gamers to have comfortable gameplay for long hours without fatigue. Even if you aren’t a pro gamer, a good gaming chair with vibration can help you increase your interest in hardcore gaming.

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Are there any drawbacks to gaming chair vibration?

There aren’t many drawbacks to using a vibrating gaming chair. The only thing with such chairs is that they are costlier. If any issue happens with the vibration motor module, the chair isn’t of much use. 

Also, during some instances where the current flow is improper, the motor can get shot and the whole chair may get repaired. The speakers and the motor module will become useless. So, such disadvantages are possible but not imminent. 

If you take care of the chair properly and look after the connections, the chair will be the best accessory for your gaming adventure. Therefore, not many disadvantages are there to using a vibrational gaming chair.

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The X Rocker Gaming Chair provides some of the best gaming seats and it comes with many models including the vibrational chairs. You can enjoy the game with more immersion and excitement with a comfortable gaming chair like X Rocker. The vibrational chair from X Rocker provides a unique experience while gaming.

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