How to Fix a Computer Chair that keeps sinking? (2 Best Methods)

A computer chair is most important for any PC user. One of the important issues of a PC chair is sinking because of too much of using and other reasons, But how to fix a computer chair that keeps sinking, In this article, you will get the exact answer for the problem.

How to Fix a Computer Chair that keeps sinking

How to fix a computer chair that keeps sinking?

Computer chairs or office chairs can be fixed simply with two methods:

The Hose Clamp and Duct Tape method

The computer chairs have a cylinder that moves up and down. Failure of this cylinder keeps the chair sinking. To fix this you can use a hose clamp which is also known as a jubilee clip.

  • Find the cylinder which connects the base to the chair.
  • It is usually covered with a hard plastic covering which can be moved to reveal the cylinder.
  • Then set the chair to the preferred height and wrap the clamp around the cylinder.
  • You can also wrap duct tape around the length of the cylinder to increase the grip.
  • After putting the clamp, check the height of the chair once and tighten it as far as possible using a screwdriver.

The clamp will prevent the chair from sinking further down.

The PVC pipe Method

Instead of a hose clamp, you can just use a length of PVC pipe.

  • First, check the diameter of the cylinder using a ruler.
  • Then take a PVC pipe with a slightly larger diameter than the cylinder.
  • In terms of length, you can cut the pipes with short lengths or measure the exact length of the cylinder and fix it in one piece.
  • After taking the PVC pipe and marking the length, saw through the pipe length-wise so that it will be like a clamp.
  • Then remove the sleeve covering the cylinder and set the height of the chair.
  • After setting the height, use the PVC pipe to fix it onto the cylinder.

This will prevent the chair from sinking again.

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How do hydraulic computer chairs work?

The chair is made up of three main components. The Seat where you sit and rest your back against, the gas cylinder which has a piston that helps in height adjustment and a base that holds these components with wheels to move around.

The working of the chair is mainly due to the gas cylinder. The gas cylinder has pressurized air or nitrogen in it.

A piston moves up and down the cylinder which raises the seat or lowers it. The raising and lowering action is due to a lever that holds the piston.

When the lever is lifted and a weight is applied to the seat, the piston moves down and the gas is compressed. This lowers the seat and when the lever is released, the piston is held in that place and the seat is fixed at that height.

Similarly, when the lever is released and the weight is lifted off from the seat, the compressed nitrogen pushes the piston back up which sends the seat back to the maximum height.

Why do chair hydraulics fail?

The failure may occur in the piston which may stop working and prevent you from keeping the chair from settling at a particular height.

Or the seal which keeps the air from escaping the cylinder may get damaged due to prolonged usage. Without the air, the piston cannot be held up and the chair starts to sink when you release the lever.

Primarily, the chair hydraulics fail due to prolonged usage. The problem may arise due to the frequent adjustment of height or sometimes due to sudden weight pushing down the seat which damages the cylinder components.

These are the major reasons for an office chair hydraulic to fail.

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How do you replace a cylinder on a chair?

The standard chair has four legs. The fourth leg is on the bottom of the chair and it has a cylinder that needs to be replaced on the chair. If you are looking for a way to replace your chair’s cylinder, you can follow the steps

  • First, release the chair to the maximum height by pulling the lever.
  • Then you have to dislodge the base. You can do it by removing the screws holding the base with a screwdriver.
  • Then using a rubber mallet, gently hit the top of the base to loosen it from the cylinder.
  • Make sure you have safety gloves and shoes because the base may fall on the feet.
  • When the base comes off, take a pipe wrench and fix it tightly over the exposed part of the piston.
  • Then gently turn it to unscrew the cylinder.
  • Finally, the cylinder comes off from the seat and you can replace it with a new cylinder.
  • In the same manner, tighten it using a pipe wrench and fix back the base.

How long does a PC chair last?

Usually, Premium quality chairs last around 10 years with occasional maintenance. There will not be any major replacements or repairs required. The fabric, cushion and cylinders last longer in a premium chair. Generally, you can get around 5 years with a good quality chair.

Even if there is a repair, you can replace it with spare parts. Therefore, office chairs last longer if carefully used and maintained properly. If you aren’t using very large weights on it or forcing it, the chairs last longer than the expected lifespan.

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is Chair’s hydraulic cylinder expensive?

Chair hydraulic cylinder can be an expensive addition to your home, but it is worth the money if you are looking for a good quality product. The average price of a chair hydraulic cylinder is $700 and can range from $150 to $1,000. The price will depend on the size and weight of the chair.


Office chairs or PC chairs are very comfortable for long working hours. The ergonomics of the chair enable people to spend more time comfortably.

The repairs and faults can be easily fixed using simple methods or if you have the money, you can replace the part without any hassle.

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