How to sit properly in an Ergonomic Chair? (4 Simple Ways)

Office chairs are designed to provide more comfort and support to our backs. Since the nature of work demands long hours of sitting in front of a computer desk, it is necessary to have an ergonomically designed office chair. That is why you can find a unique design with ergonomic office chairs.

You may buy such chairs thinking that they will provide complete comfort. But without knowing how to use them properly, you cannot get the full benefit. Not understanding the correct way to use the ergonomic chair may lead to back pain and other discomforts.

Therefore, in this article, we shall discuss the proper way to use an ergonomic chair and what the postures are to avoid while using it. 

How to sit properly in an ergonomic chair?

How to sit properly in an ergonomic chair?

To sit properly in an ergonomic chair, you must know how to adjust the seat parameters as per your physique. Then you should know the proper postures you must follow to have the perfect seating.

Height Adjustment

Many of us commit this mistake while sitting on chairs. We don’t adjust the seat height appropriately and simply place our legs on the base stand of the chair. This sitting posture is wrong and lets you lean forward toward the desk. Also, your legs may tire soon and you will fatigue. Therefore, the first thing you must adjust in your ergonomic chair is the Seat Height. Here is a procedure you must follow to get the correct setting:

  • Sit on the chair erect with your back fully placed on the backrest. 
  • Now check whether your feet touch the ground flat with your legs bent at a 90-degree angle. 
  • If your feet touch the ground completely, then you are at a proper height.
  • If your feet don’t reach the ground or your legs aren’t at 90 degrees, then you need to adjust the height. 
  • Make sure to have your feet flat on the ground with your legs bent in a 90-degree fashion. 

Once you have fixed the height, we shall now move on to the backrest adjustment.

Backrest Adjustment

Ergonomic chairs will have backrest adjustments so that you can find the perfect sweet spot to place your back comfortably. The adjustment is usually vertical where you can alter the height of the backrest to fit anywhere on the back. But you must place it to fit your lower back and this will be the best setting to avoid lower back pain. Here is how you must fix the height of your backrest:

  • Sit on the chair erect with your back fully placed on the backrest.
  • If you don’t have support on the lower back, then start adjusting your backrest till you get complete support for your lower back.
  • The backrest in ergonomic chairs will have lumbar support. The Lumbar is the curved part of your lower back. Make sure your lumbar is completely rested on the backrest.
  • If there is no lumbar support, then you must place a cushion between the backrest and your lower back to give proper support.
  • Usually, ergonomic chairs are designed with a curved backrest that is similar to the human backbone curvature.

Now that you have ensured proper backrest and lumbar support, we can now adjust the armrests for maximum comfort.

Armrest Adjustment

Improper armrest setting is the major reason for shoulder pain and posture issues. Although you will not be placing the arms completely on the armrest at all times, you need to provide proper support for the elbows to improve comfort. Here is how you need to set the armrest for maximum comfort:

  • Sit on the chair erect with your back fully placed on the backrest.
  • Now place your arms at the side on top of the armrest and check whether your shoulder is naturally placed.
  • If your shoulder is lifted high or your elbows are bent way too much, then start adjusting the height of the armrest till your shoulders rest at a naturally comfortable position. Also, make sure to keep the arm at 90 degrees with your elbow flat on the armrest.
  • If your chair has pivot and width adjustments, do it according to the level of comfort you require.

Finally, you have to set the headrest (if your chair has one) and complete the setup for your ergonomic chair.

Headrest Adjustment

Some ergonomic chair models come with headrests and you can adjust them too for more comfort. You just have to ensure that the headrest supports the back of your head and it is not too high or too low to the neck. Also, the headrest must not be bent forward or backward too much. You should place the headrest directly at the back of your head and it should just support it.

This is how you must use an ergonomic chair properly and sit on it. You must sit on the chair with a slight distance between the seat edge and the back of the knee. Then, follow the above-mentioned procedure to have comfortable seating.

Improper sitting in an ergonomic chair: What issues do users face?

While you sit with improper posture, the users are faced with the following issues:

  • You may be affected with hunch back and start to slouch
  • Your posture will remain hunched even when you walk
  • The productivity will be reduced and you will become tired easily
  • Your body becomes fatigued easily
  • You may start to get chronic back pain
  • Regular body pain and lower back issues will occur

Because of such reasons, it is important to sit properly even in an ergonomic chair. 

Other Topics about PC Chairs:

Does improper sitting cause damage to ergonomic chairs?

No, usually improper seating will not damage the chair readily. But as time goes by, your bad posture will affect the design of the chair and this might affect its purpose of it. The chair might become unnaturally bent or may not adjust properly. Therefore, it is better to learn how to use the chair and use it accordingly.

What aged people are getting in trouble?

The issues caused by improper sitting in a chair will affect all people irrespective of age or gender. Everyone can get a bad back or chronic pain issues if they sit improperly for long hours. Therefore, it is important to know the way to use the chair before using it. 

Final Thoughts

Ergonomic chairs are an excellent way to work comfortably for long hours. Even with such long hours, the chances of getting back pain are slim. But you must know the proper usage setup and we have provided you with a complete guide on sitting properly on an ergonomic chair.

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