How much weight can a computer desk hold? (Weight management Ideas)

The computer desk is the centerpiece of any office. It is the place where you can store your computer, printer, and other work-related items. It also needs to be sturdy enough to hold all of these things.

How much weight can a computer desk hold

This article will show you how much weight can a computer desk hold. There are different factors to consider when determining this, including the size of your desk, the material it is made out of, and the weight distribution. Let us enter.

How much weight can a computer desk hold?

On average, a computer desk made up of wood can hold 40lbs to 100lbs. But there are different types of material in which a computer desk can be made. Let us discuss the holding capacity of each material and you can choose the best that suits your requirement.

Wooden Table (Desk)

In general, good quality wooden tables can hold up to 100lbs without any strain. There are some desks which have a slightly higher capacity but are more expensive.

The reason why people choose wooden tables is that they are light in weight and offer great strength. A fully wooden made desk can easily hold the 100lbs capacity. But if reinforcements are used such as steel or iron, it can hold up to 200lbs.

The only disadvantage with a wooden table is that it will require maintenance after a certain period of time. Without proper maintenance, you may get termites and other fungal growth on the desk. Otherwise, wooden desks give the best value for money.

Metal Table (Desk)

This type of desk is made up of metal frames to hold more weight and give higher durability than any other material. Usually, gamers who work with heavily built PC and Programmers who require multiple monitor setups prefer this type of desk.

Metal desks can hold more than 100lbs to 300lbs depending on their size and structure. You also get the wooden or hard plastic top and base station to hold the PC components. They help in insulating from the electric current. Metal tables are available at both costlier and cheaper price points.  

The main disadvantage of the metal desks is they are heavier. Also, if there is no earth connection to the electrical components, the desk may conduct current which is dangerous for the user as well as the PC components.

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How much does an average PC weigh?

Generally, a PC may weigh from 20lbs to 50lbs. Because most of the PC components are built upon plastic, sheet metal and silicon. Let us get the average weight of each PC component that is built for normal usage.


It is one of the heaviest components of the PC setup. It can range from 5lbs to 9lbs according to size.

PC case with all the hardware

The weight of this setup is based on the range of components attached and the wattage of the Power supply unit used. An average PC case with all the components may weigh between 9lbs to 15lbs.

Keyboard and Mouse

Both keyboard and mouse together may weigh around 0.5lbs to 1lbs. They may be less than 0.5lbs but they may not be of good quality. There are some expensive brands with featherweight keyboards and mouse too.


General office setup has a printer therefore it is best to add the weight of the printer also. It weighs around 10lbs to 11lbs.


Since you will have only a minimum space left on the desk, a soundbar or a two channel speaker will weigh about 2lbs.

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How do I make my desk hold more weight?

With the following methods, you will be able to accommodate more weight on your desk.

  • Align the heavy components to the load-bearing parts of the desk. Because it will have a reinforcement from the bottom part and can withstand heavy loads.
  • Keep a firm base for the desk so that it doesn’t wobble.
  • Try to keep the desk in a straight floor. It helps you to evenly spread the weight throughout the table.
  • Add reinforcements to the desk using a steel or aluminum bars.
  • Check for weak joints and repair them so that they can withstand heavy loads.
  • Try to balance between the spaces in the desk with the components.

Using these techniques, you may be able to add more weight to the desk. It is all in the space management and aligning method.

How much weight can a wood desk support?

A wooden desk can comfortably support 40lbs to 100lbs. If it has reinforcement with metal, it can hold more than 150lbs. Wooden desks provide more value for the money due to their higher strength for being relatively lightweight.

There are many models of wooden desks which can hold more than 300lbs also. But due to their high price point, it may not be affordable for many people. Also, their maintenance is quite high when compared to other types of desk materials.

The recommended PC desk type is a wooden table reinforced with metal bars. This gives you a higher strength to holding capacity ratio. It can be light in weight as well as withstand weights more than 300lbs easily.

It is not usual to see a PC with more than 300lbs weight even though it has top-end specifications. Therefore, a Wooden Desk with Metal reinforcement is the best choice for a PC setup.

Which Shaped Computer Desks Hold More Items?

The best size for a computer desk to hold more items is the one that suits your needs. The most popular sizes are L-shaped, corner, u-shaped, or rectangular.

Many people choose the L-shaped desk because they offer versatility and flexibility, but if they are in a small space, it may not be the right choice for them. Corner desks are great for small spaces, but they can be difficult to maneuver in when you have two monitors on either side of the desk. Rectangular desks are easier to maneuver when you have multiple monitors on your computer desk.


PC desks are available in varieties of options. There are even standing desks and floating desks available. But they aren’t suitable to hold PC components. They are best suitable for Laptops. In the case of a PC, a wooden desk or a metal desk is preferred.

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