Why does my Computer Mouse keep Freezing up? (5 Reasons, How to fix)

If you’ve ever had a problem where your mouse stops working on the display, or it hangs out of somewhere, or it moves at random without you even noticing?

The mouse’s pointer travels irregularly, or the cursor on the mouse does not react promptly to your motion, fails to work after a certain amount of time, or is not spotted. If you are experiencing these kinds of difficulties, this article will provide you with simple ways to help you.

If your mouse isn’t functioning, execute a few basic tests to see what’s wrong. After this approach, you’ll be able to go through the procedure until you locate a solution that gets your mouse working again.

Here’s an answer to your question: Why does my Computer Mouse keep Freezing up? When I use Windows operating system.

Why does my Computer Mouse keep Freezing up

Why does my Computer Mouse keep Freezing up?

Starting out, there are a few things that you should know about your computer mouse. It is imperative that you know about the different types of mice and what they do before we move on.

There are two types of mouse: optical and mechanical mouse. Mechanical mouse use a ball and rollers to track movement while optical mice use a light sensor to detect movement.

You can tell which type of mouse you have by looking at the bottom of your mouse, if it has a wide gap between the left and right clicker then it is likely mechanical otherwise it will be optical.

Now let’s talk about what could potentially cause your computer mouse to freeze up in the first place. There are many factors that will play into this but here are some Reasons

# Hardware issues

The computer mouse keeps freezing up because of a broken wire or a malfunctioning sensor. The broken wire is the most common cause of a mouse malfunction and it can be fixed by cutting and re-soldering the wire in the mouse. But in the case of a sensor issue, there is no way to fix it, so it is better to replace it.

# Outdated Drivers

It is an annoying problem that the PC mouse keeps freezing up because of outdated drivers. As long as you have updated the drivers, the problem should not exist anymore. The mouse driver controls the computer mouse and its features.

Keeping your computer mouse drivers up-to-date will ensure that the cursor on your screen moves smoothly and makes it easier to do things.

# RAM Damage

Damaged RAM can cause Mouse to keep Freezing up. A few things that can lead to damaged RAM are overclocking, power surges, power outages, and excessive heat.

When there is damage to the RAM modules due to these problems it will not be able to supply the motherboard with enough voltage which will then stop it from booting.

Your computer will then experience random glitches or even shut down without warning causing your computer mouse to freeze up.

# Background software Running

There is so much background software running on the computers and we don’t even know about them. And one of the most annoying issues we face these days is that computer mouse keeps freezing up all of a sudden and it’s not our fault at all.

The background software running in our computers often causes this issue. They consume a lot of resources and take up more space on your memory, which might be one reason why your mouse keeps freezing up, but there are also other reasons such as overheating, low battery or low disk space.

# Malware or Virus Attacks

A virus or malware attack can be the reason behind computer mouse not working properly. The malware will send messages to hardware, which will cause the mouse to become unresponsive.

This is usually an indication that your computer has been infected with some sort of malware or virus. This type of attack is designed to cause the victim’s mouse to become unresponsive, so they cannot interact with their PC and stop them from accessing important files.

These are the issues you may face if your mouse is continually freezing. Let’s look at them one by one to see which one is causing the problem.

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How to fix computer mouse Freezing?

Because a variety of reasons might contribute to the mouse’s failure to operate correctly, diagnosing the problem is the most efficient approach to get it working again. Follow these steps, which are listed are most popular and easy.

# Hardware damages

Mouse broken casing, damaged ball, and tight or quiet pressing of the fingers. Or any failed optical sensors to indicate that the gadget has been harmed.

# Mouse cleaning

If the user scrolls in rapid movements or isn’t as accurate as normal, you should clean it to see how it functions.

# Change the battery.

Change the batteries with fresh ones, particularly if you continue employing the ones that arrived with your gadget. Also, make sure that the new batteries are placed correctly.

# Try a different USB connection.

There may be an issue with the port you’re accessing. Unplug the mouse and connect it to a different USB port to resolve this.

# Attach directly to a USB port.

When using an external USB hub rather than a USB port, that connector might have a problem. So, Connect the mouse to the pc directly to see if the issue will go away.

# Reinstall the driver

To obtain driver updates or driver updater tools, go to the manufacturer’s website, and update your driver.

# Bluetooth mouse re-pairing

This is not unusual for Wireless systems to lose their connection status or be ignored when a new Bluetooth mouse is linked with the computer.

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How to Maintain Computer Mouse?

Dust isn’t simply unpleasant, and it may also injure or ruin your mouse. Cleaning your mouse regularly to ensure you maintain it in good operating order and reduce unnecessary replacements.

There are two types of mice: optical mice and mechanical mice. They are cleaned in a similar manner, but mechanical mice require a little more effort.

The easy cleaning tips listed below can allow you to keep your mouse clean:

  • Remove your mouse from the USB port.
  • If the mouse is linked to a PS/2 connector, you must first switch off the system before disconnecting it.
  • Use cleaning liquor to soak the fabric’s surface before scrubbing the sides and top of your mouse.
  • If you use mechanical mice, remove the ball that tracks the mouse by rotating the top ring circle.
  • Then using a soft cloth soaked with ruby alcohol, clean the ball and the interior of the mouse.
  • Give enough time for all parts to dry before reconstructing and connecting the mouse.
  • It is important to connect to a PS/2 port before powering your system.
  • If you wish to clean your mouse properly, set it on a clean piece of paper and move it about.
  • A number of the dust grains will roll off on your sheet.

Is Computer Mouse is Repairable?

If you use your mouse buttons consistently, they will become damaged. The number of clicks that a mouse button can perform is measured. Also, a more expensive mouse could be valued for more strokes. The mechanical system inside your mouse’s button breaks out and stops functioning perfectly.

If your mouse is fully under guarantee, we consider calling the supplier to renew it. The manufacturer will either fix the mouse for free or give you a replacement.

If your gadget is no longer covered under warranty, it might be necessary to update it. Or try repairing the mouse by yourself if you’re ready to work with your hands. The technique will differ based on the brand of your mouse and what is damaged.

For example, Logitech includes a basic tutorial for repairing mouse keys. Also, YouTube has a variety of suggestions related to repairing a mouse.


Perhaps you’ve discovered an answer to your mouse difficulty. A decent mouse is important for any personal or business setup, so it is vital to make sure you have one in good working order is a smart option.

It’s not uncommon for the mouse to freeze once or more. But, if it’s a consistent problem, you could go through the overall article to see if it’s something as straightforward as a driver update that will solve the problem. If you are unable to implement any of these tips to your mouse, Then it may be advisable to invest in a new device.

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