How to use Keyboard and Mouse on Multiple Computers? (2 Best Methods)

You need not buy a keyboard and mouse for every new PC you are buying. Instead, with a simple application, you will be able to use a single keyboard and mouse for all your computers.

Many people need two distinct PCs for their usage. Also, buying a good quality mouse and keyboard is quite expensive. Further, if you have got used to your existing keyboard and mouse, then it will be difficult to get accustomed to a new one.

How to use Keyboard and Mouse on Multiple Computers

How to use a keyboard and mouse on multiple computers?

There are two options to do this. Either you can use hardware called KVM to connect the computer or use software applications. We shall see both the options and you can choose whichever is more suitable for you.

Connecting through Hardware

Earlier people used to set up multiple computers with a help of a special switch known as the KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) switch. This switch enables you to connect two or more PCs without any software or network requirement.

KVM switch has interfaces to connect multiple peripherals and use a single keyboard and mouse to control them. Here is how you should connect two PCs with a KVM switch.

  • Buy a KVM switch that is relevant to your needs. There are many options available in the switch. Some switches enable you to connect multiple monitors and speakers too. So choose whichever is appropriate.
  • Shut down both the PCs and unplug the power supply.
  • Now take the KVM switch and plug in the monitors, keyboard, and mouse. You will need appropriate cables for this.
  • After connecting them to the switch, now plug the KVM switch into the mains.
  • Plugin the computers and turn them on.
  • Once the power is up, both the PCs will recognize the switch.
  • The KVM literally has a switch that enables you to transfer the control to the other computer when engaged.
  • So, whenever you like to switch the keyboard and mouse control, you simply have to engage the switch on the KVM.
  • Apart from the keyboard and mouse, you can also use a single set of speakers to work with both PCs.
  • If you are having more than 2 PCs, then buy a switch that will support more than two interfaces.

Connecting through Software

There are many softwares available for you to connect to multiple PCs. The only thing you need to do is install them and make sure that all the PCs are connected to the same network. Here is a list of popular applications that enable you to connect your keyboard and mouse to all your computers.

Windows Remote Desktop Connection

Without installing any software, you can simply make use of the Windows Remote desktop option on your PC.

  • Search for Remote desktop in the search option from the start menu.
  • Enter the settings and enable remote desktop.
  • Then go to advanced settings and check the box that says “Require computers to use Network-level authentication to connect”.
  • Now return back to the remote desktop settings and click the “Select Users that can remotely access this PC” option under user accounts.
  • Now click add and enter the username for the other PC.
  • You have now set up the remote desktop connection on one of your PCs.
  • Go to the other PC and open the Remote desktop connection from the Accessories folder.
  • In the remote desktop option, you can enter the other PC name, Username and simply connect.
  • That’s it. You will now be able to access both the PCs from the same keyboard and mouse.

Mouse without Borders

This is yet another popular software for Windows PCs to connect a single keyboard and mouse to different computers. It is free software and you just have to download and install the software on one of the PCs.

  • After installing, run the software on the PC.
  • The application will ask whether you have installed it on another PC and click No for that option.
  • Then the software will give a code.
  • Install the software on the other PC and enter the code from the other PC.
  • You have now connected both the PCs and you will be able to access them with a single keyboard and mouse.

Share Mouse

Both free and pro versions are available for this software. The free version supports two PCs with two displays. The Pro version costs $30 and it can support up to 9 Pcs and 4 displays.

  • If your PCs are in the same network, you can simply download the software in the PCs and install them.
  • The software automatically recognizes the computers connected and enables you to work with a single keyboard and mouse.
  • The software also provides various modifications and settings which can be very useful.

Benefits of using same keyboard and mouse on multiple computers

With the advancement of technology, people are now able to use a single keyboard and mouse on multiple computers. There are many benefits of using the same keyboard and mouse on multiple computers.

  • You don’t have to purchase a separate keyboard and mouse for each and every PC you are buying. If you are a single user, then this is the best option.
  • Both hardware and software connectivity has their own advantages and disadvantages. But on the whole, they provide a seamless working experience with a single set of peripherals.
  • Multi-tasking is made easy with this type of setup and you don’t have to go for other options.

Disadvantages of using same keyboard and mouse on multiple computers

Users who have a laptop and a desktop computer are usually faced with the issue of having to use the same keyboard and mouse on both computers sometimes. There are some disadvantages that come with this. Here are the things to know about what issues actually:

  • You have to switch the interface every time you are accessing the other PC. This is the case with KVM switches.
  • The software option might sometimes underperform and many companies are still working towards a better solution.
  • They are still upgrading to be used better for this scenario. Certain softwares are laggy and don’t work properly.


Can Gamers use same keyboard and mouse on multiple computers?

Yes, a gamer can use one set of keyboard and mouse on multiple computers. but when you use the device it must be a gaming keyboard and mouse. because gaming keyboard and mouse are designed for those who play FPS games such as Call of Duty or Battlefield.

They typically have a high DPI (dots per inch) which allows you to move your hand faster across the screen without having to move your hand closer or further away from the screen.

As mentioned in the article before you can use a KVM device to connect the 2 computers with a single set.


When you are a video editor or a gameplay streamer, you need multiple PCs. If all the PCs are controlled with a single keyboard and mouse, it is a delight. Because you can use the peripheral which you have worked with for a long time and don’t need to adjust with a new one. Also, this setup helps in multi-tasking enormously than any other option.

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