Why Is Mechanical Keyboard Good For Gaming? (Types, Guides)

As a gamer, you already understand how your peripherals are important to your overall gaming experience. You also know that having the right keyboard actually makes or breaks the gaming experience. To speak in simple language, keyboards get classified by the kinds of switch technology used.

Why Is Mechanical Keyboard Good For Gaming

They get classified into two major groups: membrane keyboards and mechanical keyboards. Although there are two forms of keyboards, most gamers prefer mechanical keyboards. And in this post, you will understand why a mechanical keyboard is good for gaming.

What is Mechanical Keyboard?

A mechanical keyboard is made up of moving mechanical switches that give a satisfying typing and gaming experience. It has three parts namely the keycap, the stem, and the housing.

  • The keycap is the part that has the alphabet written on it and is visible to the user.
  • The stem connects the keycap with the spring and the housing. This is the part that moves up and down while pressing and releasing a key.
  • The housing holds all the parts together like a case.

The user has to use a certain amount of pressure with their fingers to press the keys down to register an entry. While doing this they will hear a satisfying clicking sound which makes mechanical keyboards desirable for gamers.

Why Is Mechanical Keyboard Good For Gaming?

Mechanical keyboards are designed for the purpose of gaming, giving gamers a better way to play their favorite games. Some games require you to be quick on your fingers, and some require you to know what is happening all around you. A mechanical keyboard can help with both of these needs.

Mechanical keyboards are made with the gaming community in mind, so they are responsive and provide a better feel for the player. They are also made with higher-quality switches so they can last longer than your average keyboard.

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Mechanical keyboards are desired by gamers because of the following reasons:

  • They have a long life compared to other types of keyboards. This is crucial for gaming because the keys may be stroked hard and only mechanical keyboards can last longer for such intense usage.
  • The typing experience is smooth and easy.
  • Keystrokes are more responsive and give satisfying feedback. Strong feedback is obtained in this type of keyboard.
  • Mechanical keyboards are comfortable and are more precise than any other type of keyboard.

How to choose the right mechanical keyboard?

Choosing a mechanical keyboard relies on the following factors and you should know what these terms mean so that you will be able to choose the right type. Especially for gaming, you should be able to pick the correct type to avoid a poor gaming experience.

Actuation force

The force required to press the key to register an entry is called the actuation force. The force can vary anywhere from 35gm to 350gm. Usually, mechanical keyboards range from 45 to 60gms which is optimum for gaming too.

Actuation distance

This is the travel distance required for the key to register an input. Most mechanical keyboards have an actuation distance of 2mm. Slightly longer distances give a good typing feel than short distances.

Tactile Response

It is the feedback response you get from pressing the keys. Mechanical keyboards produce a clicking sound that gives a sense of satisfaction while typing. This response is higher in a mechanical keyboard.

Noise Level

Due to the higher tactile response, mechanical keyboards tend to make more noise than other keyboard types. But membrane and scissor-type keyboards can be quieter. There are mechanical keyboards with quiet keystrokes but are noisy when compared to the membrane and scissor types.


Mechanical keyboards succeed in this category. They are more durable with around 20 to 50 million keystrokes. Whereas the membrane types are around 5 million keystrokes. So, gamers are likely to choose mechanical keyboards due to their high durability and lifespan.

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Do mechanical keyboards help with gaming?

Yes, It will help. Mechanical keyboards are popular among gamers because they provide a tactile response that is not achievable with membrane keyboards. The keys on mechanical keyboards require less force to actuate than the keys on other styles of keyboards.

Mechanical keys offer gamers faster response times in both single-player and multiplayer games because of their responsiveness.

Using a mechanical keyboard would mean pressing down on the keycap. It activates the actual physical switch, and that is spring-loaded underneath.

So, while pressing those keys, you may feel them, and you may hear the “clicking” sound that lets you know that you have pressed that key hard enough to get registered.

Are mechanical keyboards better for FPS?

Yes, mechanical keyboards are better for FPS. The keyboard switches are made of a stem, a keycap, and housing. The keycap happens to be the top cap of a letter or number. Its stem is a part found under its keycap.

The switches in the mechanical keyboard are either tactile or linear. The linear switch requires getting pressed down. The tactile switches, on the contrary, require getting pushed down halfway for the activation.

It allows gamers to type and enter commands quickly and easily in FPS or first-person shooter games.

How long do mechanical keyboards last?

Typically, the mechanical keyboard has key switches that last between 10 and 15 years. On average, if the gamer performs heavy typing, the key switches last from 5 to 7 years.

Even after a wide range of years, typing on the mechanical keyboard feels almost like the first day. No clattering keys are there, and no keys get stuck so easily.

Mechanical keyboards vs regular: what are the differences?

A mechanical keyboard makes the right use of a mechanical switch placed under each key to record every keystroke made by the gamer.

The physical switch gets triggered when the gamer presses the key before bouncing back to return its key to the original position. On the contrary, a regular PC keyboard uses the rubber dome & membrane to allow for recording.

  • Mechanical keyboards allow pressing more keys when compared to the regular ones.
  • Maintenance and durability wise, they are great

Are mechanical keyboards better for coding?

Yes, mechanical keyboards are better for coding because it offers a much more comfortable experience when typing. It moves up & down while pressed.

It has the loud “clicking” sound make is defined, and it causes the spring-loaded switch underneath. This indirectly helps to make your coding experience enjoyable.

What are the Types of Mechanical Keyboards?

There are three types of switches that differentiate the mechanical keyboards. They are Linear, Tactile and Clicky.  


Linear switches offer the smoothest typing experience. They don’t physically give keystroke feedback that can be felt.


Tactile switches give a slight bump like feeling when pressed and don’t demand you to press all the way down to register a key.


Clicky switches produce a click sound in the middle of a keystroke and work similarly to tactile switches.

Final Words

Mechanical keyboards are great for gaming because of their durability and tactile feedback. It may be quite an expensive cost wise, but for intense gaming, mechanical keyboards provide the ultimate gameplay experience with a long lifespan.

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