Is a vertical mouse good for gaming? (Explained, 3 Facts)

Can you play without a mouse? Probably not in most cases. But can you play games with a vertical mouse? That is a question many gamers have started to ask.

As a gamer, you might want to increase your instant responses and reflex action.  Especially in competitive FPS games. As a human, you can improve your skill, but you also need proper accessories to aid that process. So, we will discuss the possibilities of gaming with a vertical mouse.

Is a vertical mouse good for gaming

Is a vertical mouse good for gaming?

The vertical mouse is like any other normal mouse but with a different orientation. It can be good for gaming once you start getting used to this different orientation. Since many gamers are used to the traditional mouse, they might find it difficult to switch over to a new orientation. This is what makes the vertical mouse slightly undesirable. But if you get used to it, it is like any other mouse.

Users who have wrist issues go with a vertical mouse. Because in the normal mouse orientation, you cannot get proper wrist support unless you have something specifically for it. But with a vertical mouse, you can rest your wrist on the desk you are using and get complete support.

Holding a proper vertical mouse is like giving a handshake. Your palms naturally rest on the curvature of the mouse’s body and your fingers will rest on the buttons. But sometimes, you should know the best way to hold the vertical mouse for a better user experience.

Now that we have understood the fact that a vertical mouse is like a normal mouse, then why do gamers have a hard time using one? Let us discuss the factors that affect the gaming experience when using a vertical mouse.

Factors that affect gaming when using a Vertical mouse

Muscle Memory

Hardcore gamers spend a lot of time playing several games and would have trained their muscles to a specific mouse. Naturally, the continuous gameplay will have made their muscles get accustomed to the actions done with their hands.

Also, the standard mouse size and form factor will be sub-consciously etched into the mind and they will feel weird when they even touch another standard mouse.

When this is the case, think about using a completely different mouse that has an opposite design. Although it will be comfortable and healthy for them, it is difficult to get used to it instantly.

So, you have to use the mouse regularly despite its discomfort to get used to it. Until then all your gameplay might end up in a disaster.

Vertical Orientation

Using the mouse with a vertical orientation is a quite different experience (at least in the beginning). It might feel like using a joystick where you are holding the rod vertically and maneuvering it.

In a vertical mouse, the movement of the device during gameplay will resemble a joystick but with optical tracking. The buttons are also clicked sideways but they don’t give any kind of odd feeling.

When you are playing FPS games, it might take some time to get hold of the aim. You might miss it several times and this can be difficult until you get past the muscle memory.

Bigger size

Unlike a standard mouse, vertical mice tend to be larger in size or at least they feel like a large device. In a normal mouse, you have several variations and models where you can get a compact one too. But that is not the case with the vertical mouse.

You will be holding the width of the mouse and it has to suit your hand. If you have small hands, they might take a longer time to make it a habit.

Due to this, it might be difficult to be snappy and reactive while the opponent is overpowering you in the game.

These are the major factors that affect gaming with a vertical mouse. Technically there is no difference in using a vertical mouse. But mentally, it takes time to get accustomed to the mouse and develop a habit with it.

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Vertical Mouse vs Normal Mouse for Gaming

Except for the difference in orientation and a couple of advantages, the vertical mouse is very similar to the standard mouse in all aspects. They are operation and working principles are all the same.

The advantage of a vertical mouse is that they are ergonomic for all users. Especially those who are affected with wrist issues like carpal tunnel syndrome can have comfortable working with a vertical mouse.

As for the advantages of a standard mouse, it has a lot of models and variations from which you can choose. There are ergonomic models too which can be helpful for people with wrist issues. Since the standard mouse is there for a long time, it has been perfected in a lot of ways.

The disadvantage of a vertical mouse is that they don’t come cheap and take a long time to get used to it.

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Which type of mouse do gamers prefer?

Many gamers prefer only a standard mouse specially designed for gaming with RGB lights and extra buttons on the side for quick actions. Since vertical mouses are very costly and take time to get accustomed to, they go for standard gaming mouse with a wrist pad. You can get a premium gaming mouse for the price of a vertical mouse. Also, you will have a better gaming experience than a vertical one.

Some gamers go with a vertical mouse to avoid getting wrist pain. But there are ergonomic models in the standard mouse too for supporting the palms and wrist in a better way. Therefore, a vertical mouse is a long shot for many gamers except those who are used to it.

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Gaming needs a sophisticated setup to enjoy its thrill and fun. Many gamers use niche-specific accessories and standard gaming mouses are pretty great in many ways. Vertical mouses are also good but require some alterations to your habit so that they may become your go-to mouse while gaming.

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