Does 3D Glasses work on Laptop? (Answer, Instructions)

Watching 3D movies is fun and exciting. You can get immersed in the movie and enjoy the thrill it displays. You can watch 3D movies in the theater or your home with your 3D TV. But can you watch it on your laptop?

With the right type of accessories, you can watch a 3D movie right on your laptop. You don’t have to seek a theater to watch a 3D movie. In this article, we will be discussing the method to watch 3D movies on your laptop.

Does 3D Glasses work on Laptop

Does 3D Glasses work on Laptop?

Yes, 3D glasses work with a laptop but you must choose Anaglyph polarized glasses and not the normal polarized glasses used in the cinemas. With the help of anaglyph glasses and a media player application, you can download any 3D movie and enjoy it right on your laptop.

Let us now understand what anaglyph glass is and how it is different from normal polarized glass.

Anaglyph Glasses

Anaglyph glasses will have red and cyan colored lenses on each eye respectively. But in a normal polarized glass, the lenses are not colored and they look like normal coolers.

The difference is that anaglyph glasses work with images that are separately portrayed. When you see a 3D movie on a normal PC screen, you can find that two images are seen with a red and cyan tint.

So, when this image is passed through the anaglyph glasses, your eyes will merge the image and recognize it as a single picture. Also, it will be projected as a 3D image.

As for the normal polarized glass, you will not find such distinct images rather only similarly polarized images will be permitted through the glass showing a 3D picture.

Since we are using a normal laptop screen, normal polarized glasses will not work. So, you will need the red and cyan anaglyph glasses to use with your laptop to enjoy 3D movies.

Now let us find out how to use this glass and watch a 3D movie on your laptop easily.

How to watch 3D movies on a Laptop?

To watch a 3D movie on your laptop, you must have the following accessories and applications with you. They are:

  • Anaglyph Glasses
  • 3D movie file
  • VLC or KM media player

Once you have these, you can follow this procedure to watch a 3D movie:

  • Download VLC Media Player or KM player file for windows
  • Open the 3D movie file in any one of those players
  • If you are using a KM player, then you can find the 3D option on the bottom left. Click on it and you are good to go.
  • If you are using a VLC media player, then go to the Tools option.
  • Click on the Effects and Filters in the drop-down menu and click on Video Effects tab
  • Here go to the advanced section and find the Anaglyph 3D option.
  • Check the box saying Anaglyph 3D and save the settings.
  • Now your movie will have two images with red and cyan 
  • Put on your Anaglyph glasses and you are ready to enjoy a 3D movie right on the laptop screen.

This is the procedure to watch a 3D movie on your laptop screen. You can buy anaglyph glasses online and they are available for cheap prices. 

The only thing you must verify is that the movie file you have is 3D. Sometimes, the file might just be a regular HD movie file. You can clarify the movie file as 3D when you see the dual-tone images on the screen.

Without a proper 3D movie file, you cannot use the glasses to watch it in 3D. Therefore, make sure to get the right type of movie file and enjoy.

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What kind of 3D glasses works well on a laptop?

As we mentioned earlier, only the Anaglyph glasses will work with the laptop. Because the laptop screens are not enabled for normal polarization. And when 3D movie files are played, they cannot polarize similar images and display them through their screens.

Most laptop screens are LCD or LED and they have a thin film of polarizer over the display. So, the normal polarizer used in cinemas will not work properly. 

In the case of Anaglyph glasses, you have two separate lenses with red and cyan. This red and cyan lens act as an encoder for your 3D image. So, the 3D file which has dual-tone images will be encoded easily with the help of anaglyph glasses. 

So, if you want to watch 3D images or movies on your laptop screen, then you must have anaglyph glasses. Only this type of 3D glass will work with your laptop screen and you cannot use the normal polarized glasses given in the cinemas.

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How to handle 3D glasses carefully with a laptop?

Anaglyph glasses are usually delicate. Even if you buy a sturdy one, the lenses are simply a piece of polarized film stuck over a normal lens. So, you must be very careful in taking care of the glasses. 

The polarized film may eventually get damaged or peel away. If you had bought a cheap variety of glass, then it will not last much longer. 

You can have a separate cover for the glass and protect it properly. As for its usage with a laptop, there will not be any contact with the device and it doesn’t do anything to the glasses.

There are some good quality glasses you can find online and they can have a longer life than cheap glasses made up of paperboard.

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A few years back, cinemas were also using anaglyph glasses to display 3D movies. 3D technology is among us for quite some time and it is not new. There are distinct 3D-enabled TVs that can be enjoyed using normal polarized glasses.

But if you are seeking to use your PC monitor or your laptop, then you have to make use of the red and cyan Anaglyph glasses. With this guide, you can now watch any kind of 3D movie right in your home.

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